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Top 6 Best Jeep Winches On The Market In 2021 Reviews

Jeep winches are pulling devices for your jeep. They are not as simple as they sound, though. They have their own mechanism and own way to work. Not everyone may need it all the time.

However, if you have a jeep, it is a good idea to keep one. These winches help in pulling the jeep from difficult terrains. They are also suitable to help tow a car out of difficulty. To get the best jeep winches, you need to have the knowledge.

In this article, we will help you get the right aspects of knowledge regarding jeep winches. We will introduce you to the best on the market with their comparison and details so you can see what the brands offer.

Moreover, the buying guide will help you with focus points to help achieve a checklist of the right corners to grab. Read until the end to see which one stands out to us.

best jeep winches

Best Jeep Winches Comparison Table

ProductsLength of ropeHorsepower of motorLift pull rangeRating
Length of rope
55 inches
Horsepower of motor
1.6 HP
Lift pull range
4500 pounds
4.5 out of 5 stars (4.5 / 5)
Length of rope
10 inches
Horsepower of motor
6.6 HP
Lift pull range
10,000 pounds
4.7 out of 5 stars (4.7 / 5)
Length of rope
100 feet
Horsepower of motor
Un specified
Lift pull range
10,000 pounds
4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5)
Length of rope
94 feet
Horsepower of motor
6.6 HP
Lift pull range
9500 pounds
4.6 out of 5 stars (4.6 / 5)
Length of rope
50 feet
Horsepower of motor
1.2 HP
Lift pull range
3000 pounds
4.6 out of 5 stars (4.6 / 5)
Length of rope
80 feet
Horsepower of motor
4.8 HP
Lift pull range
8000 pounds
4.6 out of 5 stars (4.6 / 5)

Top 6 Best Jeep Winches In 2021 Reviews

1 Super Winch 1145220 Terra 45 Winch

The Super Winch 1145220 Terra is one of a kind. This jeep winch is popular among the users and they claim it is one of the best Jeep Winches on the market. This winch is specific to jeeps, which helps in the precision and functionality.

Let us take a deeper look to see if that makes it the best one.

The first thing is the pulling capacity…

To judge if a jeep winch is suitable for you needs the pulling capacity is important. This helps to see if your jeep is a suitor for this winch. The pulling range on this winch reaches about 4500 pounds. Keeping in mind a standard weight of jeeps, this winch will work fairly well.

But how does it pull?

The pulling reaches perfection with the rope. The rope is 55 feet long. The material of the rope is steel with a thickness of ¼ feet. This calculates to about three inches of thickness. The rope has a layer of weather protection to ensure it becomes unreliable just because of a few drops from the sky or otherwise. The rope attaches to the motor to run smoothly in this machine.

How does that work?

The machine is an integral part of the winch. This motor is highly efficient that does not draw many amps. The machine works at about 1.6 horsepower magnet motor. The magnet motor helps carry the load without any problems. Moreover, the motor ensures an easy and instant break without damaging the vehicle.

There is more…

One of the best parts about this machine is the motor. Besides all the other features, this machine has a circuit breaker fit in. The breaker helps the machine from damaging because of electricity. Moreover, it ensures durability and reliability.

Super Winch 1145220 Terra 45 Winch
Our rating:4.5 out of 5 stars (4.5 / 5)


  • HP magnet motor to pull.
  • Holds about 4500 pounds easily.
  • Heavy steel weatherproof 3-inch thick rope.
  • 55 feet of rope.
  • Circuit breaker.


  • Does not have a remote switch.
  • Might fail in super rough terrains.

2 Smitty Bilt X20 Comp Winch

The heavy-duty Smitty Bilt X20 Winch works in an l kind of fashion for the consumers. They claim to love and make it one of the best jeep winches on the market. Let us dive deep to see if this has features to backup consumer claims…

Load capacity

The rate line pull of this winch is about 10000 pounds. This is more than many others out there. The machine pulls the vehicle effortlessly and it weighs about 99 pounds. This winch is able to do it with high-quality rope.

Let us see what the rope brings to the table…

The rope is a synthetic material. It is quite reliable with the features it brings. This rope is weatherproof to ensure it does not rust, corrode, or lose its strength overtime. The hawse fairlead on the rope helps the rope from wearing down. Moreover, it helps keep the rope from damage.

How does the rope pull?

The rope pulls the vehicle through the machine which is the main part of the winch to help pull through. The motor is an amphibious one. This type of motor works on land and water. The horsepower on this motor is 6.6 to make it stronger than ever.

There is more…

The winch has additional features too. The hardware is stainless steel to last a lifetime. Moreover, the dynamic braking system helps in safe and reliable brakes. The mounting options are solenoid to add more strength to the machine.

The cherry on top is a remote control that works remotely from the machine.

