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Top 8 Best Patio Heaters On The Market 2023 Reviews & Buying Guide

We all love to enjoy the great outdoors as much as possible, and ideally, most of us would, if we could all year round – unfortunately, we all don’t live in a climate where it’s always possible.

So, what’s the solution?

Well, one very practical solution could be to invest in some patio heaters. Whether they’re for domestic use at home, or for your business or workplace, choosing the best patio heater to warm up those winter months, whilst enjoying your natural surroundings, could be the best decision you made all year!

Patio heaters can be bought fairly inexpensively these days, and they can really create a cozy and warm atmosphere in your desired outdoor space.

So we’ve done a nifty bit of research for you, and now we’d like to take you through what we think, are some of the best patio heaters available to buy right now…

Top 8 Best Patio Heaters On The Market 2023 Reviews & Buying Guide
Photo by Mabry Campbell

Top 8 Best Patio Heaters To Buy In 2023 Reviews

1 Fire Sense Patio Heater, Stainless Steel, and Black Powder Coating

The first of our findings is this Fire Sense branded patio heater. It is made from stainless steel and features a smart-looking black powder coating. This heater comes with a special starter system from Piezo, which is a highly effective electronic ignition, made to work with hardly any effort, year after year.

Now there are two essential ways in which patio heaters are fueled, and this one is a gas-powered heater, as opposed to an electric one. One of the greater conveniences of having a gas powered heater is that it can be moved around much more easily, without the need for wiring. Plus one tank of gas should last around 10 hours!

But what else is so good about this heater?

Well, as we mentioned, it’s very easy to start, but then it heats up very rapidly and can pour out a massive 46,000 BTUs of heat!

As one of the best freestanding patio heaters we could find, it is highly maneuverable with its simple wheel system. Plus it has a reflective hood made from aluminum. This enhances heat emitting towards yourself, family, friends, guests, or customers.

Saves you money…

Essentially, this means you are getting a very efficient and cost-effective heat source. Which over time will probably save you a small fortune if used often.

It’s worth to mention that Fire Sense has really considered durability, with the double mantle heat grid that they’ve added to the design of this product. Plus, Fire Sense advise covering this patio heater whenever it’s not in use, to ensure it remains around for years to warm you up.

Fire Sense Patio Heater, Stainless Steel, and Black Powder Coating
Our rating:3.9 out of 5 stars (3.9 / 5)

  • Piezo electronic ignition, for effortless starting.
  • Quality looking design.
  • Made to be durable.
  • Easily moved around, without any wiring.
  • Approximately 10 hours of heating from one gas canister.
  • Emits a huge 46,000 BTUs of heat.
  • Utilizes aluminum reflective technology for a more efficient heating system.
  • Needs to be covered when not in use, to maintain longevity.
  • You’ll need to buy gas canisters.
  • Less suitable for smaller outdoor spaces.

2 Golden Flame Resort Model 40,000 BTU Glass Tube Pyramid Style Flame Patio Heater

Next up, we have this Golden Flame Resort patio heater. This comes in a unique looking pyramid styled design, coated with a trendy mocha bronze finish. You could almost consider this heater as much a feature, as it is a functioning heater!

What makes this outdoor heater even more appealing is that when turned on, it produces a visual column of flames. These certainly add a real fire like feel to your patio or outdoor space. Plus, the flames create a nice mood-lit effect at night time, with various settings that we think could ignite some passion, or spark a romance or two!

And if it’s quality, you’re looking for…

Golden Flame really looked into using quality materials when building this heater. Therefore it will stand the test of time, and maintain it’s artistic elegance. A specific feature we liked was that unlike previous models, Golden Flame has decided to use a quartz glass tubing, instead of their previously used tempered glass tubes made from 2-PC.

Added to this, they’ve utilized the pyramid-shaped design for more than just aesthetics. In that, the wider bottom end makes the heater a lot more stable in windier conditions, and less likely to be just simply knocked over by someone.

