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Top 10 Best Garbage Disposals To Purchase In 2021 Reviews

There are a number of ways to dispose of food waste in your home or workplace. However, over the years, many households will testify that installing the best garbage disposal system below their kitchen sink has served their needs very well.

Technology has now moved forward. And some great new features will give you added benefit if you choose to purchase one of the new garbage disposals.

In this review, we’ll be looking at 10 of the best household garbage disposal systems currently available. We’ve run through a lot of garbage disposals to find you some quality choices, so let’s go through them and find the perfect one for you.

But before that…

Why should you buy the best garbage disposal?

There are no doubts about the convenience and ease of using a garbage disposal system in your home. Ultimately, you’ll be freeing up valuable time that you could spend with family or with other more constructive things.

Top 10 Best Garbage Disposals To Purchase In 2021 Reviews

Save yourself the time and effort…

A good quiet garbage disposal system can save you hours of cleaning up time, especially if you have a large family to deal with. After every meal, you’ll be able to simply feed any leftover food through your garbage disposal system, usually with just a flick of a switch.

You won’t have to tediously sift through what you want to throw away and what can be washed out in the sink. Also, you won’t be filling up your trash that much, which as we all know can get overloaded.

And of course, blockages will be a thing of the past with a powerful garbage disposal installed into your kitchen set-up.

Things have changed

Garbage disposals have been around for a while now, and a common complaint is that they can be too noisy. Well, technology has moved on. And if you look through our selection of disposal systems, you’ll be pleasantly surprised that many have noise reduction systems built-in.

Additionally, these systems should reduce noise, but will still grind up all your food wastage effectively. In fact, they are now more powerful and safer than they’ve ever been.

There shouldn’t be any excuses now, right?

So let’s grind through the 10 best garbage disposals that you can buy today…

Top 10 Best Garbage Disposals To Buy In 2021 Reviews

1 Insinkerator Essential XTR 3/4 HP Household Garbage Disposer, Gray

The first disposal system we’re looking at is the InSinkErator Essential XTR which uses an efficient 3/4 horsepower motor to drive it.

Effective and quiet…

One issue that many people don’t like about garbage disposals is they can be noisy. Luckily enough, the InSinkErator has added its SoundSeal technology into the equation, which will reduce noise. There is also a solid motor powering this garbage disposal, which includes a two-stage process for shredding your food wastage.

A well thought out design…

The InSinkErator is built to last with most parts built from a steel alloy. In addition, there is a specially made lining to prevent leakages. Plus all the parts are designed to make the installation of this garbage disposal very simple.

InSinkErator is a reputable brand known throughout America. This is because their garbage disposals fit well in a domestic environment. And since they’ve been making these disposal systems for a long time. They’ve had to deal with a number of issues which has led them to perfect their design.

Insinkerator Essential XTR 3/4 HP Household Garbage Disposer, Gray
Our rating:4.6 out of 5 stars (4.6 / 5)


  • Uses an efficient 3/4 horsepower motor.
  • Noise reduction technology.
  • Shreds your food in a two-stage process.
  • Well-made alloy steel design.
  • Made by a reputable company.


  • Still produces some noise.

2 Waste King L-8000 Garbage Disposal With Power Cord, 1 HP

Next, we’re looking at the Waste King L-8000 which is a 1 horsepower set-up. Even though it has a very powerful motor, it is even more efficient thanks to its high-speed 2800 rpm magnetic motor.

Keep the noise down…

This design features noise reduction technology that muffles the grinding noises made when food goes through it. It also incorporates a set-up that prevents food from getting jammed in the system. The disposal is switched on by just the flick of a switch on your kitchen wall.

Install with ease…

The Waste King is also very easily installed in your home. You’ll be able to install this garbage disposal yourself without much hassle. Plus, there is no wiring work to deal with on installation because it uses a simple power cord plugged into a mains socket.

Made to last…

Like any good garbage disposal on the market, the Waste King L-8000 has strong steel grinders that should last you many years of disposal. Additionally, cleaning this system has been made easy with a detachable screen that prevents any food products from splashing out of the machine.

