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Top 5 Best Car Audio Equalizer To Buy In 2022 Reviews

Driving is more than a casual hobby for some people. It is a refuge and a much-needed break from the loud and jarring world around us. The best part of these long drives is, you can indulge in some good loud music. Can you imagine though, if the sound of the windshield wipers destroys your favorite chorus?

Worse? What if the gravel beneath your tires drowns out your favorite part? Do you need to force your already exhausted mind to pretend you can’t hear any of these sounds?

We have the perfect device for you and about to review some of the best car audio equalizers available on the market.

These devices will not only help you block out unwanted sounds but can help to boost your systems as well. If you keep reading, you might come across something you’ve been looking for!

Top 5 Best Car Audio Equalizer To Buy In 2022 Reviews

Best Car Audio Equalizer Comparison Table

ProductsMax outputBandsAux inputRating
Max output
Aux input
5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)
Max output
Aux input
4.5 out of 5 stars (4.5 / 5)
Max output
Aux input
4.5 out of 5 stars (4.5 / 5)
Max output
Aux input
4.5 out of 5 stars (4.5 / 5)
Max output
Aux input
4.7 out of 5 stars (4.7 / 5)

Top 5 Best Car Audio Equalizer In 2022 Reviews

1 Power Acoustik Car Audio Equalizer

Power Acosutik is the name to look for when searching for dependable car audio. This company has made it a point of pride to deliver solid equalizer systems every time. This product has landed itself on our list of the best car audio equalizer for the following reasons.

With the Power Acoustik car audio equalizer, you get two selectable balanced inputs for the sound of your systems.

But that’s not even the best part…!

This audio equalizer comes in a slim, perfectly shaped design. You can easily fit it into your dash without any hassle.

Often, one of the first concerns that pop into our heads with audio systems is connectivity. Will you be able to set-up? How will you connect your devices? Are the controls easy to reach? You’re about to learn the answer to all these questions.

Firstly, this audio equalizer is easy to set-up if you have previously installed your dash accessories. If not, we recommend you take it in to be installed professionally. Not only that but it can help you produce crisp and clear sound if used right.

Next, you should be relieved to know this car audio equalizer has a front panel aux input for convenient access. Finally, you’ll want to know whether the controls are easy to manage. You can use the Power Acoustik and adjust the volume of the subwoofer independently from the volume of the speakers. On top of that, the equalizer system also allows you to control your low- mid- as well as output of high range.

This car audio equalizer system also features an independent fader and an isolated power supply.

Power Acoustik Car Audio Equalizer
Our rating:5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)


  • Front panel aux input.
  • Independent volume and fader controls.
  • Control over low-, mid-, and output of high range.
  • Features two selectable balanced inputs.


  • It does not have a specific power button.
  • The volume control is limited.

2 Audio EQ-7X Car Audio Equalizer

The EQ7X is a 7-band car audio equalizer masks the distracting sounds produced by your vehicle.

With this car audio equalizer, you have more of a tuning control. This feature of EQ an adjustable volume level and an adjustable level of the subwoofer. Not only that but this product also has an RCA of two-channel and an aux input with an adjustable gain.

What’s more?

This machine is a sensitive piece of equipment that can uplift your entire sound system. However, it is extremely easy to install and set-up. If you have any experience of installing your car equipment, this should be easy.

The Huge Audio equalizer modifies the sound of your amp and picks up where lower-end head units can’t. This equalizer can fix the unexpected dips and spikes caused by vehicles.

Here’s more…

This sound equalizer additionally has ½ DIN, six-channel-volt RCA outputs, and an eight-volt driver. You can also expect a completely low-pass crossover of selectable 12db (60Hz or 90Hz). The design of this car audio equalizer is quite simple and easily accommodates different dashboards.

Finally, you should also know, this equalizer of car audio can change to fit your interior. This car audio equalizer is lined with state-of-the-art LED lights that can light up red or blue according to your preference.

