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Top 8 Best Bidet Toilet Seats On The Market 2021 Reviews

When you are going to remodel your bathroom, you might have to consider different products for your space. Most people look for that luxurious feel in their bathroom. If you are one of them then you have to go for the best bidet toilet seats.

You’re about to learn all about it …

Bidet toilet seats look very clean and fresh and they add that luxurious touch to your bathroom. The best part is … they are easy to install and don’t need much plumbing knowledge.

In this post, we will provide you all the information you need to find the best bidet seats. There are various features that you need to consider before you buy one and there are thousands of choices available on the market as well.

So let’s begin with the top 8 best bidet toilet seats that we recommend!

Top 8 Best Bidet Toilet Seats On The Market 2021 Reviews

Top 8 Best Bidet Toilet Seats In 2021 Reviews

1 Brondell Swash Bidet Seat

The Brondell Swash toilet seat is ideal for your family as well as effective for menstruating, sexually active and pregnant women. If you are suffering from any kind of debilitating illness like arthritis then this hands-free toilet gives you independence experience.

The best part… It is an affordable option and constructed by using high-quality components. The manufacturer presents it with an elegant and clean styling design. A ceramic core heater gives an unlimited stream of filtered, comfortable you with warm water, and hygienic wash.

In addition to that, the most sensitive people can also use it with confidence because it comes with a nozzle system. This adjustable stainless steel nozzle system offers dual self-cleaning due to aerated wash steam and has a broad spray function. You can control numerous functions by using wireless remote control.

Multiple other features make it best bidet toilet seat for all of you. These features include wireless remote control, speedy release seat, intelligent body sensor, water pressure control, and automatic eco-mode. The company gives you a limited 1-year warranty as well. It is available in two sizes on the market such as round and elongated.


  • The all-metal 7/8-inch T-valve presents the conventional, portable, and durable toilet seat.
  • You can adjust the seat or water temperature settings and control the water pressure by using wireless remote control.
  • The installation process does not take much time as well as no technical or specific knowledge is required.
  • This eco-friendly bidet toilet seat offers a ceramic heating system that provides limitless warm water.
  • It is accessible in two different sizes such as rounded or elongated on the market.


  • The internal unit comes with less durability because it leaks and dripping water after some use.
Brondell Swash Bidet Seat
Our rating:3.5 out of 5 stars (3.5 / 5)

2 SmartBidet Bidet Seat

The SmartBidet toilet seat gives convenience, hygiene, and comfort simultaneously. This eco-friendly seat is easy to configure and use. All the required hardware’s come with this product. It is accessible in two sizes such as round and elongated on the market.

SmartBidet offers multiple features and these include adjustable water pressure, turbo wash, filtered hygienic water, feminine wash, heated seat or water, posterior wash, safety skin on/off the sensor, warm air dryer, closing lid or seat softly, oscillating wash, auto cleaning nozzle, easy cleaning, and many more.

Furthermore, it offers five levels of dryer pressure, water pressure, and nozzle positions. You are able to control and adjust these temperatures according to your requirements. The elongated size of SmartBidet Bidet Seat has an elongated shape seat that can easily fit on standard elongated toilets.

The self-cleaning and retractable ABS nozzle is used to extend for hygienic purposes and a wash. The nozzle and level of water pressure are adjustable up to five levels.  A nozzle has 03 sets of holes. The first hole that is close to the unit is specified for Feminine wash, the middle is for Posterior wash and the last hole is for Turbo wash.

That’s not all … you can also adjust the dryer temperature up to 5 levels and to your own liking and comfort. You are able to select the warm or cool air dryer for drying purposes. The air dryer is placed to the right side of the nozzle.


  • You can control multiple features by using wireless remote such as adjusting air dryer warm or cold mode and water temperature up to 5 levels.
  • The eco-friendly best bidet toilet seat is easy to install and use as well as all needed components come with this product.
  • It is the most energy efficient product because it only consumes the power whenever the user uses it otherwise it saves energy.
  • Available in two sizes, rounded or elongated seat.
  • It is cost effective because it decreases the usage of sanitary wipes or toilet papers.


  • You do not have color options because it is available in only white color.
SmartBidet Bidet Seat
Our rating:4.5 out of 5 stars (4.5 / 5)

3 GenieBidet Toilet Seat

GenieBidet presents those models which fit on most elongated toilet models. You will experience the ultimate hygienic cleansing because it is fully featured. You can put out a nozzle from under the seat that offers water cleansing with refreshing ambient temperature.

