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Top 5 Best Motorcycle Jump Starters In 2021 Reviews & Buying Guide

Jump starters are what you use to recharge or boost up a dying or dead battery. You never know what trouble you will run into on the road.

Of course, it’s always better to be safe than sorry. Jump starters are very easy to use, safe and cheap, so there is no excuse for not having one in your toolbox.

We are going to review some of the best motorcycle jump starters in the next section. If you are in the market for one, these products are a good place to start.

Later on, we will discuss what makes a good jump starter and what specifications we need to keep in mind when buying one.

Top 5 Best Motorcycle Jump Starters In 2021 Reviews & Buying Guide

Best Motorcycle Jump Starters Comparison Table

ProductsEngine TypeBattery VoltsAmperesRating
Engine Type
Diesel (3L) and Gasoline (6L)
Battery Volts
12 V
1000 amps
4.6 out of 5 stars (4.6 / 5)
Engine Type
Diesel and Gasoline
Battery Volts
12 V
800 amps
4.3 out of 5 stars (4.3 / 5)
Engine Type
Diesel (8L) and Gasoline (8L)
Battery Volts
12 V
2500 amps
5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)
Engine Type
Diesel (6.5L) and Gasoline (8L)
Battery Volts
12 V
2000 amps
4.6 out of 5 stars (4.6 / 5)
Engine Type
Diesel (6.5L) and Gasoline (7L)
Battery Volts
12 V
2200 amps
4.7 out of 5 stars (4.7 / 5)

Top 5 Best Motorcycle Jump Starters In 2021 Reviews

1 NOCO Boost Plus BG40

BG40 has a 12V lithium-ion battery with a 1000 amp capacity. It is a rechargeable battery connected with jumper cables. You can use it with cars as well as motorcycles.

At its full capacity, it can do 20 jumps. To recharge the battery, there are two USB ports. You can use one to recharge the battery and the other to recharge a phone or tablet. This makes it a multi-purpose device.

It also has a tactical-grade 100 lumen LED flashlight. Lumens measure the brightness of the light. 100 lumens is the normal capacity of a flashlight and it is enough for use in urban areas. The flashlight also has an SOS mode.

You can recharge your dead battery within seconds using this jump starter. For safety, it has spark-proof technology and reverse polarity protection. Reverse polarity protection keeps the device from getting damaged in case you attach the positive and negative clamps to the wrong terminal.

It comes with a storage bag, a one-year warranty, and a micro USB charging cable. It is tested for gasoline engines up to six liters and diesel engines for up to three liters. Using it is very easy; just put the clamps on the right nodes and press the start button.

The lithium batteries have an LED display that shows how much charge it has left. There is a manual override button which you can use if the battery you want to boost is too low to be detected. It removes the device’s auto-detect and safety features.

This is a high-discharge battery, which means it can charge fast, and it has better temperature stability. Therefore, you can use it in any climate.

NOCO Boost Plus BG40
Our rating:4.6 out of 5 stars (4.6 / 5)


  • It has a USB outlet for charging phones and tablets.
  • The 1000 volt capacity can be used for both cars and motorcycles.
  • Its safety features prevent damage to the vehicle.
  • Uses a durable and scratch-resistant casing.
  • It is completely waterproof and lightweight.


2 Schumacher DSR ProSeries DSR109

Capacitors charge and discharge much faster than lithium-ion batteries. Though their capacity for energy storage is less, this jump starter has enough capacitors to jump-start motorcycles.

It takes only two minutes to fully charge and discharge. It is highly durable and can last ten times longer than other jump starters. Its highest current rating is 800 amps. The glow mode allows you to cold start diesel engines. Cold start is when you start your engine when it is not at its normal operating temperature.

There is a USB port on the jump starter as well to charge a power bank, a mobile, or a tablet. It is lightweight, compact, and has a lifespan of about ten years. The safety features include short circuit protection and reverse polarity protection.

Short-circuiting happens when there is too much current flowing through the circuit. It is highly damaging to the battery and engine of the vehicle. Therefore, it is good to have protection in place.

It also comes with safety clamps to connect to the battery terminals. They are red and black color-coded, so you don’t accidentally connect the clamps to the wrong terminal and damage the battery.

It has a microprocessor that controls the operation. But there is an override option that allows the jump starter to charge a battery that is less than eight volts. It is safe to use in temperatures of -40C to 65C.

Schumacher DSR ProSeries DSR109
Our rating:4.3 out of 5 stars (4.3 / 5)


  • It charges extremely fast.
  • The unit will serve for up to ten years
  • It can work in extreme temperatures as well
  • The design is lightweight, compact, and portable
  • Has safety features to protect the battery


  • It does not come with a USB cable.

3 Imazing Portable Car Jump Starter G29

The Imazing jump starter has a high current rating of 2500 amps. It is capable of recharging cars, SUVs, trucks, yachts, and motorcycles. Its power and stability is enough to charge all these safely.

It has six protection modes, namely, reverse polarity protection, short circuit protection, reverse charging protection, low voltage protection, over-voltage protection, and overheat protection.

