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Top 10 Best Macerating (Upflush) Toilets In 2022 Detailed Reviews

Welcome to our post on macerating/upflush toilet reviews! Some of you might not have heard about a macerating toilet and you might find it a bit difficult to comprehend.

Well, the primary idea that works behind this toilet is it operates against gravity. Such a toilet enables you to place your toilet right underneath a drain line and going beyond your cruel plumbing system.

In sewage terms, maceration is the reduction of solid waste into tiny pieces. It is useful in dealing with rags and various solid wastes. A macerating toilet reduces human waste by blending or grinding into something slurry. This slurry material then pumps through the sewage lines easily keeping the flow better.

Now, there are different brands who have their macerating or upflush toilets on the market. Choosing the best one can be a bit overwhelming task. So we have developed the top 10 macerating toilets reviews for you.

So let’s get on with it!

Top 10 Best Macerating (Upflush) Toilets In 2022 Detailed Reviews

Top 10 Best Macerating Toilets In 2022 Reviews

1 Saniflo SaniPLUS Toilet

The Saniflo presents the SaniPlus system, which is the most useful system to install the sewer line up to 15 feet and 150 feet away from a soil stack. Due to the efficient design of this Macerating toilet, you can connect it with any sink, SaniPlus Macerating toilet, shower, and bath. It has only four connections that are required for its installation and make it easy to install.

Additionally, the SaniPlus toilet is comprised of a motor and a pressure chamber. The motor has stainless steel blades that help to drive it in a proper way and a pump. A pressure chamber is used for starting and stopping the unit.

What’s the real story … when you activate the flush, the water flows into the SaniPlus that activates a microswitch in a pressure chamber for starting the motor.

The organic waste and water matter enter the chamber that reduced to the slurry while rotation of macerator blades is 3600 RPM. The solids are reduced to be ejected due to centrifugal force and picked up in the container where impeller pump is mounted beneath the motor. The pump operates at 10-PSI and affluent more than to 12 feet or 150-feet horizontally.

Saniflo SaniPLUS Toilet
Our rating:4.1 out of 5 stars (4.1 / 5)

  • The four connections enhance its functionality.
  • The motor rotates its blade at 3600 RPM that enhances the performance of Saniflo toilet.
  • The company offers you a 2-year warranty.
  • The SaniPlus system reduces the complexity of the installation process and makes it easy to configure by using the four connections.
  • It is hard to find separate connection parts to replace them.
  • Low level of water in the water tank of the macerating toilet.

2 Saniflo SaniCompact Toilet

The self-contained SaniCompact toilet can fit into the narrow areas where you find difficult to fit a conventional toilet. Modern designed macerating toiler is incredibly water efficient, which use only one gallon of water per flush. You can install the pumping up vertically more than 9-feet and horizontally 100-feet.

Furthermore, it is ideal for green conscious people who want to save water and for users who have physical limitation wanting easy access to a toilet. You can easily install this Macerating toilet in numerous locations such as a basement, ground floor, upper floor, loft, or attic, and even in a garage.

It can also handle the effluent from a sink and toilet. A non-return valve is pre-assembled in a macerating toilet that prevents the backflow of water to the unit.

But there is a catch … it does not need a toilet tank as the flushing action as well as the macerating pump. The automatic pump cycle works after pushing the air switch button that is placed on the top of the bowl. It has an electronically timed flushing mechanism for permitting about 1-gallon of water to pass.

Saniflo SaniCompact Toilet
Our rating:4.1 out of 5 stars (4.1 / 5)

  • It has a non-return valve that is pre-assembled on the elbow discharge for preventing backwater flow into the unit.
  • The company provides you to enjoy 2-year warranty.
  • Highly water efficient that only uses one gallon of water per flush.
  • Modern design is ideal for small spaces.
  • The neoprene and stainless steel construction make it more reliable, durable, and versatile.
  • It has a pump cycle that works automatically after pressing the air switch button.
  • You will face some leakage flaw in plastic molds.

3 Saniflo SaniAccess 2 Toilet

The SaniAccess 2 is another macerating compact toilet that permits you to fit it in a half bathroom. The round toilet kit is consists of the macerating pump, toilet bowl, and toilet tank.

