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Best Bathroom Scales In 2021 – Top 10 Rated Reviews

Today, an increasing number of people strive to lead a healthy lifestyle. And also one way or another to combat bad habits and control their weight. If this sounds like you, then a good set of scales cannot be dispensed with. They will instantly let you know the mass of your body, helping you to keep it under control.

But How Do You Choose The Best Bathroom Scales?

You’ll need to take into account factors such as the accuracy of the readings, how quickly they work, and the overall durability of the product. But don’t worry, we’ve done most of that for you, so let’s go through them and find the perfect one for you…

Best Bathroom Scales In 2021 – Top 10 Rated Reviews

Top 10 Best Bathroom Scales In 2021 Reviews

1 EatSmart Precision Digital Bathroom Scale

First up, we have a product that most certainly would not be described as a simple set of scales. But is a complete diagnostic tool which allows you to easily monitor your health. Apart from the scale, you also get a free measuring tape to keep proper track of your progress. This helps you get information regarding not only body weight, but also the percentage of fat, bone, and muscle tissue.

Takes some weight…

The accuracy of the product is standard and in 0.2 lbs increments. This scale is able to withstand loads up to 400 pounds (180 kg).

Even better, the EatSmart is easy to use – just press one foot on the front platform, which is made of reliable and carefully tempered glass. This will enable the vibration sensor to be activated. The liquid crystal display will then immediately turn on, and the scales can be used.

Instant calculations…

It is necessary to stand on them and evenly distribute body weight on both legs. The device will then almost instantly calculate all indicators and display them on the screen.

EatSmart Precision Digital Bathroom Scale
Our rating:4.2 out of 5 stars (4.2 / 5)


  • Accurately displays all data.
  • Great for dieters or sports enthusiasts.
  • A good combination of price and quality.


  • The front surface is easily soiled, and footprints will remain on it.

2 Etekcity Digital Body Weight Bathroom Scale

This model is designed for a maximum weight of up to 400 pounds. The front side of the scale is not transparent, which increases its aesthetic value. Also, in the upper section, there is a liquid crystal display on which data will be displayed.

Get it level…

It is very important to find the right location to place this or any other scale. It must be absolutely horizontal and rigid. If this model stands on a soft or a curved surface, it will not show accurate data.

This best bathroom scale is fully automatic: to turn it on – simply stand on it. The result is displayed after about 3 seconds. After use, it will turn off after a couple of minutes. The scale is also quite accurate, with a maximum error of only about 100 grams.

This model is of very high quality and reliable; if used correctly, it will last for a long time.

It runs on a single CR2032 battery, and you get a free body tape measure included in the box.

Etekcity Digital Body Weight Bathroom Scale
Our rating:4.4 out of 5 stars (4.4 / 5)


  • Beautiful appearance.
  • Measurement accuracy.
  • Do not require frequent battery replacement.
  • Excellent value for money.


  • Needs an even and solid base for accurate measurements.

3 Taylor Precision 7506 Digital Scale

The Taylor Precision is a budget diagnostic scale for bio-impedance analysis of your total body weight. The device measures and displays the value on its screen, and the accuracy of measuring weight is 0.2 pounds.


This stylish floor scale is almost fully transparent. The bottom is made of high-quality plastic, and the top is thick tempered glass. It looks like a beautiful masterpiece and will add aesthetic value to your space.

As with all scales, we recommend installing it stationary on a flat floor to ensure accuracy.

Taylor Precision 7506 Digital Scale
Our rating:4.2 out of 5 stars (4.2 / 5)


  • Clear display.
  • Stylish concise design.


  • Requires a flat surface.
  • Some units seem to run out of batteries quickly.
  • No backlight feature.

4 GreaterGoods Digital Body Fat Weight Scale

Buying the perfect scale should make it a simple task for you to get the exact data you need to meet your weight loss goals. And this Body Composition Scale from Greatergoods is designed strikes a good balance by giving you all the detailed information you need in a streamlined, simple-to-use design.