A whopping 40,000 BTUs…

And it’s claimed the product will come to you in heavy duty packaging, to ensure that all the parts will not be damaged and potentially cause a safety issue once assembled. A couple of other features to mention include the ‘Rapid Multi Spark’ electronic igniting system, and the 40,000 BTUs that this heater emits!

So all in all, even for a slightly pricier patio heater than some of the others we will cover in this article, we think the aesthetic and quality elements make this a superb and unique choice for your outdoor area or patio.

Golden Flame Resort Model 40,000 BTU Glass Tube Pyramid Style Flame Patio Heater
Our rating:4.2 out of 5 stars (4.2 / 5)

  • Unique pyramid design.
  • Features a quartz glass column with visible flames.
  • Mood settings available.
  • A sturdy design.
  • Easily moved and no wiring.
  • A little pricier than similar products in this category of freestanding patio heaters.
  • Slightly less BTUs than some other competitors.
  • Maybe you’re just not into the pyramid design or the coloring?

3 Endless Summer GLT1332SP, LP Gas Outdoor Fireplace, Medium

Now we move onto a slightly different type of patio heater. The Endless Summer GLT1332SP is smaller than the others we have reviewed so far, meaning on initial thought it would be better for smaller outdoor spaces.

Naked flames create a wonderful ambiance…

If you’re the kind of person that enjoys the image and feel of a traditional fire, but don’t want all the hassle of collecting firewood, adding in coals and dislike the smoke – here is a viable and easy to use alternative.

As much as this will resonate a comfortable amount of heat with it’s 10,000 BTU output. It definitely will add an aesthetic value to your patio area, with a beautiful naked flame that hovers over black fire glass. It also has a neatly concealed control panel, with electronic ignition for ease of use.

Stone and slate…

Made from faux stone and finished with slate, the general quality of this product is quite nice too. Also, a one year warranty is provided with this product.

Overall, we think for a very fair price you’ll be getting a wonderful little centerpiece for your decking area, patio, or garden space. And which will create a wonderful ambient and warm environment to enjoy year on year.

Endless Summer GLT1332SP, LP Gas Outdoor Fireplace, Medium
Our rating:4.1 out of 5 stars (4.1 / 5)

  • Good for smaller spaces.
  • Easily moved.
  • Has a natural fire feel.
  • Aesthetically pleasing.
  • Classic looking design.
  • Comes in a good price range.
  • Emits a lot less heat than other patios heaters we’ve reviewed.
  • Has more ‘feature’ value.
  • Smaller size may not be desired in larger spaces.
  • Other heater options have more flames, for that ‘real fire effect.’

4 Hiland HIL-FP-1108, Aluminum/Bronze

The next heater on our list comes in the form of the Hiland HIL-FP-1108. It’s made from aluminum tubing, with a stainless steel propane burner and a hammered bronze finish. The kind of heater we’re looking at here is a fire pit design, with a huge 42,000 BTUs of heat that this thing can radiate into your outdoor space!

Here’s why choosing a fire pit could be right up your street…

The great thing about fire pit heaters is that they really draw everyone to come and huddle around the fire. This makes it a good place for family and friends to enjoy all year round. Just by positioning your seating comfortably around the fire pit, we think you’ll get to enjoy the warmth and beauty of this classic looking Hiland centerpiece.

What’s more, but not only will you be able to sit around this fire, it also acts as a small table to position drinks and snacks around it, with an easily adjusted heating level just in case you’re feeling a little too warm.

Hiland HIL-FP-1108, Aluminum/Bronze
Our rating:3.8 out of 5 stars (3.8 / 5)

  • Fire pit styled patio heater.
  • Great looking centerpiece for an outdoor space.
  • Strong heating ability with 42,000 BTUs of output.
  • Stylish bronze finish.
  • Doubles up as a table!
  • It’s fairly large.
  • Open flame design – not suited for all and could pose safety issues.
  • The propane gas will need changing.
  • Not as efficient as other heaters on our list, for spreading heat.

