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Top 7 Best Outdoor Saunas To Afford In 2023 Reviews

Choosing an outdoor sauna is a very natural way to relax and enjoy the heat in your garden or outdoor space, without having to build an extra room or convert an existing room in your home.

Outdoor saunas are also a perfect accompaniment for anyone who has a pool or hot tub outside and wants to “sweat it out” after a cool dip. Plus, outdoor saunas can be much larger than indoor saunas, due to fewer constraints with sizing.

In this article, we will review 7 of the best outdoor saunas we could find on the market. Each choice will give you great value for money, and all of our choices are of very high quality.

So let’s dive straight in and see what’s on offer…

Top 7 Best Outdoor Saunas To Afford In 2023 Reviews

Top 7 Best Outdoor Saunas In 2023 Reviews

1 Cayenne 4-Person Outdoor Sauna

Our first choice is the Cayenne 4-Person Outdoor Sauna, which has a classic cabin look for all the family to enjoy.

Canadian wood…

The Cayenne is built from a very attractive, yet sturdy and resilient Candian Hemlock Wood. It should really stand the test of time with the elements outside, as well as the strain it will encounter from inside. Plus, it shouldn’t be too hard to erect this sauna, due to a tongue and groove construction which is easy to install.

A spacious design…

The Cayenne should fit four people very comfortably inside at one time. Because it’s an outdoor sauna, space isn’t such an issue to think about in the design phase. They’ve also added four backrests for you to use, to make the experience even more relaxing for your friends and family.

Infrared technology…

Additionally, you can take advantage of the 400D infrared technology built into the Cayenne, which spreads heat evenly throughout. As well, there’s a specially made oxygen ionization system built into this sauna that purifies the air you breathe inside.

Finally, there are eight ceramic heaters built-in that all work to rapidly heat your sauna to your desired temperature in minutes. All of these features are protected with a 7-year warranty too, so you won’t have to worry about spending any extra money after purchase.

Cayenne 4-Person Outdoor Sauna
Our rating:4.1 out of 5 stars (4.1 / 5)


  • 4-person capacity.
  • Canadian Hemlock Wood.
  • Resilient and durable tongue and groove construction.
  • Infrared heating.
  • Air purification system.
  • Rapidly heats up.
  • 7-year warranty.


  • No external lights included.

2 Finlandia Outdoor Sauna 4′ x 4′ With Roof Kit

Our second choice is this Finlandia Outdoor Sauna, which is 4 ft by 4ft and includes a roof kit. The whole package is shipped with each section fully insulated and pre-framed, so you don’t have to spend much time putting it all together.

The construction…

Finlandia has gone all out with a fine selection of woods to make this beautiful outdoor sauna. They’ve chosen a Western Red Cedar to panel the inside and a stunning Cedar exterior too. Plus, all the parts and panels have been constructed to the point where you just have to slot everything together.

The door is a great feature because it uses a prehung clear glass, and has strong wooden rails to aid your entry and exit of the sauna. The door itself is 24 inches wide and incorporates V.G. Douglas Fir lamination.

The heating element…

This sauna uses Finlandia’s own JM Sauna Heater to warm up the inside of this beautiful looking sauna. There are simple to use controls built-in too, so you can adjust the temperature accordingly.

In addition, there are some nice extra features such as a P5511 wall light, headrests, video instructions on how to assemble it, and a classic bucket and dipper for adding water onto the heater.

Finlandia Outdoor Sauna 4' x 4' With Roof Kit
Our rating:5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)


  • Pre-framed insulated parts.
  • Western Red Cedar interior.
  • Cedar exterior.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • Headrests.
  • Prehung clear glass door.
  • JM Sauna Heater.
  • Includes a bucket and dipper.


  • You may prefer infrared heating.

3 ALEKO SB5PINECP Finnish White Pine Wet Dry Barrel Sauna

The next sauna is made by Aleko and has a very unique barrel design, which could add charm and interest to your garden, as much as it functions as a sauna.

Made for the family…

With a maximum capacity of 5 persons that can sit in this sauna at one time, the whole family and friends can all sweat it out together. As well, the seating positions, because of the barrel shape, make sitting in this sauna a more sociable experience.

Pine construction…

This sauna comes part preassembled, with a lot of the hard work done already. You just have to piece all the main parts together, but you may need a professional to help with this.

Aleko has selected a very thick White Finnish Pine which is a classic choice for this type of sauna. Well-placed vent-holes have also been added, and there is an optional shingle roof that you can add, though it has to be bought separately.

It’s also good to know that the sauna is CE approved and has been awarded ETL Approved certification.

The heater…

The sauna has a 4.5 kW ETL-approved sauna heater, which can be controlled with a touch-screen panel. You also get stones, a bucket, and a dipper for the proper sauna experience we all know and love.