By stepping on to the scales, your body composition metrics will be quickly shown, and you’ll get a complete detailed picture of your current health, which is a far more accurate indicator than only showing your weight.

Light up your day…

And it’s so easy to use, the liquid crystal display is equipped with a blue backlight, so the model can be used even in a dark room.

Weighing is best done either barefoot or in very thin socks. Since all measurements are based on low-intensity electric currents that are completely harmless to the human body. And the readings on the scale are very accurate.

So what is all this tech actually doing?

The very-low, completely harmless electrical signal, when passing through the body, studies the location of adipose tissue and muscle tissue. As a result, the BMI (Body Mass Index) is calculated. Due to this, this best bathroom scale is superb at monitoring the state of your health, in particular, during diets.

The front side is made of durable glass, which is quite thick and is resistant to shock. And it turns on and off automatically, which can significantly save battery power.

GreaterGoods Digital Body Fat Weight Scale
Our rating:4.2 out of 5 stars (4.2 / 5)


  • Calculates your BMI, not only your weight.
  • Blue backlight.
  • Attractive appearance.


  • Sensitive to stiffness and evenness of the surface of the base.
  • The error increases with heavier weights.

5 RENPHO Bluetooth Body Fat Scale Smart

This is one of the most modern models among the best bathroom scales presented in our review. Its main difference from the other devices is the special software that allows you to synchronize it with your mobile phone.

The front side is made of high-grade glass with attractive decorative stainless steel inserts, which are also designed to increase the strength of the product.

Other amazing features?

This best bathroom scale with Bluetooth has a whole range of additional features. These include determining the percentage of water in the body, and the proportion of fat, bone, and muscle tissue. In addition, thanks to this supermodel, you can calculate your body mass index.

This makes it perfect for athletes. And an App allows you to evaluate the results dynamically. Therefore you will see how your weight and all other measurements change over time.

The maximum weight it is able to handle is 396 lbs.

RENPHO Bluetooth Body Fat Scale Smart
Our rating:4.4 out of 5 stars (4.4 / 5)


  • Ability to synchronize with mobile devices.
  • Can be placed on any surface, due to an automatic calibration system.
  • Inexpensive despite its added features.


  • Short battery life.
  • Syncing with your device for the first time could turn out to be quite a chore.

6 Withings Body+ Smart Body Composition Digital Scale

As with the last few scales reviewed, this is not just a scale, but a BMI analyzer. This allows you to quickly and accurately get all the key indicators that reflect the state of your body. Thanks to these indicators, it will be possible to assess how effective your diet or exercise regime is. And see how effective it is at reducing your amount of body fat. Then if necessary, the diet can be adjusted.

Quick as a flash…

The fat composition of your body is determined literally within a few seconds – all the results are displayed on the liquid crystal display. And the accuracy of the measurements is almost one hundred percent.

The platform is made of high-quality glass, which is resistant to physical stress.

Sync it up…

Also, you can sync this product via Wi-Fi to monitor your progress on any compatible mobile devices. It even shows you the weather and can also be synced with Alexa.

Withings Body+ Smart Body Composition Digital Scale
Our rating:3.8 out of 5 stars (3.8 / 5)


  • Large display with accurate readings.
  • Ability to synchronize with mobile devices.
  • Extended functionality.


  • High-end product.
  • Short battery life.

7 Fitbit Aria 2 Wi-Fi Smart Scale

Want to know exactly how fit or unfit you are? Then the Fitbit Aria 2 Wi-Fi Smart Scale could well be the perfect scale for you.

It’s great at tracking advanced weight metrics that will help you achieve healthy, long-term results. But the Aria 2 won’t only measure your weight; it will also give you accurate readings of your BMI, lean body mass, and your overall body fat percentage. And on top of this, it automatically syncs all the information to your Fitbit dashboard.

The design is sold in either black or white, allowing you to match it with any decor perfectly.

Not just for you…

The Fitbit Aria 2 Wi-Fi Smart Scale has been designed for the whole family. It allows the storage of information for up to eight people at once, so not only you, but everyone who lives with you can have the benefits of knowing exactly how healthy they are and keep a track on improvements.