When you are going to pick a compact toilet for your home or office then you can choose it because it offers two shapes like round and elongates. However, the elongate is the more compatible and famous macerating toilet. The white finishes layer enhances the look of this unit.

Moreover, the Saniflo constructs the SaniAccess 2 toilet by using vitreous material that makes it more durable and versatile. The water consumption of this unit is about 1.28 GPF. It means that you can use 1.28 GPF WaterSense toilet facilities. The motor of the macerating toilet uses 120-V, 60 Hz, and a maximum of 4.5 Amps.

At first look of SaniAccess 2 unit, you might think that it is hard and difficult to install. How can you actually use this … you do not have to do a lot for installation.

The four connections are necessary for its configuration such as a toilet tank, macerator pump, another pump, and macerator unit. You have to connect the toilet tank to water supply, macerator pump to rear discharge toilet, pump to discharge pipe and macerator unit to the electrical supply.

Saniflo SaniAccess 2 Toilet
Our rating:4.7 out of 5 stars (4.7 / 5)

  • The use of vitreous material makes it highly durable and easy to clean.
  • The company provides you a 1-year warranty.
  • You can fit this small sized macerating toilet in tight spots.
  • The four connections make it easy and simple to install.
  • It is available in a complete round kit.
  • It is not suitable for disabled people.
  • The Saniflo does not offer a dual-flush mechanism.

4 Saniflo SaniBest Pro Toilet

If you are looking for heavy duty, quiet, easy to install, and adjustable macerating toilet then the SaniBest Pro toilet is ideal for you. You can fit it in your bathroom more than 18-feet below the sewer line and away from a soil stack up to 150 feet.

You can install it with multiple parts such as bath, sink, washing machine, shower, and with this SaniBest Pro toilet.

How can you actually use this … you have to use only four connections such as toilet tank and macerator pumps.

The toilet tank connects to the water supply, a pump to the spigot of an outlet horizontal toilet, a pump connects with a discharge pump, and the last macerating pump connects with the electrical supply.

In addition to that, the SaniBest Pro consists of a pressure chamber that helps to start and stop the main unit. The stainless steel motor blades are rotated at 3600 rpm.

Saniflo SaniBest Pro Toilet
Our rating:3.9 out of 5 stars (3.9 / 5)

  • The stylish designed macerating toilet is ideal to connect with any sink, any bath, shower, SaniBest toilet, and any washing machine.
  • Easy to install.
  • The heavy-duty material is used to construct superior Upflush toilet that enhances the look, reliability, functionality, and durability.
  • When the flush unit activates, the water flows into this unit for activating a microswitch.
  • The manufacturer provides a 2-year warranty for replacement and repair purposes.
  • The motor rotates the blades at 3600 RPM for minimizing the slurry.
  • It is loud at the time flushing.
  • Few plastic parts are not long-lasting.

5 Saniflo SaniPlus 2-Piece Toilet

The Saniflo constructs the elongated Upflush toilet with white glaze and finish. This 2-piece SaniPlus toilet is easy to use and install. You can connect it with any sink, SaniPlus 2-piece macerating toilet, bath, and any shower. It requires only four connections for its installation such as a toilet tank and three other pumps.

What’s the real story … you have to connect the toilet tank to water supply, a pump to discharge pipe, macerator unit to an electrical supply, and macerator pump to rear discharge toilet.

A pressure chamber starts and stops the main unit and stainless steel motor blades rotated at 3600 RPM. At the time of activating the flush unit, the water flows into this unit for activating a microswitch as well.

Additionally, the pump of the SaniPlus 2-piece Upflush toilet works at 10 PSI as well as pumps the affluent more than 12-feet or 150-feet horizontal. It also discharges the gray wastewater from multiple other sanitary fixtures like a bath, a urinal, a hand basin, and a bidet. The Company also gives you manufacturer 2-year warranty for replacing and repairing.

