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Top 8 Best Cabin Air Filters On The Market In 2021 Reviews

There are many advantages to the modern world. All the good things aside, one of the worst things about the world is pollution. The air we breathe in is not very clean and causes several diseases.

Thankfully, in the modern world, we have technology that helps clean out the pollution from the atmosphere. One part of this technology is the Cabin Air Filters.

The best cabin air filters are filtered in your car behind the air conditioner or heater.

Let us look at some of the best cabin air filters reviews and buying guide to see the focal points of purchasing the best one on the market.

Top 8 Best Cabin Air Filters On The Market In 2021 Reviews

Best Cabin Air Filters Comparison Table

ProductsFilterable pollutantsFitUseRating
Filterable pollutants
Dust, Viruses
4.8 out of 5 stars (4.8 / 5)
Filterable pollutants
Odors, dust, pollen, all
Variable Sizes
15000 miles
5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)
Filterable pollutants
Dust and particles
Different sizes
12000 miles
4.5 out of 5 stars (4.5 / 5)
Filterable pollutants
Particles and Odor/div>
Variable Sizes
12000 miles
4.7 out of 5 stars (4.7 / 5)
Filterable pollutants
Dust and particles
Variable Sizes
12000 miles
4.7 out of 5 stars (4.7 / 5)
Filterable pollutants
Dust, odors, particles, and gases
Variable Sizes
12000 miles
4.8 out of 5 stars (4.8 / 5)
Filterable pollutants
Dust and small particles
Variable Sizes
15000 miles
4.7 out of 5 stars (4.7 / 5)
Filterable pollutants
Dust and small particles
Variable Sizes
15000 miles
4.7 out of 5 stars (4.7 / 5)

Top 8 Best Cabin Air Filters In 2021 Reviews

1 K&N Premium Cabin Air Filter

The K&N premium cabin air filter is one of the best cabin air filters you will find in the market. This cabin air filter comes for many different cars. People, who use it, vouch for it. Let us look deeper into the features to see if it is worth the hype.

Beginning with the construction…

The construction material of a Cabin Air filter is important. It affects longevity and life overall. The material for this is polyurethane. This material is lightweight and quite reliable in terms of usage.

The net and the rows have a careful ergonomic placement. The placement allows easy airflow for long life even in heavy pollution.

The construction does the job very efficiently, but what more is there?

This cabin air filter has an extremely easy installation. It uses no tools or no maneuvering all over your car’s dashboard. This filter is simply a slide in to attach and take out with ease.

What happens when it is dirty?

With this cabin filter, you can play your part in saving the environment. This is a reusable filter. All you have to do is take it out and softly wash it. Using tools like toothbrushes and running water help clean this thoroughly.

What does this filter?

One of the main questions is the kind of contaminants that filter with this unit. You can simply filter out the germs, viruses, and dust with this filter in your cabin car.

What is more?

The company gives you a warranty of about 10 years or one million miles. You can use and reuse it to keep the air inside your car clean and healthy.

K&N Premium Cabin Air Filter
Our rating:4.8 out of 5 stars (4.8 / 5)


  • Ecofriendly and reusable filter.
  • Comes with a warranty of 10 years or one million miles.
  • Does not need tools for installation.
  • Airflow design helps air pass easily while filtering.


  • The fit is not universal.
  • This filter does not work on odors.

2 Spear Head Premium Cabin Air Filter

The Spear Head Premium Cabin Air filter is another very reliable filter to clean the air. This air filter gives your family and loved one’s cleaner air in the car. Users love this filter and give positive reviews all the time. However, we will look deeper into it to see what it offers.

How does construction help?

The construction of this cabin air filter is not universal. However, it comes in all the standard sizes to ensure you get the right fit for your car.

The brand does not mention the material. However, we do know about the filtration system.

Let us talk about the filtration system…

The filtration system in this air filter is not regular. The company uses real coconut shell activated carbon. This filter helps take up the entire odor including smoke and fumes.

Here is more…

Another feature in the filtration process is the electrostatic media of industrial strength. This feature attracts even the tiniest of particles to trap in the system and give you clean air.

There are four layers of filters in this unit. The first layer is the dust filter to grab any small or large dust, debris, and pollen particles. The second layer is the Antimicrobial Filter, which removes bacteria and allergens. It also works to remove odor and irritant. This feature is very important for asthmatics.

The third layer is the Adsorption layer. This layer works on fumes, gases, and general pollution. The final layer is the honeycomb charcoal weave layer. This layer removes the tiniest of particles and contaminants.

The features are not over…

It does not use any tools and you can do it without professional help. This premium air filter lasts for about 15,000 miles before you have to change. It is great for heavy pollution areas.

