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Aquabot X4 Review – A Robotic Pool Cleaner of 2021

Hello all and welcome to this review, where we will be giving you an insight into one particular robotic pool cleaners currently available.

The X4 is obviously the subject of this Aquabot X4 review. It is offered by the American based company, known as Aqua Products. They have been a designer and manufacturer of robotic pool cleaners since introducing their first innovative model back in 1982.

For over thirty years now, their sole mission has been to make your pool experience more enjoyable. The aim of these robotic cleaners is to help keep your pool both cleaner and healthier. Nobody enjoys a dip in misty or groggy looking water because routine pool cleaning has been slack.

Aquabot X4
Our rating:3.9 out of 5 stars (3.9 / 5)

Let’s face it, cleaning a pool by hand is a chore…

It is often designated to the gardener or pool guy to come and do, that is, if you are lucky enough to have either. If you have kids, there is nothing they want to do more than to jump in for a splash about on a hot day. But ask them to clean it on a Sunday afternoon for a few dollars pocket money, and they will not be so keen.

You know exactly what we are saying?

You will get a half-hearted cleaning effort that they will think is a well done ‘top job’! To avoid sulking teenagers or having to call out the ‘pool guy’ you can save yourself some dollars by investing in a pool cleaner. And in doing so, you will have your pool ready for that ‘spontaneous pool party’ or private dip at all times.

The Aquabot is Aqua Products flagship model series. In order for you to be in a position to keep your pool in a healthy, clean and hygienic condition. You could do a lot worse than getting an Aquabot X4 to do the job for you. And this model should most surely be on your list of machines to consider.

So, what can it do for me?

Well, here is a brief overview to start us off. The Aqaubot delivers a robotic pool cleaner with cleaning quality and convenience on a budget. It will scrape up and clean out all the smaller muck in the water. And is capable of circulating 85 gpm, while it will filter out anything larger than two microns.

It works with a true four-wheel-drive motion. It can move across all surfaces from fiberglass to tiles to concrete at ease.

The ease of using a machine like this today is a joy. It all comes down to the refined and impressive state of the art pool cleaning technology installed in the X4.

So, now, let us take a closer look at the X4s’ capabilities…

Firstly let us point out that this is an automatic pool cleaner. Hense mapping and navigation technology is installed — this aids in mapping and determining the appropriate dimensions for an optimum cleaning cycle of your pool.

Aquabot X4 Review – A Robotic Pool Cleaner of 2021

One very strong feature that is in the X4s’ favor is that it is built to work in any pool type. Most often, you will find pool cleaners are designed specifically. Either for in-ground or above-ground pools, but will not be able to do both. Well, with an X4, it does and will cope superbly with whatever pool type you have.

It has already been stated that this is an easy machine to operate.

No one wants a unit that is otherwise. Some of the pool cleaners currently available may not be that straight forward to operate. An X4 will give you no ‘head-scratching’ confusion. The control panel is easy to understand and simple to use. And you have the possibility to program the model for up to a two-hour cleaning cycle.

But something that we really think is a cool feature on the X4 is that you can program it to run every 48, 72 or 96 hours. That is a convenient option that means you can really relax and just let it get on with the job in hand itself, with a minimum of checking.


This has been made with energy efficiency as a big consideration. It is rated as 180W, which is a great power save – up to fifteen times less than most other machines on the market – especially for frequent use. You get a model that delivers well on both performance and cleaning abilities while keeping your energy bills to a minimum. Something that we know all will approve of!

All well and good, but does it really live up to what really counts…

How well can it really clean your pool surfaces?

Certainly, not all models can offer this type of performance. The cleaning process uses and relies on the powerful jets and brushes. These are really good when it comes to the scrubbing and removal of all the muck and debris in the pool. The micro-brushes are very durable, allowing them to clean the surfaces over a long period of time.

Their method of cleaning uses a rotation of the brushes that agitate and loosens the stubborn dirt, bacteria, and algae. It then stirs it up into the water where it is all immediately filtered out and away. This is where the importance of a regular clean comes into play. By doing so, you prevent a big build up of such matter within your pool.

4WD pool cleaner…

The drive unit that runs the cleaner along the pool uses an impressive four-wheel-drive system. The model will cope with every style of pool, no matter what the shape or stance is. The X4 drive system is also very good at delivering the grip needed to climb the sidewalls and steps in your pool.

For tile or fiberglass covered pools, a wheel grip kit is available if you feel in need of some extra traction. It will cope with more slopes, shapes, and obstacles when compared with most other cleaner competitors on the market right now. The grip is enough for a 90-degree floor to wall transitions with ease, continuing on up to the waterline.

aquabot x4 power

Power cleaning…

Power is supplied by a 60-foot length of US regulation watertight floating cable. Something to be pointed out as a bonus on the X4, is, simply called, anti-tangle technology. Some machines can, and do get tangled in their own lead, which is very frustrating and needs you to supervise. That is not really the idea of having such a device.

The X4 has a brand new 360-degree swivel feature that will prevent the cable from getting tangled. Thus, allowing you the peace of mind not to keep checking that things are still in order, during the cleaning process. You can be safe in the knowledge that it is doing the job just fine without your eye constantly on the lookout. Unlike, if you had stuck to your pool guy or kids doing the job!

What happens to all the dirt and algae that is stirred up by the jet wash then?

An advanced dual media filtration system comes with ultra-fine mesh filter baskets. These are designed specifically for capturing the fine particles once brushed from the pool surfaces. The two baskets can collect 190 cubic inches of pool muck as small as 2 microns or about 0.00008 of an inch – now that is impressive.

The dirt is trapped in the filter while the cleaned water is pumped and rotated back around your pool. By circulating more water, you can rely on the superior cleaning power. Instead of more chemicals, giving you purer and healthier water.

Once full, the machine will alert you automatically. There is no need to be constantly checking. To clean, the basket easily lifts off, allowing you to flush it out and replace.

Well, now, that we have gone through the main features the Aquabot X4, which have all pretty positive and confirm the ability of this machine.

The weight…

One thing that we do need to mention, although it does not affect in any way the working functions of the X4. But we still feel you need to be aware of. That is the weight of the unit.

aquabot x4 weight

It is supplied with purchase a ‘handy caddy’ that will allow you to wheel it out of your garage or storage room and down to the poolside. But the lowering and raising of the X4 is up to you; there is no device supplied for this. It weighs a wapping 36.8 lbs which is up to twice that of other cleaners in this field. So, we are just saying, Raise, and lower with caution – it is heavy.

Aquabot X4 Review Conclusion

There we have it then, a detailed insight into the Aquabot X4. That we hope has given you all the information you need to make a purchase decision.

There are some nice features to the X4. It has a good long run of cable so won’t hinder the cleaners reach. And the 360-degree swivel rotation feature will give you the peace of mind to not worry about tangled cables. And the programmability of this model is a nice touch. For a night time clean or to run it on a schedule suited to you is a great option to have.

On the whole, this is a good piece of kit and a wise investment for having a fresh and inviting pool – always. No one likes a dirty pool. And how depressing you must feel if it is your own pool that nobody wants to take a slash in due to your reliance upon on a lazy teenager’s hasty cleaning efforts every other Sunday afternoon!

Well, that is all this time, thanks for going through this with us. Have fun in your pool and Splish splash!

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