Finally, the Waste King has a staggering 20-year manufacturer’s warranty, which should give you all the confidence you need in the quality of this product.

Waste King L-8000 Garbage Disposal With Power Cord, 1 HP
Our rating:4.3 out of 5 stars (4.3 / 5)


  • High-speed magnetic motor.
  • Prevents food from getting jammed.
  • Easily installed with no need to set-up any electrics.
  • Strong and durable design with steel grinding components.
  • Detachable screen.
  • 20-year manufacturer’s warranty.


  • Might be prone to leakages if not installed correctly.

3 Insinkerator Garbage Disposal, Evolution Excel, 1.0 HP Continuous Feed

Here we have another InSinkErator garbage disposal, but this time it is the Evolution Excel. This system uses a 1 horsepower motor and is a continuous feed type.

This InSinkErator utilizes the company’s SoundSeal technology, which they’ve developed to give you very quiet garbage disposal in your home. The motor used is a well made and designed Dura-Drive set-up that uses induction technology.

Made for durability…

This garbage disposal has been made to last with the use of steel alloy parts incorporated into the design. Plus, the system has been made to be leak-proof, so you won’t have to worry about any nasty surprises under your sink.

The InSinkErator uses a 3-step process to shred your food properly through its system. Plus, anti-jamming technology stops larger and tougher food wastage getting stuck in the machine.

Again, here is another solid InSinkErator option to choose for your kitchen, making for a quick and easy way to deal with food waste at home.

Insinkerator Garbage Disposal, Evolution Excel, 1.0 HP Continuous Feed
Our rating:4.7 out of 5 stars (4.7 / 5)


  • Continuous feed garbage disposal.
  • Dura-Drive motor.
  • Durable design.
  • Anti-jamming technology.
  • Shreds your food waste in a 3-step process.
  • Leak-proof design.


  • May block up from time to time.

4 Insinkerator Garbage Disposal, Badger 5, 1/2 HP Continuous Feed

Again from InSinkErator, we have a very affordable garbage disposal choice called the Badger 5. This is a 1/2 horsepower motored set-up with a continuous feed.

Save money and space…

The Badger 5 is an inexpensive option, which also is small enough to fit in more confined spaces. Also, the installation process is made simple, so you should have your disposal system running in no time.

This garbage disposal also uses a Dura-Drive motor which is made specifically for powering the steel blades that grind up all your food waste.

InSinkErator is a well-known and reputable brand that has a wide range of garbage disposals on offer. The Badger 5 is well worth its investment, especially if you have a smaller than average kitchen, or if you need to save space.

Insinkerator Garbage Disposal, Badger 5, 1/2 HP Continuous Feed
Our rating:4.5 out of 5 stars (4.5 / 5)


  • Inexpensive garbage disposal choice.
  • Small design to save space in your kitchen.
  • Powerful Dura-Drive motor.
  • High-quality steel blades.
  • Utilizes a continuous feed set-up.


  • May experience leakages if not maintained properly.

5 Moen Gxs75c Gx Series 3/4 Horsepower Garbage Disposal

Moving on, we’re reviewing this impressive-looking Moen GXS75C GX Series, which comes with a powerful 3/4 horsepower motor!

Shred away without blockages…

The best way to ensure all the food wastage you dispose of is ground up, whatever the size or shape, is by using a strong magnetic motor. The Moen uses a Vortex motor which deals with all your food wastage effectively. Also, this Moen is designed to fit easily with your current kitchen sink layout, using a universal adaptor.

The power cord on this system is also made to be adaptable so that you can actually remove it and wire it into an existing electrical set-up.

Reduce the noise…

Loud grinding noises have been known to be a common annoyance with garbage disposals. The Moen GXS75C GX Series uses its SoundSHIELD technology to deal with any noise issues.

Overall, this disposal has a solid design and some convenient features built-in.

Moen Gxs75c Gx Series 3/4 Horsepower Garbage Disposal
Our rating:4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5)


  • Strong magnetic motor.
  • Powerfully shreds most food wastage.
  • Adaptable to use with most kitchen sink layouts.
  • Can be installed with most electrical set-ups.
  • Uses noise reduction technology.