Spear Head Premium Cabin Air Filter
Our rating:5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)


  • Uses Carbon and Electrostatic layers.
  • Captures all sorts of pollutants with four different layers.
  • Easy to install without professionals.
  • Works for 15000 miles.


  • Does not have a universal fit.
  • Not washable.

3 Bosch Cabin Air Filter

The Bosch Cabin Air Filter uses advanced technology to help you keep the air clean in your car. There are plenty of different sizes available in this filter as well. Having sizes helps almost everyone use this easily. However, we will not know until we dig deeper. Let us see if this air filter impresses the audiences.

What is the body like?

The body of this does not have a specific material, but it works. It is overall very sturdy, very solid, and gives a very good foundation to the filters.

But why do the filters need a strong foundation?

The reason filters need a strong foundation in this product is because there are different filters. Let us talk about them…

The first filter is the support layer. This layer helps protect the rest of the layers when they do their job. The second layer is the HEPA layer. Yes, this cabin air filter has a HEPA filter for the most reliable cleaning. This filter traps the tiniest allergens, pollen, and even mold.

The third filter has a static cotton layer. This layer is very fine but let’s air pass freely. However, in the way, it traps all the other particles and holds on to them tight. The final layer gives one final check to the air delivering to you. It ensures all small and big particles pass through and you have pure air left to breathe.

One other feature in the filters is the electrostatic feature. This feature helps ensure the tiniest particles find their way into the trap.

What about the warranty?

This disposable air filter works for about 12000 miles before you have to change it. Unlike many others, you have color options in this filter to match your car’s parts perfectly.

Bosch Cabin Air Filter
Our rating:4.5 out of 5 stars (4.5 / 5)


  • Comes with four filter layers.
  • Uses the HEPA filter for protection.
  • A strong rib ensures a good foundation.
  • Comes in many different vehicle sizes.


  • No easy installation.
  • Does not work with smoke, odors, or fumes.

4 Puroma Cabin Air Filter Replacement

Why choose Puroma cabin air filters? This brand is committed to offering buyers quality improvement tools. Puroma is a brand that provides reliable, safe, and top-notch accessories, locks, or home devices. This brand aims at offering highly creative and practical innovations to meet your customer needs.

Are you seeking a cabin air filter that offers maximum protection? This Puroma cabin air filter is the best choice. This air filter protects your vehicles against soot, dust, pollen, airborne contaminants, and much more while offering fresh air to breathe in.

You must be wondering how does this cabin air filter offer fresh air.

The best part…

It is a perfect combination of soda woven and activated carbon, which captures all the contaminants, absorbs all the foul odors and offers a fresh, clear breeze.

What’s more…

This Puroma cabin air filter comes with activated carbon with HVAC performance, which prevents the particles from coming in the cabin because of the non-woven, close-meshed filter layer.

Furthermore, these filters come with an easy installation. They are a perfect replacement for your Toyota 87139-02090, 87139-50100, 87139-06040, and much more.

That’s not all…

It is a complete package with two packs of the cabin air filter. It is further advised to replace the air filters every 12000 miles or annually. If you dwell in a massively polluted area, it is recommended to change air filters every 5000miles.

What’s the real story?

These air cabin filters are designed with the filtration material. They have an activated charcoal layer inside that efficiently removes all the solids and dust, holding all the particulates away from your vehicle in a part where the passengers and driver can’t breathe in. Plus, these air cabin filters come with advanced filtration technology to offer a healthy, safe environment.

Puroma Cabin Air Filter Replacement
Our rating:4.7 out of 5 stars (4.7 / 5)


  • Comprises of two air filters.
  • Makes use of advanced filtration technology.
  • Works well with almost all Toyota models.
  • Features a layer of activated charcoal.


  • Odd smell initially.
  • You might need replacement before 12000 miles.

5 Kootek Cabin Air Filter With Carbon

Is your car cabin offering you a smaller contact area? Look no further as this cabin air filter by Kootek offers around 24 layers of folded, dense, and larger contact area compared to other 21-layered folded air filters. The Kootek cabin air filter captures enough substances within the air.

Achieve adequate ventilation using the Kootek cabin air filter. The regular replacement of this cabin air filter prevents the quick wearing of heating, ventilation, and air conditioning or HVAC system while achieving proper ventilation.

Achieve extra protection for your vehicle with the reputable cabin air filter, which prevents the accumulation of soot, dust, pollen, airborne contaminants, or air pollution from the outer air in the vehicle’s interior.

It is a perfect combination of activated carbon and baking soda, which removes all odors and offers clean, safe air to the passengers and driver.

Here’s why you should get this Kootek cabin air filter?

You don’t need any tool for its installation. You can finish installation within 10 to 15 minutes. Choose Kootek air filters as a perfect replacement for CF10285, TCF285, CP285, Toyota part # 87139-02090, 87139-50060, 87139-06040, 87139-50100, 87139-52020. Make sure it’s not suitable for the 2016 Prius.