Saniflo SaniPlus 2-Piece Toilet
Our rating:3.9 out of 5 stars (3.9 / 5)

  • You can connect this unit with any shower, bath, Upflush toilet, and any sink.
  • A pressure chamber helps to start and stop the main unit and a motor helps to drive the blades and the pumps.
  • The SaniPlus 2-Piece Upflush toilet also discharges the gray wastewater from sanitary fixtures like a bidet, a hand basin, a urinal.
  • No technical skill is required to install this unit.
  • It is not available in a round shape.
  • You can just purchase white color Saniflo Upflush because it does not offer a variety of color.

6 Lift Assure Toilet

The Lift Assure toilets are cost-effective to convert any space into a bathroom. It has built-in inlets, which permits you to attach both a shower/tub and sink.

The best part is … it offers two flush options such as half and full. You can use half-flush and full flush features by pressing the button that placed on the top of the toilet tank.

On the other hand, these flushes system is cost effective and saves water as well. How can you actually use this … you can choose how much water is required to plush whether you are flushing liquid or solid.

That’s not all. . . A smooth closing hinge increases the life of the lid. Lift Assure Upflush toilet offers backflow protection.

The manufacturer designed the three-step improved macerating pump that increases the reliability of the toilets. The waste drained into the unit along with strong suction. The pump consumes 800-W. it consists of a self-contained and more powerful pump that is easily available for maintenance purposes. The installation process is very easy and quickly where no need to break home concrete.

Lift Assure Toilet
Our rating:2.3 out of 5 stars (2.3 / 5)

  • You can choose the amount of water for flushing the liquid and solid that helps to save water.
  • This kit is ideal for DIY installer where there is no need to break the concrete in your office and home.
  • You can install it in your home, office, garage, basements, banks, and many other spaces.
  • The built-in pump consumes 120 volts and you can plug it into any standard outlet.
  • This space-saving round shape toilet has 24-inch depth and 15-3/4-inch width.
  • The quality of pumps has less durability.

7 ASCENTII-RSW Liberty Pump Toilet

The manufacturer has designed the superior Upflush toilet by using vitreous and offers a 3-year warranty. It consumes 20% less water as compared to standard toilets, which makes it WaterSense certified.

The performance of this toilet is superior and no extra care and maintenance is required. This is most smother toilet because it uses multiple technologies.

Furthermore, it works on Macerating system that is designed for the disposal of human waste along with water and toilet paper. You can also use it with multiple fixtures such as bathtub, shower, sink, and urinal in a bathroom.

The toilet tank uses 1.28 GPF that saves the water. The round shape availability increases the popularity of this toilet.

The ASCENTII-RSW Liberty Pump toilet is used advanced technology that presents the quiet and powerful stainless steel blades. This technology launches the blades before debris enters into cutter basket. It allows you to install vertical and horizontal pipe connections. The length of power cord is 8-feets; macerator consumes 115 volts, macerating uses 60 Hz, and ½ HP.

ASCENTII-RSW Liberty Pump Toilet
Our rating:5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)

  • WaterSense certified unit consumes 20% less water.
  • It works on a macerating system that is created for the clearance of human waste.
  • The water tank of this Upflush toiler uses 1.28 GPF.
  • The vitreous material is used to construct a superior quality toilet that has enhanced durability and reliability.
  • It is only available in white color.

8 Bathroom Anywhere Toilet

Are you living in a place where traditional gravity plumbing is unavailable? If yes then Bathroom Anywhere macerating toilet is perfect for you. It saves money, time, and those messes of fixing or plumbing traditional bathroom.

The best part is … you do not have to worry about noise and backflow issues because the manufacturer presents the quieter up-flushes than your regular toilet.

Additionally, the water usage in rear discharge toilet is about 1.28 GPF that saves the water consumption, as well as the traditional toilet, uses 1.6 GPF. The bowl of this unit is ADA compliant and the bowl contemporary style is designed to match the bathroom décor. The seat of the toilet is also compliant with ADA and according to ANSI standards.

Therefore, the height of the seat is 18.5-inch and the seat closes slowly and smoothly. All the required hardware comes with this complete kit of Upflush toilets. There is no technical skill is required to install a macerating toilet. It does not consume more time because it is easy to install.