Reverse polarity will protect if you connect the terminals and clamps to the wrong side and short circuit protection is for when there is a surge of current in the circuit. Fluctuating batteries can cause voltage that is too low or too high. Both can cause damage to the battery. This protection feature turns the battery off in such a scenario.

Sometimes, a running battery can heat up too much. This will decrease the life battery significantly. So the temperature should be within safe limits. Overheat protection will make sure this does not happen.

To charge tablets and phones, etc. it has two USB ports. It has a high current rating so it can charge fast. There is also a flashlight with three modes, i.e., flashlight, SOS, and strobe. In the SOS mode, the light is flashed in short bursts that make the morse code value for SOS. In the strobe mode, the light is produced in regular flashes.

It comes with a charging cable, cigarette lighter adapter, a carry bag, a two-year warranty, and a user manual.

Imazing Portable Car Jump Starter G29
Our rating:5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)


  • Large current capacity and highly versatile.
  • High-tech safety features for protecting the battery.
  • Fast charging dual USB cables.
  • Comes with a smart clamp and USB cable.
  • Has a flashlight in case of an emergency.


  • The cables are very small.

4 DBPOWER Portable Car Jump Starter

Having 2000-amps maximum output makes this a powerful jump starter that can charge almost any vehicle, whether it is a car, bike, van, or boat. It is very compact and lightweight. It weighs no more than 1.35 pounds.

There are seven protection features. It protects against high and low voltage, reverse polarity, high-temperature protection, and short circuit protection. It also notifies when it has been charging for too long. Overcharging can reduce the battery’s life.

It has a normal charging port as well as a smart charging port. The smart charging port is used for the fast charging of phones and other electronics. The clamps have a smart LED for protection, which also has a buzzer for reminding users when the charging is complete.

This jump starter also has a flashlight with three modes, i.e., flashlight, SOS, and strobe. It comes with its semi-hard storage case and a user manual. Operating it is very simple, though. It is rated for 8L petrol engines and 6.5L diesel engines.

DBPOWER Portable Car Jump Starter
Our rating:4.6 out of 5 stars (4.6 / 5)


  • A very high current rating for any vehicle.
  • It can work with any motorcycle engine.
  • It has intelligent safety features that make it durable.
  • You can charge other electronics with it as well.
  • The design is lightweight and portable.


  • The charger does not come with an adapter.

5 T Top Vision G26 Battery Starter

This is one of the jump starters with high enough current that it can start any engine, whether big or small. Its current rating is 2200 amps. It is designed to maintain low temperatures because a high current can lead to a high temperature, which is damaging for the battery.

It uses lithium-ion batteries, and it can jump-start a vehicle within seconds. When it is fully charged, it can jump start up to 50 times. For safety and emergency use, there is a flashlight with SOS and strobe modes.

You can use it as a power bank as well with its two USB outlets. Since the battery is rechargeable, it is highly durable and can be used several times. Its safety features include over current protection, short circuit protection, overload protection, and overcharge protection.

There is an LED display on the jump starter that shows the status of the charge and any errors it might be having. It comes with a charger cable and cigarette lighter converter. It is compact, lightweight, and easy to carry around. The casing is fire-resistant hence making it very sturdy and durable.

T Top Vision G26 Battery Starter
Our rating:4.7 out of 5 stars (4.7 / 5)


  • It can do 50 jump starts in one charge.
  • Has a highly durable and sturdy design.
  • The current rating is high enough for most vehicles.
  • Safety protections in place for an unstable connection.


  • Charging cable is not included.

Best Motorcycle Jump Starters Buying Guide

You need to be careful about what you connect with your motorcycle battery, especially if it is something electric. The wrong equipment can cause a lot of unnecessary damage. We are going to quickly go over the basics of what you need to know.

  • Engine Type

The jump starter will tell you what engine type it is compatible with, i.e., diesel or gasoline. Most of them are compatible with both engines but in different capacities. Before buying the jump starter, you should compare the engine capacity. The capacity is measured in cubic centimeters (CC). A 1000 cc engine has a fuel capacity of one liter.

  • Amperes

Next, you need to check how many amperes the jump starter cable can handle. You should generally go for higher current values because it means the cable is thick, high-quality, and is more versatile.

Best Motorcycle Jump Starters

Jump starters with small current ratings might only be good for some specific motorcycles, but not all. They are also often not stable. Low-quality cables have an unstable current and can cause over-surging. This can result in the motorcycle battery being permanently damaged. For a motorcycle, even 600 amps current will be fine.

  • Battery

Jump starters will come with a battery of their own. The best option for a battery is a lithium battery. They are the best quality, rechargeable, and are widely used in portable electronics. The battery should be at least 12 volts. A high-quality jump starter’s battery will also have LED lights that show you how much charge it has left.

  • Clamps

The clamps are what you connect to the terminals of the motorcycle battery. They complete the circuit and hence play a crucial role. The clamps need to be of high conductivity so that the current can flow easily. At the same time, they need to have proper insulation on the outer side so you can handle them safely.

The clamps should not be loose, or else the current will not flow to the battery, and it can cause some damage. Therefore, the spring of the clamp needs to be tight.