5 Belleze 48,000 BTU Premium Outdoor Patio Heater

Back now to another free standing patio heater, and this one really packs a punch in terms of heat output. With the potential to blast out a massive 48,000 BTUs, emitting heat up to a 15-foot diameter! So, if you’re really looking for an outdoor heater that tackles the cold with ease, this powerhouse is a serious option to consider!

What’s more, it comes with a Piezo super simple start-up system. This basically means one push of a button, and you’ll be all fired up and ready to warm up!

But, why choose this style of patio heater?

Unlike fire pits which can produce a little smoke, and can be considered dangerous to have with kids around. This is a great alternative to heat up the family, or even more so, a commercial space, with the sort of power involved.

Another nice feature to look at is the variable controls for heat strength. These can also be used to easily turn off the heater without too much strenuous activity at the end of an evening. Also, it’s good to know the heater is CSA certified.

Hiland HIL-FP-1108, Aluminum/Bronze
Our rating:3.5 out of 5 stars (3.5 / 5)

  • Huge 48,000 BTUs of heat emission capabilities.
  • Emits heat to a 15-foot diameter!
  • Perfect for larger outdoor spaces.
  • Piezo electronic start-up system.
  • No smoke or open flames.
  • Easy to use variable heat controls.
  • CSA certified.
  • Fairly large, not ideal for smaller spaces.
  • Not a focal point or centerpiece, like a fire pit, for example.
  • May have some difficulties with assembly.

6 AZ Patio Heater – Natural Commercial Glass Tube Patio Heater

Here we have another pyramid type design for a patio heater, which can be used for at home or for outdoor spaces in your business.

It has a very strong 42,000 BTUs of potential heat that can be emitted through its one-piece quartz glass tube, to warm you up on those cold winter nights. Plus, it’s easily used variable heat controls, make it so simple to just kick back on your patio, without all the hassle of lighting up a traditional fire.

What about any safety issues, can I have it around kids?

The great thing about this style of patio heater is that it doesn’t have an open flame like a fire pit design. But this particular design also has anti-tilt and thermocouple safety features. The thermocouple is a temperature sensor, and the anti-tilt aspect stops the heater from falling over so easily.

Other features include an electric ignition, which seems a standard now with most heaters. And the fuel source is natural gas – so this will need changing occasionally.

An interesting pyramid looking design…

For the most part, we think for a free-standing heater; you get an interesting pyramid looking design. Which also doubles up practically as a great outdoor heat source, easily used, and with good solid safety features.

AZ Patio Heater - Natural Commercial Glass Tube Patio Heater
Our rating:3.7 out of 5 stars (3.7 / 5)

  • Pyramid design.
  • A strong 42,000 BTUs of heating potential.
  • Easy to use variable controls.
  • Fantastic safety features, including a thermocouple and anti-tilt function.
  • Electric ignition.
  • A pyramid design may not be for everyone.
  • Natural gas only.
  • Can’t really be used as a centerpiece, like a fire pit or table designed heater.

7 AZ Patio Heaters Electric Patio Heater, Parasol, Black

We are nearing the end of our review now, and taking a look at a very different type of outdoor heating design, in the form of the AZ Patio Heater for parasols, in black.

An ingenious design, to save on space and create a lovely mood over your table…

Unlike the rest of the heaters, we’ve looked at in this review. This one really stands out with a unique and very clever design, that fits into a parasol! So if you’re looking to save on space and incorporate your outdoor heating subtlety into your outdoor area, here’s a fantastic choice! It just fits under the parasol!

A mood lit effect over your table…

The heat is delivered from above. It also creates a more familiar lighting effect from above as well, like we are used to with all our lights at home. And it creates such a warm and comfortable space, with a mood lit effect over your table.