Bathroom Anywhere Toilet
Our rating:4.6 out of 5 stars (4.6 / 5)

  • This unit is popular due to its bisque color because other brands are not offering this color.
  • The rear discharge bowl uses 1.28 GPF that saves the water as compared to traditional toilets.
  • You don’t have to worry about the noise and backflow issues, it is a quieter macerating toilet.
  • The company provides you 3-year limited manufacturer warranty
  • The seat is compliant with ADA and ANSI standards whereas the bowl is ADA compliant only.
  • It is only available in elongated shape but other macerating toilets come in both round and elongated shape.

9 ASCENTII-ESW Liberty Pumps Toilet

The Liberty Pumps designed the advance ASCENTII Upflush toilet system that shows high efficiency with a 1.28 GPF. You can install it anywhere but ideal for bathroom remodeling and additions without breaking concrete floors.

That’s not all. . . It can pump vertically more than 25-feet and 150-feet horizontally through a discharge 1-inch pipe. This is the most popular, unique, versatile, and durable product of Liberty Pumps.

In addition to that, the manufacturer uses enhanced RazorCut technology. This technology improves the maceration of waste. The company also offers a removable service panel, which offers speedy access to the cutter area. This panel can work without disconnecting the plumbing. It is accessible in elongated and round front shapes. It uses 1.28 GPF that is the best source of saving water because in the traditional toilet 20% more water is used at per flush.

Plenty of other features make it perfect for enhancing the bathroom interior decoration. These features include a built-in alarm, IST solid switching state, and LED lights. A touchpad is also placed externally for alarm silence as well as a manual override. It shows superior performance due to the WaterSense mark.

Last but not least … the Liberty Pump provides you macerating toilet along with the seat.

ASCENTII-ESW Liberty Pumps Toilet
Our rating:3.8 out of 5 stars (3.8 / 5)

  • Available in two shapes; frond round and elongated.
  • Advance RazorCut technology improves the maceration of waste.
  • This high efficient Upflush toilet consumes 1.28 GPF.
  • Suitable for your bathroom remodeling and additions without breaking the concrete floor.
  • ASCENTII-ESW toilet is equipped with a LED light, IST solid switching state, and built-in alarm, which presents the unique and enhanced macerating toilet.
  • The built-in alarm system does not perform long-lasting functionality.

10 Thetford Marine Toilet

Thetford Marine macerating toilets are the best toilet that you can install in your bathroom. It offers multiple worthy features and superior quality to you in fewer prices. Therefore, we can say it is cost effective Upflush toilet. You can install the compact sized Thetford Marine macerating toilet in small places with ease.

Moreover, flushing and turbine technology also enhance the worth of it. These technologies generate a powerful clog-resistant flush. The cleaning of the Upflush toilet is also much easy.

You can also choose a silent flush operation option that does not make a lot of noise. This is energy and water efficient because it consumes less water and power.

That is not all … Thetford toilet comes with a complete kit that includes ECO switch, Pressure 38670 Water System, and 38679 Raw Water System. This electric Upflush toilet uses 12V and you can install it in any tight spot comfortably.

The manufacturer uses the vitreous to construct the main unit as well as uses superior quality plastic material to design seat and lid. The lid also closes smoothly that increases the durability of the seat.

Thetford Marine Toilet
Our rating:4.6 out of 5 stars (4.6 / 5)

  • This electric macerating toilet consumes 12v and 1.28 GPF that makes it energy efficient and water saving toilet.
  • The Company provides you a 2-Year warranty.
  • It does not generate a lot of noise due to silent flushing technology.
  • The vitreous and plastic material is used to present superior quality Upflush toilet.
  • It is only accessible in white color.

Best Macerating Toilet Buying Guide

You need to know what features you should consider before buying such a toilet. For this reason, we have developed this guide for your assistance and to prevent you from overspending.

Max Operation Depth

Since upflush toilet operates differently as compared to the regular toilets, you need to assess an important element. If your sewage lines are at elevation the discharge of the flush must work upwards for optimal results. Therefore the toilet needs to have the maximum depth. For this reason, it is the best idea to install this toilet in basements.