  • Insulation

Insulation is an important component of any electric equipment. For the safety of the user, it is important that the cables are insulated, preferably with polyvinyl chloride or PVC. It is the most used material for electric insulation. It is flexible so you can fold the wires, which protects them from environmental damage.

Benefits of Motorcycle Jump Starters

After reading the reviews, we don’t have to tell you all the benefits jump starters have. They basically pay for themselves. Here are a few things you can add to your list of reasons to buy a jump starter:

  • Safety

If and when your motorcycle decides to give up on you, you have a couple of options. You can gather up some cables lying around your home and connect them to the motorcycle battery and some other battery. This might work, but you might end up accidentally electrocuting yourself or damaging the batteries.

best motorcycle jump starter

Jump starters have both cables and a battery. They are properly insulated for safe use and have safety measures in place for when the current over surges. A good jump starter will have clamps with tight springs so that the connection is never loose. You don’t have to worry about anything. Just make sure the jumper’s battery is fully charged, and the clamps are connected tightly.

  • Ease of Use

There is no complicated procedure for using this device. All you have to do is connect the cables to the motorcycle battery and turn on the power button on the jump starter. Some of them will even show you if there is some error or other problem with the battery so you can turn it off before causing damage. Everything is properly insulated and does not require extra safety measures.

  • Budget-Friendly

Given the job they perform, these devices are very reasonably priced. You don’t have to worry about emptying your wallet to buy them. The batteries are rechargeable, so they are a good and lasting investment.

They are also very versatile. You can use them with other household appliances as well, given that they can handle the jump starter’s voltage and current. With one simple and budget-friendly device, you can actually accomplish a lot.

Types of Motorcycle Jump Starters

Jump starters are of two main types that we will discuss below. They both have the same function, but they operate a little differently.

  • Jump Boxes

Jump boxes are basically portable battery chargers. They are called jump boxes because they are batteries sealed in a box with cables attached to them. The cables are generally permanent and cannot be removed. They don’t require an external power supply and hence can be used when you are not at home. If your vehicle decides to shut down in the middle of the road, a jump box can be a lifesaver.

They cannot charge a completely dead battery, but they can give enough current to start the motorcycle with a dead battery. You can use these to get home or to a mechanic and then get the battery charged because driving with a dead battery is not good for the vehicle.

best motorcycle jump starters guide

  • Plug-in Units

Plug-in units, as the name suggests, need a power outlet to work. They are best for when you need to charge your battery at home. Their advantage is that they can charge even a dead battery. They provide a slow charging rate, which is better for the battery’s life in the long term. However, they have the option for more current and faster charging as well.

Top Brands

There are a lot of companies that make batteries, jumper cables, and jump starters. They can all accomplish the task, but you need the best quality that provides the most stable current. From our search for finding the best jump starters, we have narrowed down the list of best companies as well.

best motorcycle jump starter review


NOCO was started in 1914 as a local tire and battery distributor. It came up with one of the first battery corrosion prevention measures. The company now has a global reach with offices in Hong Kong and the Netherlands.

It makes and designs consumer battery chargers, jump starters, solar panels, and portable power devices.

The chargers are technologically advanced, compact, and completely portable and have multiple voltage options. They also use smart technology that monitors fluctuations in current and temperature and adjusts the charging accordingly.

motorcycle jump starter guide


Tacklife is a newer brand that started in 2015. They make six types of products, i.e., test, measure, and inspect, power tools, hand tools, automotive tools, lawn and garden, and home appliances.

Their jump starters include error notifications, a boost option for fast charging, spark-proof technology for protection, and are versatile. You can connect these jump starters to all types of motorcycle batteries.

They offer a two-year warranty and 30 days money-back guarantee. You can register the product on their website to get the warranty and technical support if needed.


motorcycle jump starters

Gooloo is an R&D company that specializes in making jump starters, quick charge power banks, and their accessories. Their jump starters are for cars, vans, motorcycles, and yachts.

They have a USB port so you can use them to charge your mobiles and tablets as well.

They have smart protection systems in place that prevent short-circuiting, high temperature, high voltage, over-discharge, over-current, and reverse connection. A reverse connection is when you connect the positive and negative clamps on the wrong terminals.

Motorcycle Jump Starters Pricing

The exact price of the jump starter depends on the battery’s voltage and current, along with the technologies used. Many jump starters come with USB cables, storage bags, and have emergency LED lights as well—all of these factors into the price.

A typical motorcycle jump starter lies between $40 and $300, on average. If you don’t have budget constraints, you can go all out and buy expensive models. They have a lot of high-tech specifications and safety features.

Otherwise, budget-friendly jump starters also get the job done. You just need to buy from a well-reputed company. We have made sure to include only the best quality products on our list.


There is no doubt about the usability and advantages of a jump starter. It is a must-have tool, especially if you run into a lot of battery trouble. All of the products on our list have good safety features, high-quality, and budget-friendliness.

Our choice for the best jump starter is the Imazing G29 Portable Jump Starter. It has the highest current rating and has the safety features in place for unstable current and voltage.

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