On the front surface, there are invisible analyzer sensors. These pass very weak non-harmful electrical impulses through the body which is then used to analyze and present the data.

Keep it flat…

On the back, there are four rubberized legs that do not allow sliding on any surface. However, the balance must be on a flat and hard surface; otherwise, the readings will not be accurate.

As mentioned, when this device is synced with your mobile phone, it will show you all the information you need in either a graphical form or in a more basic format.

Fitbit Aria 2 Wi-Fi Smart Scale
Our rating:3.9 out of 5 stars (3.9 / 5)


  • Very accurate.
  • Ability to synchronize with mobile devices.
  • A large number of functions.
  • Multi-user memory function.


  • High-end product.

8 Greater Goods Digital Body Weight Bathroom Scale

If your not looking for all the high-tech options we’ve just reviewed and prefer a simpler option that will give you an accurate reading and look great while doing it, then check out the Greater Goods Digital Body Weight Bathroom Scale.

This goes a long way in simplifying your daily weigh-ins with its streamlined design built to help you focus on your fitness goals. Its sleek tempered glass top with rubberized legs has a cool minimal look about it, that will blend into any space. And its easy-to-read screen will give you the exact information you want.

That is not all…

It’s capable of withstanding a maximum load of up to 400 pounds, but no worries because it features an overload indicator. And the scales automatically turns itself off after half a minute.

And for those who are ethically minded, which we’re sure is most people, a portion of the price goes to help the Love146 charity. This works to fight human trafficking and care for the survivors. And is yet another good reason to choose this scale over others.

Need another reason?

This scale is the best bathroom scale for the money. It is as inexpensive as can be!

Greater Goods Digital Body Weight Bathroom Scale
Our rating:4.2 out of 5 stars (4.2 / 5)


  • Great accuracy.
  • Bright display – you can even weigh yourself even in the dark.
  • Good battery life.
  • Inexpensive unit.


  • The legs are quite fragile, and if one breaks, you will not get accurate data.
  • There is no memory, but that’s understandable for the very low cost.

9 NewlineNY SBB0718M-NYBK Step-On Mini Travel Bathroom Scale

Have you got a particularly small bathroom? Do you need a scale for your RV so that you can keep an eye on your weight, even while on holiday? If so, the NewlineNY SBB0718M-NYBK Step-On Mini Travel Bathroom Scale could well be exactly what you’re looking for.

This portable travel scale measures only 12.2 inches long by 6.3 inches by 0.8 inches. And is made of durable glass that is shock-resistant, and the case is completely waterproof. This makes it very durable, and it should last you a good while.

Small yet perfectly formed…

Despite its compact size, this product has a large-sized liquid crystal display, so it is great for use by anyone with restricted vision. There is also a battery indicator on the surface of the model, which lets you know when they need to be replaced. In addition, the design is equipped with an overload indicator.

Other amazing details?

The design is powered by a 3V CR2032 battery which included. And as with larger scales, this mini model is able to withstand a weight up to 400 pounds. In addition, this model has a fairly slight error – only 0.2 pounds.

NewlineNY SBB0718M-NYBK Step-On Mini Travel Bathroom Scale
Our rating:4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5)


  • Beautiful, compact appearance.
  • Acceptable price.
  • Good reliability.
  • Thick glass on the front side.


  • The top surface is quite small – so you’ll need to be more careful when using it.
  • If it is on an uneven surface, the error may increase.

10 Thinner Analog Precision Bathroom Scale

If you not only don’t want much tech with your scale, but also don’t even want to worry about having to change a battery, then the Thinner Analog Precision Bathroom Scale could be what you’re looking for.

This is an old-school scale that relies on an analog mechanical design and has a stable platform of non-slip material. It is also equipped with wide rubberized legs that hold the scales steady on any smooth surface, so they can be used without fear even in the bathroom. The maximum load is 330 pounds, and the division per value is 100 g.

Safety first…

This scale has a fully non-slip rubberized mat that makes it even safer to use. Simply step on it with all confidence, and take your readings!