Audio EQ-7X Car Audio Equalizer
Our rating:4.5 out of 5 stars (4.5 / 5)


  • It has 7-bands.
  • Adjustable volume level.
  • RCA outputs.
  • Selectable 12dB low-pass crossover.


  • If used incorrectly it could blow out factory speakers.
  • The knobs are difficult to turn.

3 Gravity 7-Band Graphic Equalizer

Gravity store is well-known for delivering quality products year in year out. This equalizer has several features that make it one of the best car audio equalizers available right now. The design is simple but packs multiple features.

Let’s start with the fact…

This equalizer has a whopping 7-bands to provide the full capacity to your system. This gives an impressive performance despite only needing an 11-15V CD power supply.

The Gravity store provides all of your needs within one machine and within your reach. The dials are easy to use and allow you to adjust according to your needs. These dials are clearly labeled and show the different frequencies, volume, fader, sub-level, and aux input.

Here’s more…

Equalizers are essential for anyone who appreciates uninterrupted music. This equalizer allows you to control the quality of output on your amps. You can also adjust the controls to ensure any sound produced by your car is canceled out.

The device also has features of a selected subwoofer up to 60-90Hz. You have a range of equalization of plus/minus of 12 DB sound, and an impedance of 15K ohms input.

The sound quality of this equalizer is clean and extremely impressive. This device is well-built and comes with quality construction. If you have trouble with their head unit and struggle with the quality of sound you need this device. This device will allow you to adjust the different levels and achieve the kind of sound quality you can only dream of.

Admittedly, this equalizer is a little heavier than normal but is also very sturdy. Lastly, this equalizer makes it effortless to make adjustments as you need them.

Gravity 7-Band Graphic Equalizer
Our rating:4.5 out of 5 stars (4.5 / 5)


  • Features a selectable sub-woofer up to 60-90Hz.
  • Equalization range between 12dB.
  • The input impedance of 15K ohms.
  • Easily adjust input.


  • The blue lights are too bright.
  • The set-up is a little heavier as compared to similar models.

4 Audio Eq4

As we’ve mentioned before, Vast audio has dedicated time and effort to deliver quality products. These equalizers provide a wide range of features as well as a well-built product.

This equalizer offers half din, four-bands as well as selectable 12dB low-pass crossover (60-90Hz). There is no comparison between the controls on enormous audio and other equalizers.

These master controls are what got the EQ4 on our list of the best car audio systems. The EQ4 features control can easily adjust for volume and quality and you also get adjustable subwoofer levels.

What’s more?

On top of which you get two-channel RCA aux input and adjustable gain. As you might know, equalizers are a necessity for anyone who enjoys every single sound and moment of a song. There are those of us that drive around extensively specifically to hear our favorite songs blare across the scenery.

This exercise is pointless if you can’t hear anything over the sound of your tires or your window panes. The Enormous audio’s equalizer allows you to tune out all those unnecessary sounds while enjoying your music.

Here’s a catch…

But the sub output is separate from the system. You can adjust the bass according to your preference without any hassle.  This equalizer can give your subwoofers that extra punch you deserve. It is neither too strong and thus overpowers the original music, and nor does it seem too light.

This equalizer delivers even when it comes to aesthetics and design. You can safely install this equalizer without fear of being too large and distracting and this car audio equalizer comes equipped with colored LED lights.

Or you can always switch the light to fit the interior of your car. The good thing about this equalizer is, it can adapt according to the surrounding.

Audio Eq4
Our rating:4.5 out of 5 stars (4.5 / 5)


  • Solid construction.
  • LED lights that switch colors.
  • 12dB low-pass crossover.
  • Two-channel RCA aux input.


  • The lights have been seen to falter due to extensive use.
  • The knobs can be hard to turn.

5 Blaupunkt Equalizer

Coming in last but certainly not the least Blaupunkt equalizer. As you might know, the more bands you have the more frequencies you can explore. Fortunately, this equalizer offers an incredible 7-bands.

What’s more?

This equalizer from Blaupunkt comes in a sleek design and should fit your car interior without much trouble. Admittedly, this device is a little heavy as compared to other models. But the compact shape makes up for this feature. And despite being sleek, this equalizer features all of the standard functions you would expect to receive.