Now if you want to install this toilet a level below the ground level then you will need to get something upwards about 15 feet. On the safe side, you should go for a toilet that can support more than 15 feet. In such a way you will get the max operation depth and the extra distance will be the added advantage.

Supported Distance

From the following example, if the max depth operation is 15 feet, the ground level distance might be higher. The discharge not only has to go up but far enough across the system to join the sewage line too.

For this reason, you have to know how much distance does a unit support. If you don’t consider this then your toilet will end up clogging. It will also halt the macerator to function properly.

Gallons Per Flush Or GPF

Whichever, toilet you consider it is important for you to consider its GPF or gallons per flush unit. This unit tells us about water consumption if the toilet seat. At decent standards, 1.6 GPF is a good rating because macerating toilets are a bit economical as compared to their regular counterparts.

If you want to save your water consumptions then you need fewer GPF which is good for the environment too.

Macerating Pump

It is important that you choose a macerating toilet with a highly efficient pump. Always have a look at the specifications of the model that you are considering. The specifications that you need to consider include amperage, voltage, and horsepower, etc. the construction of the seals also matter a lot. Stainless steel is, of course, one of the strongest options for you to consider.

This means that if your toilet has steel macerator blades then they are useful. As there are different types of discharges that these blades will handle, their robustness is going to count a lot. However, you still need to maintain your toilet properly.


Macerating toilets are the easiest to install but you still need to have plenty of experience and skills in this area. You will need an electrical outlet along with a supply of water. If you are including your entire bathroom then the whole process is going to take about a day to complete.

On the other hand, if you are a plumbing enthusiast yourself and also have experience in bathroom renovations then you will not take much time to install it.

Different Types & Styles Of Bowls

There are two different categories of macerating toilets; 2-piece toilets and 1-piece toilets. 2-piece toilets allow you to replace your bowl and tank individually. This is not possible in a 1-piece model.

However, 2-piece toilets are not attractive. 1-piece toilets are also an excellent option for cleaning purposes. When it comes to styles of bowls then again there are two types; elongated and round. Elongated bowls tend to take much space but they are far more comfortable than rounded ones.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Install A Macerating Toilet Anywhere?

Yes, you can install a macerating toilet anywhere as long as the sewage lines are at elevated levels. However, for the optimal performance of your macerating toilet you need to install it directly beneath the sewage line and provide it with max operation depth. This way you can prevent your toilet from clogging which is one of the biggest reasons why people hesitate from buying a macerating toilet.

What Is Required For The Installation Of This Toilet?

For the installation of this toilet, of course, you will need the toilet itself, an electrical outlet, a water supply, and a small pipe with diameter from ¾ to 1-inch for discharge. You need someone who is skilled with prior knowledge and experience in the installation of macerating toilets.

To install this, you will not have to tear the floor apart or drop the ceiling and you don’t require any custom gear or equipment as well.

Can We Install A Macerating Toilet On Existing Regular Plumbing Lines?

In case if you have the current plumbing lines that align with the regular one then you can install this model without any issue. If you can’t handle the mess then immediately go for a regular one because your plumbing system works that way. You can opt for a macerating toilet if:

  • You don’t have drain lines underground and you don’t want to tear your house apart.
  • If you want to go for an extra bathroom quickly
  • Maybe you don’t need a permanent toilet for any reason. You can easily move your macerating toilet from one place to another.

What Fixtures Are Included In My Purchase?

The fixtures included in your purchase depending upon the brand from which you are purchases and the style of your toilet. The macerating box is the primary component of these toilets. Apart from that, there are no fixtures that come with a macerating toilet.


Now you have all the necessary information and it is not difficult to choose a suitable macerating toilet. Our Editor declares the SaniPLUS from Saniflo as one of the best macerating toilets that you can find on the market. It comes at a pretty decent price and is fully loaded with features. You also get the option for choosing an elongated bowl along with the extension pipe for wall mount installation. Its pump operates at 10 PSI while it offers you 1.6 GPF rating.

The toilet comes with 2-year warranty and works well for 12-foot of upward flow and 150-foot of horizontal flow. What you need more?

Happy plumbing!

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