What’s more, this sauna can be installed inside or outside. Plus, you can choose whether you want to have a wet or dry sauna experience by installing different heating options.

ALEKO SB5PINECP Finnish White Pine Wet Dry Barrel Sauna
Our rating:4.6 out of 5 stars (4.6 / 5)


  • Barrel design.
  • Five person capacity.
  • Social seating arrangement.
  • White Finnish Pine.
  • CE and ETL approved certification.
  • 4.5 kW heater.
  • Suitable for outside/inside.
  • Dry/wet compatible.


  • Might need to hire a professional to help assemble.

4 Finlandia Outdoor Sauna 6′ x 8′ With Starline Skylight Roof

Moving on, let’s take a look at this Finlandia Sauna which is 6ft by 8ft in ground size and features an incredible skylight roof in the design.

Prebuilt parts…

To make life a lot easier, Finlandia delivers you all the sauna parts prebuilt, so you won’t have to spend hours or even days putting countless pieces together.

The main feature of this sauna has to be the amazing skylight roof which is constructed of triple-layer acrylic. The accompanying bronze frame is made to seal completely into the roof so no water can get through.

Quality materials…

The internal material used to make this sauna is a beautiful Western Red Cedar, and the external wood is a high-quality Cedar as well. Inside there are solid benches that come with comfortable headrests, so your family and friends can comfortably enjoy a relaxing outdoor sauna experience.

The door features a prehung clear glass which allows you to see in and out of the sauna easily. There are also well-built rails to open and close the door, and the door has V.G. Douglas Fir lamination.

Extra features…

Additional features include stones, a bucket, and dipper so that you can pour water over the FLB Finlandia Sauna heater which has very intuitive built-in controls.

Finlandia Outdoor Sauna 6' x 8' With Starline Skylight Roof
Our rating:4.6 out of 5 stars (4.6 / 5)


  • Starlight roof with a bronze frame.
  • Prebuilt parts.
  • Internal Western Red Cedar.
  • External Cedar.
  • Headrests.
  • Prehung glass door.
  • V.G. Douglas Fir lamination.
  • FLB Finlandia Sauna heater.


  • You may prefer a closed-off roof.

5 6′ Foot Canadian Outdoor PINE WOOD Barrel Sauna WET / DRY SPA

Next on our list is this 6ft Canadian Outdoor Pine Wood Barrel Sauna, which can be used as a wet or dry sauna, and fits four people.

The barrel design…

Barrel type saunas really look great in the garden and natural surroundings. Plus, the seating arrangement in this barrel sauna will be very sociable as you’ll be sat face to face. And Grade A Canadian Pine is used in the construction.

Plus the walls on this new design have been extended over what used to be a front porch space, to give you more room inside the sauna. There is the choice of having a porch area, however, if requested.

The sauna comes with a thermometer, hydrometer, bucket, dipper and lava rocks. So you’ll be able to enjoy a classic sauna experience – intensifying the heat by adding water to the lava rocks with the dipper.


Some assembly will be required due to the sauna having to be flat packed for shipping. However, the instructions are very straightforward, and the whole process shouldn’t be too complicated or take too long.

Finally, it’s worth mentioning that this sauna has a 1-year warranty – which should be plenty enough time for you to know if all the parts work together well.

6' Foot Canadian Outdoor PINE WOOD Barrel Sauna WET / DRY SPA
Our rating:4.6 out of 5 stars (4.6 / 5)


  • Canadian Pine.
  • Fits four people.
  • Barrel design.
  • Sociable seating and a spacious design.
  • 1-year warranty.


  • Some assembly needed.

6 Canadian Red Cedar 3 Person Outdoor Backyard Sauna, FIR Far Infrared SPA

The next sauna we’re looking at is this Canadian Red Cedar Backyard Sauna, which has a 3-person capacity and uses FIR Far Infrared heating technology.

A compact design…

If you’re searching for a smaller outdoor sauna option, maybe for you and your partner – this could be a great choice. Although it can fit up to 3 people, we think two people will be able to fully enjoy this sauna experience at any one time.

High-quality materials and construction…

If the rain is a concern for you, this sauna has a waterproof shingle roof that looks great as well. Also, the red tiles used to give the sauna a beautiful and classic looking style, which matches the high-quality Canadian Red Cedar wood construction.

This sauna also utilizes high-quality FIR Far infrared heating panels which efficiently give you excellent control over your temperature requirements.

Additional features…

There’s an opportunity for you to enjoy your favorite music in this sauna due to the in-built MP3/Auxiliary audio inputs which can be controlled with a remote. Also, you get ozone generator technology included which keeps the air inside the sauna clean and pure. Plus, there are Chromatherapy LEDs to really set the mood as you sweat it out.