You have powerful controls to control the output to the amps. This equalizer features multiple controls to tune the sound of your system too. On top of which you will find panels for the sub-volume and fader.

You will find this equalizer features front and rear outs. This design allows you to boost the high and low frequencies without any hassle.

You can use this car audio equalizer to modify the sound system. All you have to do is to adjust the subwoofer and volume levels appropriately.

Last but not the least…

This equalizer from Blaupunkt uplifts the sound system. You can adjust the low-pass frequency feature between 60Hz – 90 Hz to help to an audio system that much better. You can hear your music loud and clear without any distraction with its full capacity. It also helps you improve a mediocre sound system and perform better.

Blaupunkt Equalizer
Our rating:4.7 out of 5 stars (4.7 / 5)


  • Features 7-bands.
  • The low-pass frequency between 60-90Hz.
  • Feature separate front and rear outs.
  • Fully functioning control panel.


  • The knobs might be hard to turn at first.
  • The device is heavier than normal.

Best Car Audio Equalizer Buying Guide

If you’re new to equalizers and eager to explore, be sure to have a look at this buying guide. This section of the review focuses on features to help you get the most out of your equalizer. And if you are investing in this device, you should look out for these features.

It is quite possible that you have tried equalizers on your vehicles before, and are looking for a replacement. Equalizers have gone through quite a change and you might be surprised to see some features you never saw before.

  • Controls

You should always check to see how the controls are laid out on the equalizer. Moreover, you should be aware of the kind of features you can expect on a standard equalizer. For example, a good equalizer should feature controls for master volume, subwoofer volume, fader, and main/ aux input.

car audio equalizer

However, you should also be wary that some equalizers don’t even have a power button.

  • Subwoofer Output

When you use a subwoofer, output filters on the front and rear channels jump into action. These filters allow specific frequencies to pass through them. These frequencies depend upon the size of the speaker itself. This is essentially done to protect the speakers so they don’t have to produce vague sounds.

  • Bandwidth

You can use parametric equalizers to control a system’s range manually. The bandwidth in essence allows you to control the surrounding frequencies. You can also use parametric equalizers to fine-tune and adjust frequencies without disturbing other nearby frequencies. This feature is plus for anyone interested in music recording or refining.

  • Front-To-Rear Faders

Some equalizers give you the option to control front-to-rear fader. This feature allows you to balance the sound in dual amps. If used correctly, this feature can help you create a surround sound system within your vehicle. You can also use the fader so that it provides the right amount of rear fill.

  • Line Drivers

This feature is found on some equalizers and boost your system. It enhances the voltage from the receiver to the highest level that an amp can sustain.

  • Din

This is a term that refers to the 2 inches by 7-inch opening in vehicles where you insert the radio. A double-DIN would be about 4 inches by 7 inches. When assessing an equalizer based on the size available on your dashboard always check the DIN. This measurement will more accurately tell you whether the device is feasible for your vehicle or not.

  • Mounting Area

This might not be the first feature that comes to your mind when buying equalizers but it is important nonetheless. Certain equalizers are built to be mounted right onto the dashboard or next to the amplifier. However, this is not always the case.

Some EQs are meant to be installed in the trunk or even the cargo. You can usually find EQs placed on the dashboard below the receiver in the radio space. The equalizer is suspended there with the help of support brackets.

Benefits Of Car Audio Equalizer

Your car produces sounds on an ordinary whether you usually notice them or not. You have the humming of the engine, the crunch of the earth beneath the tires, and even windows rattling as you move along. These sounds are not unique to your vehicle or a car of a certain age. They can be heard while you talk to someone over the phone and that can affect the sound system.

A good car audio equalizer is designed to block out and even eliminate these sounds. You can use your equalizer system to filter out these sounds so you can hear nothing but music.

best car audio equalizer reviews

And there are some people who buy car audio equalizer because their standard stock head units only offer the most basic options. They want better controls than bass, treble, and mid-range adjustments.