There is no need to use toilet paper because it virtually removes the need for it. The design of GenieBidet toilet seat presented with a contoured seat that increases the comfort. It is best for children, adults, and seniors because it helps to reduce hemorrhoid issues and offers Feminine & Rear cleaning.

Moreover, this is the safest best bidet toilet seat because it is non-electric where no wiring is required in the installation. The required hardware and other installation components come with this product. The lid of the seat is also closed slowly and smoothly. The modern low 2 3/8-inch clean design of GenieBidet toilet seat is not required any technical and time-consuming installation process.

The GenieBidet toilet seat is comprised of superior quality hybrid T adapter or connector along with on/off option. What’s the real story … you can shut off the water supply by turning the lever.  It is best for those children who love to play with water and soak themselves with water every time.

You can detach the bidet seat quickly by simply pressing the button on the side for maintenance and convenient cleansing.


  • Easy to use on/off options for opening & closing the water supply.
  • It is ideal for all children, adults, and seniors who are facing any kind of hemorrhoid issues because it helps to minimize it.
  • The low modern 2 3/8-inch clean design makes the installation easy and quick.
  • This is the best non-electric seat for safety where no wiring is needed
  • Available in three different styles such as attachment, elongated, and round
  • The company gives you a 1-year replacement warranty.


  • It is not suitable or made for French curve toilet models.
GenieBidet Toilet Seat
Our rating:4.6 out of 5 stars (4.6 / 5)

4 BioBidet Ultimate Toilet Seat

BioBidet uses the anti-bacterial materials to engineer the luxury and ultimate toilet seat for you. It provides full-featured clean functions such as rear and front cleansing with the stream. You can adjust the water pressure, water temperature, and the gentle aerated stream positions according to your requirements.

The soft heated closing seat offers you comfort and relaxes you according to your specified temperature. The convenient side panel is located on the right-hand side, which allows you to control all the cleaning function of it. All the buttons are strategically layout that makes it easy to use.

The accompanying icons present main function buttons like a bidet, cleansing, and drying. The preference button includes water pressure, water temperature, and nozzle positions. All the controls and setting are visually easy to track by selecting the lights that indicate the preferred level.

In addition to that, the BioBidet ultimate toilet seat is an attractive model that comes with massaging mode, oscillating mode, rear & front wash cycles, kid’s wash, auto wash, and much more. The built-in powerful motor provides optimal cleansing with double action nozzles. This motor works on aerated bubble technology for creating a relaxing and rejuvenating cleansing experience.

The best part … it is comprised of a tank reservoir that uses the standard heating method. It prevents you from water fluctuation and shocks in the water stream. You will only get the desired water temperature with specified water pressure.


  • It has a right-hand side convenient panel from where you can control all the functions.
  • You can select multiple functions according to your requirements.
  • The bubble technology motor gives you easy cleansing experience.
  • The tank reservoir heating methods decrease energy consumption.
  • This eco-friendly seat saves energy.


  • A dedicated wire is required for installation making it a more expensive option for you.
BioBidet Ultimate Toilet Seat
Our rating:4.4 out of 5 stars (4.4 / 5)

5 BioBidet Supreme Toilet Seat

BioBidet supreme toilet seat is equipped with a remote that allows you to personalize all the function according to your wish. These functions include water pressure, cycling massage, water temperature, and much more. A warm adjustable air-dry provides you the comfort of the lightly heated seat.

What’s the real story … the BioBidet manufactured the toilet seat that is comprised of power saving smart function. It calculated the commonly used hours of the day to increases the saving along with an enhanced and powerful deodorizer. This deodorizer removes more than 90% of embarrassing odor.

Furthermore, convenient luxury features help to upgrade your living style. The water stream works with aerated bubble technology that has an excellent cleansing ability.  It comes with a 3-in-1 nozzle system that provides you enhanced level cleansing. The company provides you a 3-year warranty as well.

The BioBidet supreme toilet seat is equipped with a performance-driven and dependable water reservoir that is a type of tank. The basic purpose of using this tank is to provide a consistent temperature and steady stream output water. It also consumes less energy and shows its solid performance.

The supreme toilet seat comes with Capacitance seat sensor as well as self diagnose that make this product unique as compared to other products. The one pocket and three nozzles give you enhanced hygiene and soothing pulsating massage.


  • Eco-friendly model saves energy and reduces the need for toilet paper.
  • 3-in-1 nozzle offers hygiene.
  • The smart seat gives streamlined comfort.
  • The wireless remote allows you to control and personalize all the functions.
  • The aerated bubble technology is able to provide you luxury cleansing experience.