  • May produce some unwanted noise.

6 Waste King L-1001 Garbage Disposal

Now we’re moving back to another Waste King garbage disposal, the L-1001 version. It comes with a 1/2 horsepower motor and includes a power cord.

Shred at high-speed!

A trademark benefit of Waste King garbage disposals is that they usually come with high-speed motors. This L-1001 model incorporates a 2600 rpm motor to effectively shred all your waste food with little effort.

In terms of installing this system and cleaning it, you should have very few problems. There is a removable screen that is easy to clean. Plus you can quite simply connect this disposal up to your dishwasher.

No electrical knowledge needed…

One appealing advantage of buying this garbage disposal is that it comes with a power cord. This means that you won’t need to spend time messing around with electrics or hiring an electrician to connect your disposal.

The Waste King a great value continuous feed disposal and comes with a 2-year warranty. But, all the parts are designed to last anyhow so more than likely you will never need the warranty.

Waste King L-1001 Garbage Disposal
Our rating:4.4 out of 5 stars (4.4 / 5)


  • Shred food waste at high-speed.
  • Easily installed.
  • Can be connected to your dishwasher.
  • Simple to clean.
  • No electrical knowledge needed for installation.
  • Utilizes a continuous feed design.
  • Made with long-lasting parts.


  • You may experience leakages if not installed properly.

7 Insinkerator 76006, Gray

Featured in gray, here is the InSinkErator 76006 which comes with a two-step method of grinding your food waste.

A septic solution…

Built-in to this garbage disposal is septic technology which prevents bacterial growth, and keeps your sink hygienic and smelling fresh. Added to this is a Bio-Charge system that uses microorganisms to break down your food waste more effectively.

Like most InSinkErator models, this one also uses their SoundSeal technology to ensure that it runs quietly. Behind the noise reduction, there’s a powerful 3/4 horsepower Dura-Drive motor ready to shred all your food wastage with fluid ease.

With the well-built two-step process for grinding your food and durable parts which should stand the test of time – this InSinkErator looks to be a good investment.

Insinkerator 76006, Gray
Our rating:4.5 out of 5 stars (4.5 / 5)


  • A two-step grinding process.
  • Septic technology.
  • Microorganisms break down food waste.
  • Reduced noise with SoundSeal technology.
  • 3/4 horsepower Dura-Drive motor.
  • Durable parts.


  • Larger than the average garbage disposal system.

8 Kitchenaid (84211643) KCDB250G 1/2 HP Continuous-Feed Garbage Disposal

Next on our list is this KitchenAid garbage disposal which uses a 1/2 horsepower continuous feed design.

A powerful motor for shredding up your leftovers…

Coming in at a very reasonable price, this disposal system includes a heavy-duty 1725 rpm 1/2 horsepower motor which should shred up all your waste food with no issues. The motor is triggered easily by just the flick of a switch, which you can place on your kitchen wall.

Other features include overload protection technology, which will stop you from feeding too much food through the system. Additionally, there is also a manual reset option.

All-in-all we think this is a simple, yet effective garbage disposal which should give you a safe and continuous way of disposing of your food.

Kitchenaid (84211643) KCDB250G 1/2 HP Continuous-Feed Garbage Disposal
Our rating:4.6 out of 5 stars (4.6 / 5)


  • A continuous feed design.
  • 1/2 horsepower 1725 rpm motor.
  • Overload protection technology.
  • Manual reset.


  • Produces some noise.

9 General Electric GFC520V Continuous Feed Disposal

Now we introduce the General Electric GFC520V garbage disposal system, which has a very spacious capacity and utilizes a 1/2 horsepower motor.

A heavy grinder…

If you’re looking to get a powerful system to grind your food waste, this General Electric comes with a 1/2 horsepower motor which rotates at an intense 2800 rpm.

Also, this garbage disposal has an excellent capacity, which is useful if you usually deal with large quantities of food waste. The turntable on this is made with high-grade galvanized steel and also features a straightforward power cord connection. An additional feature includes a removable protective screen, which you can easily wash. Plus, the blades on this are designed not to jam easily.