So really, this heater would be fantastic in a bar or restaurant setting, or just at home, where you can eat and drink happily outside.

No need to worry about the elements…

If you’re wondering what sort of area this thing can provide heat for, it actually reaches up to 15 square feet, which is a good amount of space! It’s also IP certified as waterproof, so no need to worry so much about the elements.

Overall, we think this is a great heater option, that surprisingly can be used inside as well as outside. Plus, it provides instant heat once turned on! And it comes in usually at a very favorable price bracket.

AZ Patio Heater - Natural Commercial Glass Tube Patio Heater
Our rating:4.1 out of 5 stars (4.1 / 5)

  • Great lighting option for a parasol and table set up.
  • Creates a beautiful mood lit look over your table.
  • IP certified as waterproof.
  • Instant heat when turned on.
  • Sold in a great price range for what you get!
  • Perfect for bars and restaurants, as well as the home.
  • Electric heater – no changing of gas canisters.
  • You need a parasol to install it.
  • Heat and light are coming from above, which some people may not like.
  • Electric heater means it’s less movable than other options.

8 Dyna-Glo DGPH201BR 48,000 BTU Premium Hammered Bronze Patio Heater

The final patio heater we are reviewing is the Dyna-Glo DGPH201BR. This projects a whopping 48,000 BTUs of heat and comes in a hammered bronze effect. It is a simple, yet stylish looking patio heater that will really pack a punch heat-wise, wherever you decide to place it.

Safety has really been considered with this one…

We especially like the safety features incorporated into this design. These include an auto shut-off system, which turns off the heater completely if it should get knocked over. The fact that you can fix it to the ground also with brackets provided, means that the heater getting knocked over may never actually be an issue.

Also, the CSA certifications for this product are excellent! All this means is that you can have comfort in knowing that this patio heater has been independently tested – and it passed the tests.

Lasting you year after year…

One other great thing about the Dyno-Glo is that it has a guaranteed one year warranty, and a stainless steel burner for much better longevity through use, year after year.

If you’re looking for a safe, powerful and stylish looking burner, that’s more suitable to be kept in one space; this is one of our favorite choices out of the bunch!

Dyna-Glo DGPH201BR 48,000 BTU Premium Hammered Bronze Patio Heater
Our rating:3.8 out of 5 stars (3.8 / 5)

  • 48,000 BTUs of heat comes out of this heater.
  • Hammered bronze looking effect.
  • Excellent safety features.
  • Can be fixed down with brackets provided.
  • CSA certified.
  • One year warranty.
  • Stainless steel burner provides longevity.
  • It’s mobile with in-built wheels.
  • It’s quite a large heater.
  • It’s an LP gas tank fueled heater, that will need changing and is not provided.
  • May have some difficulties lighting over other choices of heaters.

Best Patio Heater Buying Guide

Right, so we’ve ran through a number of the best patio heaters currently available. All of which would be suitable for use in the garden, or even commercially in bars, restaurants or just in general outdoor areas that feel the cold.

We’ve also looked at a few different styles of outdoor heaters. So we’ll move on by discussing which types suit best the particular needs, of you the buyer:

Gas or Electric…

Most of the patio heaters we have looked at are gas fueled. This generally means that you don’t have to position the heater in any way close to the electric mains. Plus, in some cases with the gas-fueled heaters, you can position them much more easily, and move them around with little trouble as well.

The downside is that you do have to refuel the gas heaters from time to time. If you consider a gas canister that lasts for 10 hours, and it’s being used very regularly, then you will need to change it quite a lot!

With electric heaters, you tend to get a rapid instant heat. Plus, you have the convenience of not having to change gas canisters. If you are using the heaters fairly regularly, having the heater in a fixed place, connected to an outdoor mains socket, is a good choice to go for when heating your outdoor space.

Unfortunately, you will have wiring to contend with, which is non-existent with the gas-fueled varieties.