  • The posterior and feminine wash modes produce some loud clanking sound.
BioBidet Supreme Toilet Seat
Our rating:4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5)

6 TOTO Bidet Seat

TOTO bidet seat comes with enhanced technology and a higher price tag. This is an electronic luxury seat, which cleanses with warm water for providing you an exceptional clean feeling. It reduces the cost of toilet paper because the WASHLET quickly gives warm water cleansing by simply touching a button.

The superior quality material is used to construct this luxury bidet seat that increases durability and longevity. It is easy to install and no specific knowledge is required for this process. It comes with an elongated sleek design with Sedona Beige and Cotton white finish that enhances the beauty of your bathroom.

Moreover, the BioBidet offers warm water stream endless with a comfortable heated seat. The cutting-edge technology and innovation present the minimalistic and sleek designed toilet seat. It has a touchpad convenient remote, which permits you to personalize all setting of water cleansing.

The best part is … the enhanced Air-In Wonder Wave technology provides you advance luxury cleansing experience. The combination of EWATER and Electrolyzed water is automatically sprayed for cleanse the bowl and minimize wastes. It also helps to minimize the use of harsh chemical for cleaning purpose and keeps the bowl fresh.

The instantaneous water heating provides you warm water all the time. The water supply of the tank-less system offers 7.25-psi as minimum water supply and 108.75-psi maximum range of water supply. The lid of the TOTO best bidet toilet seat closes very smoothly.


  • The tank-less system gives unlimited warm water supply.
  • The enhanced technology of Air-In Wonder Wave offers a strong and gentle water stream.
  • Equipped with air deodorizer and dryer features, which naturalizes bathroom odors with powerful filters.
  • The touchpad remote allows you to personalize the cleansing setting such as water temperature, water pressure, and more.
  • Available in two sizes, rounded or elongated with two colors such as cotton white and Sedona beige.


  • TOTO bidet toilet seat comes with a higher price.
TOTO Bidet Seat
Our rating:4.1 out of 5 stars (4.1 / 5)

7 American Standard Toilet Seat

American Standard uses solid plastic material to construct this bidet toilet seat. It can easily fit with all conventional rounds and elongated front toilets. The attractive design increases the bathroom decors. It is easy to attach and detach because no tool is required for installation. This toilet seat is available in two sizes such as round and elongated.

The lid of the toilet seat closes slowly and smoothly. It removes unwanted noise and gives a safer environment for your children. The lift-off hinges allow you to remove the seat for easy cleaning and quick removal.

Additionally, if you are looking for cost-effective and improved designed bidet toilet seat then the American Standard manufactured the best bidet toilet seat for you. It also increases the beauty of your bathroom. The verity of available colors allows you to match the toilet seat with your bathroom accessories.


  • Accessible in four different colors such as white, black, bone, and linen.
  • The lift-off hinges provide an easy way to attach and detach the seat for cleansing purpose.
  • It does not require any specific tool for its installation that makes it easy and quick installation process.
  • It fits on all conventional round and elongated front toilets.


  • The overall quality and durability of the product are very bad.
American Standard Toilet Seat
Our rating:4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5)

8 TOTO Travel Portable Washlet

TOTO Washlet toilet permits you to carry with the enhanced technology of TOTO’s Washlet seats. You can carry this on any trip.  You can enjoy the luxury cleansing with warm water by just pushing a button. There is a need to just fill the water reservoir and enlarge the wand.

There are two washing modes are available in this traveling Washlet such as soft and regular. You can choose according to your comfort zone. The compact and portable design makes it unique and best as compared to all products.

Moreover, it gives you comfort, luxury, and hygiene level cleansing during traveling. The capacity o water cleansing is 180 ml. the manufacturer made it chemical resistant that increase the durability and reliability of the TOTO’s Washlet.


  • This toilet provides you luxury cleansing experience during traveling.
  • You can choose from two washing modes; soft and regular.
  • The chemical resistant seat prevents the Washlet from harmful or harsh chemicals.
  • The capacity of warm water cleansing is 180 ml and you can use it with only one push button.
  • This is a budget efficient option for you with the essential features that are needed during traveling.


  • It is only available in white color.
  • The weak spray makes it ineffective.
TOTO Travel Portable Washlet
Our rating:4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5)

Best Bidet Toilet Seat Buying Guide

To be honest, the options available can easily become overwhelming if you don’t know what to look for. Therefore, we have developed this guide for your assistance to pick the best product that caters all your needs in your bathroom.