Finally, we should mention there is a 5-year structural warranty and 1-year electrical warranty included in this package.

Canadian Red Cedar 3 Person Outdoor Backyard Sauna, FIR Far Infrared SPA
Our rating:4.6 out of 5 stars (4.6 / 5)


  • Canadian Red Cedar.
  • Waterproof shingle roof.
  • MP3/Auxiliary input.
  • FIR Far infrared panels.
  • Ozone generator technology.
  • Chromatherapy LED.
  • 5-year structural warranty and 1-year electrical warranty.


  • Only fits up to three persons.

7 4 Person Outdoor Sauna Weather Resistant Hemlock Wood, Shingle Roof

Our final review is for this 4 Person Outdoor Sauna, which is a weather-resistant design and comes with high-quality ceramic heaters.

Enjoy the heat…

The Ceramic Far infrared heaters that come with this sauna, really give you excellent control and heating capabilities with just a touch of the easy to use digital control panel.

The control panel can also control your iPhone or smartphone inputs for playing your favorite music, as you relax and unwind.

A sturdy construction…

A specially treated Canadian Hemlock wood has been used so that your sauna will remain waterproof and durable for many years to come. Additionally, a shingle roof effectively prevents any amount of rain from entering your sauna.

Added bonuses…

We think two excellent added bonuses to this design include the Ozone Generator, which gives you clear air inside the sauna, and the four Chromatherapy LED lights that set the mood for relaxation.

Finally, there’s also weather-sealed tempered glass door, so you can be sealed in comfortably –  whatever the weather is outside. There are windows too so you can enjoy more natural light.

4 Person Outdoor Sauna Weather Resistant Hemlock Wood, Shingle Roof
Our rating:3.2 out of 5 stars (3.2 / 5)


  • Weather-resistant design.
  • Ceramic infrared heaters.
  • Digital control panel with music playing capabilities.
  • Shingle roof.
  • Canadian Hemlock wood.
  • Ozone generators.
  • Chromatherapy LED lights.


  • Needs to be carefully assembled to be waterproofed properly.

Best Outdoor Saunas Buying Guide

We’ve now run through all 7 of our favorite outdoor sauna choices, due to their great value and excellent build qualities.

Choosing an outdoor sauna is a great choice for anyone who wants to get outside more, enjoy the garden and sweat it out maybe after a cool swim or dip in the hot tub. It’s also an experience you may want to share with the whole family – which is made much more doable if you go with an outdoor sauna.

We will now remind you of some of our top picks that may suit your different needs and wants in an outdoor sauna.

Fit for the family…

If you require a lot of space to fit all your family and friends in your sauna at one time, an outdoor sauna is a cost-effective choice. We, therefore, particularly like the…

Aleko White Pine Outdoor Sauna

…which is also suitable for indoor installation. This sauna has a 5-person capacity, which should be plenty of space for the whole family to enjoy a good session in the heat.


Many of you might be concerned with the weather in your region and how it might affect the durability of your sauna. There are some great options we looked at which are made to be water-resistant and should withstand the changing weather throughout the seasons.

Out of all the saunas we looked at we think our last review item, which is the…

4-Person Canadian Hemlock Weather Resistant Sauna

…is a great choice. The sauna comes with a shingle roof that will prevent water and snow penetrating inside.

A compact choice…

Maybe you just want a small sauna set-up in your garden for you and your partner to enjoy. Maybe it would be perfect to have a sauna straight after a swim or after relaxing in your hot tub.

The best compact 2-person sauna we reviewed has to be the…

Canadian Red Cedar 3 Person Outdoor Backyard Sauna, FIR Far Infrared SPA

It will certainly fit three people, but two will be able to really enjoy the sauna with some room to stretch and relax.

The best barrel sauna…

Out of the barrel sauna designs we have checked out, we recommend the…

6′ Foot Canadian Outdoor Pine Wood Barrel Sauna

This is a high-quality design that isn’t too hard to assemble and includes some great features and space.

We especially like the barrel sauna design because it puts everyone into a face-to-face position, which is great for family and friends who like to chat and relax.

Best Outdoor Saunas Conclusion

To conclude, we think you’ll agree that there are some fantastic outdoor saunas to choose from, all varying in size and design. Outdoor saunas are a great way to get outside more with friends and family, and arguably have lots of health benefits too.

A final thought is to remember that you may have to pay a professional to help you erect some sauna designs, and so you should include that in your budgeting.

Anyhow, we do hope that our carefully selected reviews have helped you find a sauna that can take care of you and your family’s needs well.

Good luck and happy shopping!

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