As for choices, there are plenty – free standing heaters, fire pits, table heater designs, and more…

So Another Large Consideration Should Be, What Do You Really Need The Best Patio Heater For?

Is it purely just for heating an outdoor space? Or do you want something of a centerpiece? Or do you want the warmth of a lighting and mood effect, as well as the actual warmth of the heater?

If you’ve now answered the questions above, here are some ideas:

For the very practical needs of just purely heating an outdoor space, we suggest two clear options that we’ve mentioned in our list – either a freestanding patio heater or a parasol attached heater.

With regards to the free-standing heaters that we covered in this review, we really liked the…

patio heater

…for its sheer power, ease of use and simplicity. With heat being transferred to a relatively large space in comparison to the size of this product, you’ll easily be able to warm large outdoor areas with a few of these strategically placed.

Though it should be mentioned that we think all of the free standing heaters we covered, have their merits. Some being a little smaller, for example, and therefore easier to use in smaller spaces.

The Next One Has You Covered…

The one parasol heater we looked at, which was the…

…really does a good job for heating your outdoor space but in a very unique way. We think if you use parasols outside for your business, this parasol heater could be a very elegant solution. It can be used to highlight your seating areas, provide obvious warmth, but to also give a special mood lighting effect as well!

One thing to remember though is that the AZ Patio Heater for parasols is electric powered, and so, therefore, you’ll have some wiring to deal with.

Moving on, the fire pit type patio heater is very much a social centerpiece as is the table adaptation of the fire pit design. With fire pit heaters, you get a lovely flame to look at, which brings out the feeling of sitting by a traditional fire, out in the cold. These types of heaters certainly create more of a cozy mood, at night. Especially, and they entice people to sit around them as a focal point.

Our favorite fire pit heater is the…

Endless Summer GLT1332SP

It’s perfect for a small outdoor patio area and only has a little flame. Even though it provides just enough heat and warmth to bring out some romantic and relaxing vibes.

Eating By The Fire…

Also, the Hiland HIL-FP-1108 in aluminum and bronze gives you the ultimate social ambiance, as it doubles up as a table as well! If you love to entertain, this really with impress your friends. Allowing you to eat and drink comfortably by the fire all night long!

Here’s A Choice For The Design-minded…

We shouldn’t forget though, the pyramid-shaped heaters we looked at, such as the Golden Flame Resort heater – which are essentially free-standing heaters. We added these types of outdoor heating options into our list, because they just give an alternative look to the classic freestanding designs, that some people might find a little dull.

One more thing to mention is, the ignitions on some of these heaters work better than others. We recommend the Piezo start-ups, which really do spark up the heater they are installed with, very quickly and powerfully.

So, How Do All These Best Patio Heaters Actually Work?

Well, as we mentioned, there are several types of patio heaters on the market out there, and we’ve just covered a select few. However, essentially nearly all use the process of radiation, to emit heat.

Now don’t worry, we don’t mean any bad types of radiation here. We just mean the process where when a particular material is heated up to a certain temperature, it begins to emit heat. Some materials do this much more efficiently than others, and these types of materials are used in patio heaters. The whole process is called a radiant heating process.

Both processes do a good job…

Though it should be said that not all patio heaters use a radiant heating process, and some use convection type heating instead. As a whole, though, both processes tend to do the job just as well as each other.

The most commonly used free-standing, dome-shaped type heaters, which we have looked at, like the Dyna-Glo DGPH201BR, use propane combustion, which is essentially gas heating. And as a matter of fact, most on our list use this process.

With the majority of the heaters we have looked at which are gas fueled, once the gas is ignited, it then begins to heat the radiant material, used to emit the heat into your outdoor space. The same process happens with the parasol heater we looked at. Apart from that one uses electricity as its fuels source, rather than gas.

Best Patio Heater Safety Tips

One of the biggest concerns for buyers of patio heaters, normally is ‘how safe will it be?’