Things To Consider Before Buying

  • Water Temperature Control

One of the best features that you need to consider is the temperature control. You can easily change it from hot to cold with your bidet seat. Some of the cheap bidet seat models also feature this ability. Other models come with their own small-sized heated water tank.

Some of the models directly link with the hot water line in your bathroom. The seat with a mini tank can provide you with hot water instantly.

  • Water Pressure Control

Most of the electric bidet seats come with the adjustable pressure control of water as well. You can easily choose high light or strong the water sprays need to be. This feature is very important because some people might find the spray very strong while others might find it to be too soft.

  • Electric Vs. Non-Electric

Electric bidet seats are very expensive as compared to their non-electric counterparts. The nonelectric bidet seats will come with the basic features. These include the feminine wash, hot water link, and auto cleaning nozzles but nothing extraordinary.

The electric versions come with all the bells and whistles. You just have to keep in mind that if you want to buy an electric bidet then you will need an electrical outlet where you can plug your seat as well.

  • Feminine WASH

One of the basic features of a bidet seat is this feminine wash. With this feature, you can easily make adjustments to the angle of the nozzle. It will move a few inches forward for the women from pointing in the direction of the seat’s rear for posterior.

If men are going to use the seat then this feature is not necessary. If females are going to use the seat then this feature becomes very important.

  • Seat Heating

A heated seat is going to be very precious in winter seasons. For this reason, many people cherish this attribute when they look for toilet seats. You can turn the heating off when you don’t need it. It is one of the important features to consider for the people who live in colder climates.

  • Air Dry Heating

This is another excellent feature that you need to consider. When you are done using your toilet seat, you can turn on the warm air flow to dry your posterior region. The warmth and the pressure of the air flow are very much similar to the air-dryers for hands that are present in the restrooms. The best part is … you are not going to use the toilet paper ever again.

  • Nozzle & Spray Width Adjustments

Electric bidets also come with these two adjustments. You can easily find nozzle adjustments as well as adjustments to the spray widths. Nozzle adjustment is a good feature to have but spray width adjustment might not be that important.

  • Budget

On average, a family in the US uses approximately 500 rolls annually of toilet paper. The cost of these rolls turns out to be under 500 bucks. If you use a bidet seat, this cost will significantly lower down by up to 75%.

Bidet seats do come a bit costly as compared to the regular toilet seats. Here’s a catch … your bidet seat is also a long term investment and it is going to last for a long time. So with your investment, you will be able to extract the maximum value.

Using Guide

If you are new to using a bidet toilet seat then we have prepared this brief guide for your assistance. So let’s have a look at all the steps that are involved in using a bidet seat.

  • Step 1

You don’t have to move a lot when you use a bidet toilet seat after you are done. Make sure to get comfortable on your heated seat. Your wash is always going to be very hygienic and clean. The nozzle is going to stay retracted within the seat unless you press the button for washing.

As you start your wash, the position of the nozzle, as well as the spray, will calibrate to get out of any dirty water’s way. The nozzle will self-clean after every use. You can also find some bidet seats that use silver nano-particles to sterilize all nozzles.

  • Step 2

When you are done and ready to use that bidet function on your toilet seat, just press the wash button. The button can either be on the panel present on your seat or you can use a remote control for this purpose too. The panel can also be present on the wall just near your seat.

When you press the button the nozzle for spray underneath you will extend. You might experience a brief pause before the wash starts. What’s the real story … well, the nozzle is cleaning itself and the water is heating up.

  • Step 3

You can make various adjustments to the pressure or temperature as the seat is spraying you. You can also adjust the position of that nozzle according to your preferences. Before you start using the seat you can experiment a bit and see what your preferences are in this regard. When you are done with your wash then press the stop button either on the panel or your remote control. You will see that the nozzles will clean themselves and then slide back into the seat.

  • Step 4

If you have toilet paper close by then you can pat yourself dry. However, if your bidet toilet seat comes with air dryer feature as well then just push the dry button on your panel or remote control. The air drying process will complete in a few minutes. If you are in a hurry then you can always use the toilet paper for this purpose.


To sum it all up, the S900-EW from Brondell is the best bidet toilet seat that you can find on the market. The elongated seat comes at a very decent price and has a number of features in store for you. It comes with the feminine wash feature.

There are stainless steel nozzles that you can adjust and they have a wide spray range as well. Moreover, the heated seat has an ergonomic construction with a quick release and gentle closing features. The best part is … this seat also comes with a power saving eco-mode.

Happy shopping!

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