Additionally, you can use your car audio equalizers to protect the long-term condition of your system. They are designed to promote the quality of sound on your speakers. Worse, you don’t have to work your speakers’ overtime just to block out traffic noise. Your car audio equalizer adjusts and removes these obstacles itself.

Another good reason you might consider getting a car audio equalizer is to improve the quality of your current sound system. If you invest in a good EQ you can achieve an instant boost in the quality of sound.

Audio Equalizers Types

Car audio equalizers come in several types.

  • Graphic Equalizer

A graphic equalizer as the name suggests creates a graphical representation of frequency bands. You can even adjust this graphical representation to your preference. These EQ features have several filters and notable sliders to modify the sound. You can do this simply by shifting the up and down control buttons. The left side of the equalizer is the lower bass side, and the right side is for high treble.

  • Parametric Equalizer

In terms of innovation, a parametric equalizer provides more impressive functions. This EQ, for example, to boost levels and centers the frequency. This EQ also enables you to choose a specific boost or one around 65,45,35, and 80 Hertz.

car audio equalizer reviews

  • Equalizer Booster

An equalizer booster can be used as both amplifier and equalizer. Admittedly, they do be likely to be dimmer compared to external amplifiers. However, they are still more affordable options as compared to buying an amplifier. If you tried buying those separately, they would cost more than alone the EQ booster.

  • Digital Equalizer

And then we have digital equalizers that provide you display in its place of the traditional buttons or slide meters. One big plus when it comes to digital equalizers is they have the capacity to save multiple equalizer settings. This can really come in helpful if you’re used to switching out genres and thus would require you to use different EQ settings. You might not have the assurance of physical knobs but the controls on a digital EQ are unmatched. You won’t find the option to save multiple EQ settings on your traditional EQs.

  • Analog Equalizer

Lastly, we have analog equalizers. The main difference between analog equalizers and newer models is the controls are all present on the EQ. Analog EQs, unlike graphical EQs, require you to use sliders and knobs to adjust the controls.

Top Brands

  • Power Acoustik

best car audio equalizer

Power acoustik has continued to remain a pioneer in the audio system industry for the past 30 years. This company works to develop their designs in order to produce a better model each year. Power Acoustik impressed yet again when they launched in 2022 with their latest devices.

There is a reason that Power Acoustik continues to contribute to the field and a big part of it is their need to constantly explore. An impressive product that is also featured on our list is the Power Acoustik PWM-16 Pre-Amp equalizer.

  • Huge Audio

Huge Audio is located in California and was established in 1999. This company strives to produce the best audio products, professional and personal items of audio. On top of this Huge Audio is also responsible for developing state-of-the-art in-vehicle audio systems. This company has also gone on from partnerships with CBS and BBC for electronics. One of the best products is the Huge audio 7X EQ and the Vast audio EQ4.

  • Boss Group

This audio major group that controls three other brands of car audio: Planet Audio, Sound Storm Workshops, and Boss Audio. This California based company has a strong force for over 30 years. It produces quality subwoofers, amplifiers, and speakers.

Car Audio Equalizer Pricing

As discussed in this article there a number of car audio equalizers you can consider. On top of different features, there are also different price ranges you need to keep in mind when buying your EQ.

  • Equalizers Under $30

There are only a few equalizers you can get under $30. You shouldn’t expect some of the newer features on equalizers in this category.

  • Equalizers Between $30 – $ 100

Within this range, you will find most of the popular and well-known brands. These equalizers are of high quality, they provide plenty of features and are sturdy.

  • Equalizers Over $100

These equalizers feature some of the latest options now available on EQs. You have a wide range of options at your disposal to customize your system as you please.


That was our review of the best car audio equalizers. We hope you found this review helpful and prepared you to make a more informed selection. Now, as hard as it was, we were able to finalize a winner and it is in fact: The Power Acoustik PWM-16 Pre-Amp Equalizer. This equalizer comes in a slim design and provides the latest features. You are able to use these features to adjust the volume, lift your system, and improve your overall experience.

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