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Best Bicycle Tires for Gravel Riding in 2021 Reviews

Gravel riding tires gives you an opportunity to discover hidden terrains and make exploratory trips. This term is becoming popular among cyclists.

We believe the terms ‘gravel’ and ‘adventure’ are almost similar for riders. Why? Because where there is a gravel ride, there would be a tremendous adventure.

Best Bicycle Tires for Gravel Riding in 2021 Reviews

But, we all need to be careful about choosing bicycle tires before starting the thrilling journey. They make the base of your trip. So, you need to buy one of the best bicycle tires for gravel riding.

Are you a newbie looking for a suitable tire? Or, you are an experienced cyclist who wants some change? You are on the right page.

Here, we will review a few top bicycle tires.  It will assist in making a well-informed decision. So, keep reading and know more about them.

The Comparison Table

ProductsWeightThreads per InchAvailable SizesFolding BeadRating
Threads per Inch
Available Sizes
26x2.10, 27.5x1.95, 27.5x2.10,
Folding Bead
Folding bead
4.4 out of 5 stars (4.4 / 5)
Threads per Inch
Available Sizes
650 x 50mm
Folding Bead
Folding bead
5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)
Threads per Inch
Available Sizes
28 x 1.40, 700 x 35C
Folding Bead
Wire bead
4.4 out of 5 stars (4.4 / 5)

Top 3 Best Bicycle Tires for Gravel Riding Reviews

1 Kenda Block Pro Tire

This Kenda Small Block Pro Tire is capable of satisfying your urge for adventure. How?

Let’s have a look on its few remarkable features:

This one of the best bicycle tires for gravel riding comes with Dual Tread Compound (DTC).

How can it actually be useful?

While using the DTC method, the tire is made with a combination of two different rubber compounds. These are L3R Pro and Stick-E rubber. The first one is used on center knobs, and the later is used at corner knobs.

So, a hard and fast-rolling rubber occupies the center, and softer-tackier component is present at the corners. Thus, the combination of the two materials makes the tire capable of providing versatile speed and grip.

This trait can particularly be helpful in tires of various areas. It includes cross country, all-mountain, and cyclocross categories. What’s more?

The weight of Kenda tire is also adequate. It means it is not going to be a super-light option. Yet, it is highly durable and can maintain stability even at high speeds.

Moreover, it contains 120 threads per inch (TPI). This feature again proves it to be a great option as a cross-country or road bike tire. This attribute makes this tire lighter and more supple on the road.

In order to keep the tire safe from puncture, it contains Sidewall Casing Technology (SCT). Moreover, it has numerous knobs that give the tire several contact points with the ground.

Keeping in mind all its features, we can say it is an amazing fast accelerating, hard-pack, cross country tire. It is particularly useful for racing.

With its lightweight body and semi-slick rolling resistance, it can give you endless fun.

Kenda Block Pro Tire
Our rating:4.4 out of 5 stars (4.4 / 5)


  • Good for hard-pack terrains.
  • Feels lighter and supple on the road.
  • SCT protects the tire from puncture.
  • DTC offers various grip and speed.


  • The tire might cut loose on encountering free dirt over hardpack.

2 Donnelly/Clement MSO Bike Tire

For adventure lovers, we have another great bicycle tire. It is Clement X’Plor MSO 700 X 50 Tire. Here are few of its distinguishing attributes:

Clement tires are famous among cyclists. However, now Donnelly is the new brand name for these incredible wheels.

Are you wondering about the second part?

Well, the name X’Plor MSO is given to these tires after the Missoula, MT airport code. This place is home to Adventure Cycling Association.

These tires are manufactured with the plan to ride everywhere, from plain roads to bumpy gravel trails.

This item is an adventure tire and meant to cover the gap between cross-country and pavement. They have a slightly wider structure. It makes them capable of providing more durability, grip, and stability.

Moreover, it is designed in a way to offer versatile benefits. Its center knobs are packed closely to provide low rolling resistance and smooth ride.

On the other hand, its shoulder lugs are large and widely spaced. It helps in delivering traction and durability on gravel roads and single track trails. All its features make it an appropriate choice for the commuter, touring, cyclocross, or road bike.

Its tough rubber compound gives additional grip and shock absorption.

Well, what about safety from puncture?

This MSO bike tire comes equipped with an integrated puncture protection belt. It is located under the tread and keeps the bike safe from deflating.

Moreover, its sidewalls are made stiff. It helps the tire to ride straight in the path and prevents tipping on the sides.

It contains 60 TPI that makes it a bit heavier but definitely a durable option. All in all, this tire has the potential to handle the all-road adventure category amazingly. It is adequately fast, has puncture resistant and suitable cornering grip.

Donnelly/Clement MSO Bike Tire
Our rating:5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)


  • It offers durability and stability.
  • Suitable for various surfaces.
  • It prevents you from trouble even in the muddy region.
  • Works exceptionally well in hardpack and fine gravel.


  • Sidewalls might feel a bit sturdier.
  • Performance is not very high in the dirt.

3 Schwalbe Marathon HS 428 Tire

It wouldn’t be wrong to say Marathon Mondial tires are such a relief for long-distance travelers.

Why? Because these tires have great wear life.

You can cover over 10,000km of distance on them with a very few punctures. So, they are particularly suitable for the long-distance mixed type of terrains. Let’s have a look at Mondial HS 428 remarkable features:

These tires are constructed in a way to offer a flawless touring experience for a variety of terrains. Thus, you can cover roads, tracks, trails of all continents with them.

Furthermore, the construction and compounding of this tire contain the newest Evo technology. It has integrated the highest grade material with the latest technology.

In this way, it ensures to deliver the best possible outcome. Moreover, Schwalbe is known for using the most sophisticated compounds in its tire.

This item contains a TravelStar compound that makes it one of the perfect choices for touring. Why? It gives the bicycle amazing handling characteristics.

The HS428 comes equipped with Schwalbe top-class techniques. Thus, it has an Endurance compound and Raceguard technology.

What about its protection?

Well, it has a Double-Defense Aramid belt feature for this purpose. It has twin protectors that are High-Density Guard and Snakeskin.

Usually, the most common and frequent enemy of tires during long trips are thorns.

But, these tires are safe from penetration punctures because of this New Aramid technique. So now, we can trust this Marathon champion for long journeys.

It also stays true to Schwalbe’s Performance Line. It means it is capable of delivering excellent quality even for extensive use. Thus, it gives great value to your money.

Considering all its features, we can say, these tires are a great combination of certain aspects. These are top puncture protection, long journeys, and low rolling resistance.

Schwalbe Marathon HS 428 Tire
Our rating:4.4 out of 5 stars (4.4 / 5)


  • Serves for a longer time period.
  • Gives trouble-free touring.
  • Protected against penetration puncture.
  • Suitable for a variety of tracks.


  • Might feel heavier.
  • Wire bead might make installation a bit trickier.


Tires play an important role in deciding the fate of your trip. They decide not only the grip of your bicycle but also your comfort level and ease of riding.

So, it is essential to choose a tire wisely. In this article, we have reviewed a few best bicycle tires for gravel riding. As such rides are full of adventure and thrill, you should make a knowledgeable decision to stay safe. We hope our reviews would help in choosing the right option.

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