How can you use this?

You need to unlock the glove compartment. Now free the arm by pulling it from the glove compartment. Press the arm inwards over the sides of this glove compartment resulting in disconnection of stops. Next step, slide down the filter frame out of the housing.

Now it’s the time to replace your old filter from its frame and install the new one within the frame. It’s essential to ensure the airflow direction and arrows on the filter are in the same direction. Now slide back the frame within the housing, ensuring that it snaps well.

Kootek Cabin Air Filter With Carbon
Our rating:4.7 out of 5 stars (4.7 / 5)


  • Comprises of two air filters.
  • Makes use of activated carbon.
  • Protects you and your family against air pollution.
  • No tools needed offers easy installation.


  • It does not last all-round the year.
  • It can slow down the airflow.

6 Mann-Filter Cuk 2939 Cabin Filter

The best part about Mann-filter removes all the dust, spores, pollen, and harmful gases. This cabin filter offers optimum ventilation within the vehicle’s interior with low flow resistance.

Why choose Mann-filter? It offers consistent performance in terms of filtration throughout its entire period.

That’s not all…

It provides an exact seal and fits the vehicles with a perfect combination of electrostatic, mechanical attraction.

What’s more…

This cabin filter is similar to the sponge with activated charcoal layers embedded within the non-woven material. It absorbs all harmful gases like dangerous fuels, nitrogen, or ozone within the pores.

These pores are designed so that they are 10,000 times fine compared to the human hair. This is how this combi-filter makes sure to offer a healthy, safe environment.

That’s not all…

Mann-filter comprises of non-woven based filter media for particles with an activated charcoal film and a carrier medium, which improves stability.

So, what are you waiting for? Grab Mann-filter now and breathe freely. Why choose such air pollen filters? The air which we breathe in from our air conditioners is five times more contaminated than the pollutants, exhaust gases, and allergens in the outer air.

Because of this, we need such cabin filters for breathing in as less polluted air as possible.

Do you undergo asthma or hay fever, then Mann-filters are the best choice. Besides, to maintain this cabin air filter’s efficacy, you need to change it at least annually or after every 12000 miles.

Mann-Filter Cuk 2939 Cabin Filter
Our rating:4.8 out of 5 stars (4.8 / 5)


  • No tools required offers quick installation.
  • Excellent efficacy due to the combination of electrostatic and mechanical attraction.
  • Consistent performance because of activated charcoal.
  • Filters all spores, dust, pollen, and harmful gases.
  • Optimum ventilation.


  • Fits well with German automobiles.

7 Fram Fresh Breeze Cabin Air Filter

You’re about to learn all about Fram Fresh breeze cabin air filter. Grab your hands on this cabin air filter, removing 98% pollens, dust, and all the fine particulates. Choose this cabin filter now as it has been in use for more than 20 years now in all car models.

Fram fresh breeze cabin air filter is manufactured using the perfect combination of Arm & Hammer baking soda with carbon, which cleans all the outer air flowing inside the car through a secure ventilation system.

Enjoy improved airflow with enhanced performance that prevents all the musty odors from accumulating within the vehicle.

What’s more…

It keeps all the fine damaging particulates away from your engine, which prevents the engine wear.

That’s not all…

It comes with a box of installation instructions, QR codes along with the installation videos.

What makes FRAM fresh breeze cabin air differe

nt from other competitive brands? It prevents 98% of all pollen and dust particles from entering the vehicle while improving the driver’s comfort.

Besides that, this cabin air filter comes with Arm & Hammer baking soda and the activated embedded carbon within the filter media, which removes odors from the vehicle through the high tech ventilation system.

You must be querying how frequently you want to change the air filters? You can replace these filters after every 15000 miles interval or annually, depending on how often you drive. Improve your driving comfort now and breathe healthy, safe air with FRAM fresh cabin filters.

Fram Fresh Breeze Cabin Air Filter
Our rating:4.7 out of 5 stars (4.7 / 5)


  • Top-notch construction.
  • Prevents any musty odors.
  • Traps all debris to enter within the engine.
  • Easy installation.
  • Available for various vehicles.
  • Works well for more than 30000 miles.


  • Not great for filtering the exhaust fumes.
  • The gray color of this filter makes it difficult to inspect dirt.

8 Ecogard Premium Cabin Air Filter

Do you suffer from allergies frequently? Do you hate the musty odor in your car?

Invest in a premium cabin air filter, which leaves you with fresh, healthy air to breathe in. It just takes a few minutes for the installation and comes with customized installation instructions, enhancing the overall air quality by 99.5%.