And the nice round rotating dial display is very large, so you won’t need 20/20 vision, and you will never strain your eyes to try and see what you weigh.

As mentioned, being an analog design, it does not require batteries to run. And the sleek metallic finish and its attractive, unobtrusive shape mean that it will fit in perfectly with your bathroom decor.

Thinner Analog Precision Bathroom Scale
Our rating:3.6 out of 5 stars (3.6 / 5)


  • Battery-free model.
  • Extra-large display.
  • Special non-slip features for user safety.
  • Rugged model.


  • Most users prefer digital models over analog.

Best Bathroom Scale Buying Guide

Next up, we have a simple guide that will enable you to find the best bathroom scale for your needs…

Which Floor Scales Are Better?

All floor scales are divided into two categories: electronic and mechanical. The latter are much cheaper, do not need batteries, but inferior to electronic in functionality.

If you do not mind changing batteries every now and then, go for an electronic model. They tend to have more features that will prove useful to you over time.

Weight Accuracy

If you don’t need the greatest accuracy, you can safely take mechanical floor scales: the division of which is usually 0.5 or 1 kg. Of course, this makes it is slightly difficult to measure your exact precise weight, but they are reliable, easy to use, and durable.

Electronic scales have wider functionality. Good models can determine the mass with an accuracy within 100 grams, the error in the less complicated models is between 200 and 300 grams.

Also, some electronic designs are able not only able to measure weight accurately, but also provide other readings that will help you to diagnose your body.

Maximum Load

Standard electronic scales support a weight up to 160 kg. This is quite enough for the average user. If this is not enough, you can find models with a maximum load of up to 220 kg. As for the mechanics, they can withstand more weight – up to 270 kg.


Convenience when using floor scales directly depends on the material of which the structure is made. The combination of plastic/glass and glass/metal are the most popular and the best choice. Also, make sure that the model you choose has rubberized legs, that will provide sufficient stability on any surface.

And if you, like most users, use scales in the bathroom, then make sure you choose one that is waterproof.

Additional Functions

The most popular additional feature found on bathroom scales is the calculation of your BMI (body mass index). With these models, buying a product that syncs with your mobile phone is generally better. This will display all parameters more conveniently, and they are easier to monitor. Many also allow the storage of data so that you can analyze improvements over time.

If you are not the only member of the family who monitors your weight, then also pay attention to the amount of memory. Depending on the model, the scales can store data on up to ten people, and some even automatically recognize the user.

And some models can calculate the mass fraction of muscles and fat, bone tissue and fluid in the body. Such best bathroom scale for body fat (diagnostic scales) have built-in electrodes that trigger a weak, harmless discharge of electricity.

Depending on the tissue response to the impulse, data is calculated and displayed.


The backlight function is a great plus. However, let’s be honest, it is only really necessary if you weigh yourself in the dark and cannot turn on the light. However, bear in mind that the backlight drains the batteries of the scale faster.

So, What's The Best Bathroom Scales?

We hope that our accurate bathroom scales reviews (see what we did there! Funny? Probably not.) turned out to be very informative and have helped you decide on a suitable model.

As you know, the variety of bathroom scales available are amazing. Every day there are new models that have an even greater set of options for those who enjoy an active lifestyle and for diet lovers. Therefore, it is difficult, even for experienced users, to understand exactly which floor scales to buy, not to mention ordinary customers.

We recommend not chasing the trend if you only need to know how heavy you are. If so, then just buy any of the simple scales we’ve covered. However, if the diagnosis really matters, then the one to go for is the…

Fitbit Aria 2 Wi-Fi Smart Scale

This scale has high accuracy, can be synced with your mobile devices. And it can also record weight and BMI parameters.

This scale is one of the best bathroom scales with memory, best bathroom scales with App, and best bathroom scales with BMI. And it can record data for a number of users at once. In summary, it is an all in one.

Go get one. You’ll get a far more accurate reading of exactly what state your body is in, and will know which dietary and exercise changes you make actually have an effect of your body, and which don’t — highly recommended.

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