Finally, it’s worth mentioning that this disposal should be easy to install, with a mounting system included.

General Electric GFC520V Continuous Feed Disposal
Our rating:4.2 out of 5 stars (4.2 / 5)


  • High Capacity.
  • 1/2 horsepower 2800 rpm motor.
  • Removable protective screen.
  • Easy to install.


  • Produces some noise.

10 Waste King Knight A1SPC Garbage Disposal

With a special silencer technology included, next, we have the Waste King Knight garbage disposal system which works effectively with just a power cord.

This sleek-looking design utilizes a high-speed 1 horsepower motor that rotates at an impressive 2800 rpm. The motor is muffled with a special noise-insulating design.

Adaptable to most sink set-ups…

One great aspect of this garbage disposal is that it is designed to fit various sink types. So installation shouldn’t be too much hassle. If you are changing over from another garbage disposal brand, this Waste King should fit in its place quite easily. Also, due to this disposal using just a power cord, there is no need to mess around with electrical wiring or to hire an electrician for installation.

The Waste King  Knight comes with very strong steel parts for grinding up your leftover food and should be reliable over a long period. The fact that Waste King has given a lifetime warranty with this product, stands testament to their confidence in this design.

Waste King Knight A1SPC Garbage Disposal
Our rating:4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5)


  • Uses a silencer for noise reduction.
  • Rapid 2800rpm 1 horsepower motor.
  • Adaptable to mount with most kitchen sinks.
  • Simple power cord set-up.
  • Strong and long-lasting parts.
  • Includes a lifetime warranty!


  • It’s quite a large garbage disposal set-up.

Best Garbage Disposal Buying Guide

Now we’ve run through our 10 best garbage disposal choices. We’d like to give you a little bit of advice on how to choose the perfect one for your particular needs.

Keep It Quiet

Most of you are probably looking for a disposal with a quieter grinding mechanism, which cana obviously be annoying at louder volumes. There are many great choices we can suggest from our list, including most of the InSinkErator models we’ve reviewed with their SoundSeal technology.

However, our favorite noise-reducing garbage disposal has to be the…

Waste King Knight A1SPC

…with its well-designed silencer. While many of the others reduce noise pretty well, we think the Waste King does silencing most effectively. The only downside to this Waste King model is that it is quite large, and you would need enough space for installation.

Smaller Spaces

If you need a garbage disposal that will fit into a smaller kitchen sink area, the…

InSinkErator Badger 5

…has been made smaller than the average system. The Badger 5 is designed to fit well into smaller spaces. But will also give you all the great features that InSinkErator disposals usually possess.

Grinding Power

Maybe you’re not too bothered about noise, and you have plenty of space to install a garbage disposal? It could be that you want a disposal that is highly effective at doing its job, without blockages?

We think the most powerful and effective garbage disposal on our list is the…

InSinkErator Essential XTR

…with its incredibly powerful 3/4 horsepower motor in place. It has a two-step grinding process that’s powered by its Dura-Drive motor to make for a very capable machine.

We do also like the Moen GXS75C GX Series for its powerful grinding but as a more budget option. The Moen also has a 3/4 horsepower motor in place to really shred your food waste properly.

So What’s The Best Garbage Disposal?

Out of all the garbage disposal options we’ve looked at, the best all-round option we would choose for the home is the…

Waste King Knight A1SPC Garbage Disposal

This system is an affordable option that offers all the features and benefits of a great garbage disposal system.

We also liked all of the InSinkErator models included in this review because the designs are to a very high standard. The noise reduction technology included with InSinkErator garbage disposals is very impressive. Plus, they have a great brand reputation and offer good customer service and warranties on their products.


We have been thoroughly impressed with all the new technology that’s incorporated into household garbage disposal set-ups. Gone are the days when you have to worry about overly loud grinding noises coming from the kitchen garbage disposal.

With all our carefully chosen options, we’re sure any disposal from our list will serve you well for years to come. Just remember to check the length of the warranty, make sure you install the machine properly, and regularly clean and maintain your machine.

We hope you’ve found this review useful and that you’ll free up some precious time by opting for a very convenient garbage disposal solution.

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