Why choose ECOGARD other than the competitive brands in the market? Car manufacturers usually recommend replacing the cabin filters every 15000 to 12000 miles. However, ECOGARD recommends that you should replace the cabin filters during each spring or fall if your vehicles are severely exposed to the road debris.

Feel the difference in the fresh air you breathe with these exceptionally premium air filters. ECOGARD Premium cabin filters remove 99.5% pollen, dust, allergens, air pollution, airborne contaminants, and pet dander from the external air, preventing it from reaching the vehicle’s interior.

That’s not all…

This cabin air filter prevents the premature wearing of the car’s HVAC, the Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system by enhancing good airflow.

What makes this premium cabin air filter stunning? It offers easy installation and arrives with directions. Just spend a few minutes, and you are done with installing this cabin air filter.

The ECOGARD premium cabin air filter is compatible with Honda Civic 2016-2019, Acura 2019-2020, CR-V 2017-2019, HR-V 2016-2019, Fit 2009-2019, Crusade 2018-2020, Clarity 2017-2019, vision 2010-2019, CR-Z 2011-2015, Clarity HYBRID 2019-2019. Ensure that this ECOGARD premium cabin air filter fits well into your car by looking at its online catalog.

So, what are you waiting for? Get ECOGARD premium cabin air filter and protect you and your family against harmful pollutants.

Ecogard Premium Cabin Air Filter
Our rating:4.7 out of 5 stars (4.7 / 5)


  • Super-efficient.
  • Highly compatible.
  • Simple installation.
  • Prevents premature wearing of HVAC.


  • Too big to fit within the frame.
  • Need to position correctly.

Best Cabin Air Filters Buying Guide

Those people that use their car for simple commute may not realize the importance of cabin filters. After a couple of months, the air quality of your car air conditioner may not remain as fresh. At that time, the cabin air filter needs replacement. This buying guide will tell you the way to choose the best air filters.

Choose The Type

The first selection to get the best cabin air filter for your needs is to select the type. There are so many air filters that help you in different ways. The following are the most popular types and what they do.

  • Particle Cabin Filters

This type of air filter is the most common one. This helps collect the smallest of the particles to make life easier. These are the lowest cost ones as well.

best cabin air filter

  • Electrostatic Filters

The electrostatic filters have more advanced technology in the way they function. This type of filter uses an electrostatic layer to filter particles including smoke. You can filter cigarette smoke, exhaust fumes, and to some extent, even odors.

  • Activated Carbon Filters

These filters have a layer of activated carbon. This material helps in absorbing bad smells, harmful odors and fumes, and even contaminants. They sometimes work hypoallergenic too.

  • Charcoal Filters

The Charcoal Filters have a layer of charcoal on top of them. Moreover, Charcoal works great to eliminate odor by trapping it. These include smoke, fumes, and even particles like dust.

Environment Of Driving

One of the very important ways you can choose the type of cabin air filter is to see around you. The environment where you drive your car. The environment will show you the level of protection that your air needs.

Hence, you can select the filter. If you use your car in urban places, you need something to get rid of odors or fumes. However, for a rural environment, you can go for something low-key.


The material of the Cabin Air Filter varies. Most of the time it is polyurethane with filters of various materials. Filters are charcoal, electric, and more. It depends on the type of filter that you opt for.

cabin air filter


Air Filters take up all the contaminants from the air. Once you chose the air quality you put your car through, you need to make sure your filter survives. The durability measures in driving miles. Generally, 12000 miles is good enough. However, filters last longer than the average as well. Needless to say, the longer the life, the better and more convenient for you.

Some of the air filters work longer than their miles. They are washable and reusable. This feature gives them an edge over the disposable one. They are slightly pricier, but they save money in the end.

Size And Fit

Another very important feature is the size. The size is one of the top things to the lookout for. Most of the air filters are universal in size or they adjust well. If you are looking for something OEM then you need to know the exact dimensions and the size of the cabin air filter in your vehicle.


Getting an ecofriendly Cabin Air filter is not mandatory. However, you can help save the environment. To ensure this is not a threat to the environment, ensure that the material is not plastic. If the material is plastic, maybe something recycled will help the world.

Moreover, getting reusable instead of disposable helps save many resources. Moreover, you can also save some extra bucks.


Getting the right filter for your car can save your life. Since there are so many different pollutants in the air, it is important to get the best air filters. You have to take your and your loved ones’ health into your hands now. This is the reason why we promote these filters and help you get the best one for the best results.

Among all these, the best for us is the Spear Head Premium Cabin Air Filter. The top reason for choosing this air filter is that it works for all kinds of contaminants. It has four very strong filters that help filter out the pollutants and the particles. The electrostatic layer helps this cause. However, the coconut shell carbon works wonders to filter out odor as well.

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