Maybe some of you will have children running around. Or maybe you have a busy environment where people could be intoxicated and therefore potentially be clumsy. Knocking over a patio heater, or falling into something burning hot is not an option!

Thankfully, as you may have guessed, of course, all the heaters have to have safety aspects by law, though some have more safety features than others.

We especially appreciate the CSA certifications for the Dyna-Glo DGPH201BR, and that’s one of the reasons why we really like it. Also, we very much liked the AZ Patio Heater – Natural Commercial Glass Tube Patio Heater, for its anti-tilt and thermocouple features.

It’s safe to say, that all the heaters we have reviewed have met required safety standards, and have definitely considered overall safety into their design processes.

best patio heater

So What About Safety Tips?

Well, most of the tips should be obvious, but we’ll discuss some of the most important things to do when operating a patio heater:

1 Make sure to position your outdoor heater where it’s not obstructed by other objects, particularly ones which are flammable.

2 If you have children, ensure that they do not have the ability to turn your heater on, or get close to it if possible. Or at least if children are around, have a watchful eye always in your outdoor area.

3 If you have a free-standing type heater, consider fixing it to the ground, so that it may not be knocked over. This will also make it more difficult for someone to steal it as well.

4 For the fire pit and open flame type heaters, extra care has to be taken so that children, and adults are not easily exposed to the flames. Therefore warning signs should ideally be placed near your outdoor heater, and again the positioning is vital.

5 Make sure to turn off the patio heater when it’s not in use.

6 If there is any wiring involved, make sure that no one will trip over it, and that it is carefully fed to the mains output.

Costs For Running The Best Patio Heater?

Although gas fueled garden heaters can be more convenient in the sense that you can move them around more easily and you can put them in places that don’t require an electrics mains connection, they are more costly to run. Yet, gas heaters can generally heat larger areas much more efficiently.

Electric patio heaters are quite a bit cheaper to run in comparison to gas heaters, yet you don’t get as much flexibility. And there are possibly more dangers associated with loose wiring.

Even though electric heaters may be cheaper, they generally don’t give off such a cozy and intimate feel, as gas options do.

Can The Best Patio Heaters Get Wet?

Of course, when a company is designing an outdoor patio style heater, they have to consider the weather and some of the elements that their product will face! Obviously, the heaters will be situated in a colder climate, for a colder season at the very minimum, or else why would they be used.

The bigger question is, can they handle the rain and how much of it?

Well, the answer is some can and some can’t, they’re not all waterproof, unfortunately. However, the good news is, that generally, gas operated heaters tend to be a lot more resilient to wet weather. Because gas heaters aren’t relying on electric, they aren’t affected so much by the rain.

If you choose a gas heater where the burner is covered in some way, then it will most likely work in various conditions. It’s good advice though to try and keep your patio heater covered from the rain, to maintain longer usability of the product – it’s just common sense really.

Fortunately, the electric parasol heater we reviewed, is confirmed as well to be waterproof.

So We've Come To The End Of Our Patio Heaters Review...

And we hope you enjoyed looking at our selection of the best patio heaters available on the market today!

Remember to choose one that suits your specific needs. If you have a business and want to leave your heaters outside all the time and exposed to the elements, the gas-fueled options will be much more resilient to most weather conditions. Also, if you have multiple heaters, make sure they have a quick start-up system. This will ensure that it only takes a few minutes to turn them all on.

If you just need a patio heater for your home, we really think it’s not a bad idea to get a heater that you can also enjoy as a centerpiece or focal point. Think back to the dawn of man, as a species; we’d all sit and huddle around a fire, its a very elemental instinct we all have in us.

Getting a fire pit styled heater will give you that ‘huddled around a fire feeling’ but without all the hassle of actually lighting a fire and fueling it with chopped up logs.

We hope you’ll have many warmer nights to come, and good luck in finding your perfect patio heater.

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