Smitty Bilt X20 Comp Winch
Our rating:4.7 out of 5 stars (4.7 / 5)


  • 6 HP motor.
  • Synthetic waterproof rope.
  • Works with remote control as well.
  • Holds up to 10,000 pounds of weight.
  • Solenoid mounting.


  • 10 feet rope only.
  • Does not have a circuit breaker.

3 Warn 92815 Zeon Winch

The Warn 92815 Zeon Winch is another heavy-duty winch, especially for jeeps. This winch works wonders because of the ability to work through the toughest terrains. However, only this feature is not suitable to make it the best.

Let us look at the product in deeper depth to see the features it contains.

The body is a stainless-steel hardware body and has a powder black satin finish. This finish is not only for aesthetics. It helps the winch against corrosion. Other parts are aluminum, which helps add more stability and strength on the machine.

What about the rope?

The rope is a unique Spydura synesthetic rope. This is perfect for rough and heavy use. It is stronger than regular synthetic ropes because of the molecular placement. The rope extends to about 100 feet. It is also waterproof with IP68 certification for satisfaction. The strength of the rope helps the machine increase the pull-through rate.

The aluminum hawse fairlead helps the rope from any unnecessary damage. The Winch has the ability to hold about 10,000 pounds easily. No matter what the jeep or terrain type, the machine easily pulls the vehicle with reliability.

To help with easy braking, this winch has a steel sleeve- in – drum. This feature helps the brake faster and reliable without shock.  This is not your regular winch and is faster than many others. The pull speed from the motor is about 44 feet per minute. This process also works with remote control.

You will learn about the remote control here…

The remote control is like nothing you have seen before. This control has an LCD screen. It gives you readings of the winch motor temperature, vehicle battery strength, clutch status, and many more. It helps the process become easier, faster, and safest.

Warn 92815 Zeon Winch
Our rating:5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)


  • Pulls about 10,000 pounds or lesser.
  • Spydura synthetic rope of 100 feet.
  • Advanced remote control.
  • Aluminum fairlead hawse on the rope.
  • Corrosion-resistant body.
  • Extra fast speed.


  • Does not have a circuit breaker.

4 Smitty Bilt Gen 2 Xrc Winch

Another one of the Smitty Bilt Winch is on our list for the best Jeep Winches. This winch is slightly different from the other. However, it is equally beloved to users. Let us see what the features hold in this for us.

Beginning with the body of this winch…

The winch has a body of heavy stainless steel with a powder coating. The body is about 8 pounds only. It is waterproof and Solenoid to ensure you can use it anywhere you like. The body gives a nice foundation for the rope to pull.

Speaking of the rope…

The rope on this winch is waterproof. The material of the rope is a wire rope. This helps pull about 9500 pounds without any problems. The motor backs up to rope to bring this strength. More about the motor in a while.

The rope size is about 94 feet. The thickness stands with a diameter at about 0.3 inches.

About the motor….

This motor gives about 6.6 HP easily. The strength and waterproof features make it suitable to use anywhere on almost all kinds of jeeps. The mounting is easy with a heavy-duty mounter.

To help ensure the process is smooth, the brakes are automatic in-drum brakes.

There is more…

You can use this winch with remote control. The remote control has a wire of about 12 feet lead. This control helps you work with the winch from a safe distance.

The winch also has a free pool to drum pool switch. With this feature, you can easily hook it up without turning on the motor. Switch the button again to work with the remote control easily.

Overall, this winch works pretty well for all kinds of jeeps. It is somewhat compact too so, that it stays in without causing bulk.

Smitty Bilt Gen 2 Xrc Winch
Our rating:4.6 out of 5 stars (4.6 / 5)


  • 6 HP motor.
  • Synthetic rope of about 94 feet.
  • Works with remote control of 12 feet cable.
  • Pulls 9500 pounds with ease.


  • Not resistant to corrosion or rust.
  • The rope seems too thin.

5 Super Winch 1130220 Winch

Another great winch on our list for best jeep winches on the market is the Super Winch. This winch is slightly different from the former one. However, the features look promising and the reviews are very satisfactory. Let us look and dissect this in complete depth to fund out what this has to offer to us.

First, the body….

The body of this winch is heavy-duty. However, it weighs only about twenty pounds. The lightweight helps focus more on the pull than the weight of the machine. The real deal here is the rope and the material.

Let us discuss the rope…

The rope is a heavy-duty wire on this winch. It is 50 feet long to ensure you can reach at a safe distance. The rope length also helps protect the bulk on the winch. The rope is strong enough to easily pull about 3000 pounds on the jeep. However, the motor is the real hero behind the rope.

Standing at about 1.2 horsepower of magnet motor, this motor pulls through easily. It works with a circuit breaker to ensure unnecessary damages do not occur or circuit shocks in the machine. With sealed Solenoid, this motor gives more strength to the winch.

The automatic load-holding brakes help keep the machine from receiving instant shocks.

One of the best things about this motor is it does not draw many amps. In fact, this is why it is so reliable in terms of power too.


To help easily work with this winch, there is a remote control that is simple and easy to use. Moreover, this control has a lead of about 12 feet, which allows you to stay at a safe distance and work with the winch.

Super Winch 1130220 Winch
Our rating:4.6 out of 5 stars (4.6 / 5)


  • Magnet motor does not draw amps.
  • Works with a remote control of 12 feet cable.
  • Steel wiring rope.
  • Load holding brakes help release shock.
  • Lightweight and bulk-free machine.


  • Not a very long cable.
  • Does not hold a lot of weight.

6 Warn 26502 Winch

This Warn winch is one of its kind because of its reliability. However, it is slightly different from the other Warn winches. This is not a universal built to before you get this machine, make sure to see if it fits on your jeep model.

Let us talk about the body…

This winch is not your average winch. It is a low-profile body with a low-profile design. It is compact and has many different mounting options. The body is resistant to chipping with the powder coating on it. The powder coating helps it look neat and clean.

About the pull…

The pull is the most efficient way to see if the winch is perfect for your use. The lift rate on this machine is about 8000 pounds with a single line. The rope has a huge part to play in the perfect lift. The thickness of this 80 feet long rope varies according to your choice.

It has a fairlead hawse to ensure it does not go through unnecessary damage and strain.

What about the motor?

The motor is the heart of the rope. It gives all the energy to ensure the rope can pull with utmost confidence. This motor has about 4.8 horsepower to provide that strength.

This machine works easily with remote control. It has a cable length of about 12 feet for convenience and safety.

Overall, this winch is suitable to ensure your jeep has the perfect pull. It makes its way into your jeep easily.

Warn 26502 Winch
Our rating:4.6 out of 5 stars (4.6 / 5)


  • 8 HP motor.
  • 80 feet long wiring rope with different thicknesses.
  • 8000 pounds lift rate.
  • Works with a remote control of 12 inches cable.


  • It is not weatherproof.
  • Needs lubrication very often.

Best Jeep Winches Buying Guide

Getting the best jeep winches is very important. Winches are heavy-duty machines that need to have reliability. These do a lot of lifting and pulling. In this buying guide, we will tell you about the features of focus.

Follow this guide to help you get the best jeep winches for your needs.

Rated Line Pull

The Rated line pull in any winch is the power of its pull. In short, what weight works on the winch is the question. Many jeeps do not measure a lot. However, pulling power is not only about the weight of the vehicle. It is also about smoothness.

best jeep winch

You can get something like 4500 pounds and be good to go. However, if you want added smoothness in the process and more reliability then we recommend going over at least 8000 pounds.

The best way to find out the range is to multiply the weight of your jeep by 1.5 and you will get the right result.


The rope is of course very important. These ropes are not generic fabric ropes you can use. They are, especially for heavy-duty tasks. Needless to say, these are an important focal point.

There are two types of ropes you can use. The first is the wire rope. This type of rope is usually steel material and has several wires in braids to increase strength. These ropes are long-lasting but they can get quite rusty with time.

The second type of rope is synthetic. This is more modern and popular. This rope works wonders in water but it is not exactly safe from the weather.

If either of the material has an additional feature of weatherproofing the rope, you can choose that over anything else.

Coming to the size of the rope…

The size of the rope is another important aspect. Many brands offer smaller sizes that work too. However, the bigger the size, the better the pull. Anything can happen to the rope while pulling. Make sure you have extra to back up the hurdles.


To ensure the rope is worthwhile, you need to make sure the motor that powers in horsepower units, works well. The best kind of motors provides the highest power. We recommend something over 4.5 HP.

jeep winch

High power motors can also increase the speed and make the performance better. Even though the low power ones work great, they may cause hurdles.

The power also depends on the machine altogether. The weight you opt for helps the motor’s power as well. It all comes down to your choice and needs in the end. Nevertheless, we recommend getting the highest HP you can find for the best results.


Many brands ignore this factor. However, some of them have their focus on this and we recommend those. Having your winch and its parts waterproof means you can work them in water and even outside water. They do not rust or weaken with time because of the weather.

Some of the weatherproof ones also help in reducing the times you have to lubricate the machine.

Remote Control

Almost all winches use remote controls. However, you need to ensure the cable is long. This feature allows you to maintain a safe distance.

We recommend at least 12 feet for the standard length.


After reading this article, you might have a better idea of the kind of jeep winch you need. There are several focus features to help you get the right one. Keeping in mind all the focus features in the buying guide, we have our own winner.

For us, the winner is the Warn 92815 Zeon Winch. The Warn Zeon winch is truly heavy- duty and works well to pull about 10,000 pounds easily. It has a very advance remote-control system that helps with many readings. The motor on this winch helps further make things better by increasing the speed. Imagine lifting to 44 feet per minute. The 100 feet long synthetic rope makes this possible.

Do you agree with our decision about the best jeep winches? Which one do you use? What are your focus features when getting a jeep winch?

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