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Top 10 Best Portable Camping Toilets To Buy In 2021 Reviews

Using the toilet while camping is one of the nuisance things in the world! We find it a great deal of difficulty in getting the right toilet.

However, thanks to the developing world, we have the best portable camping toilets in the market now. These toilets have served people for their excursions in the Great Outdoors.

Want to know why? It’s because of their low-cost price, clean nature, and latest design. They are a cinch to use and offer value as products of necessity. Our article is rich with all the details that you need to have to get the best portable toilet for your camping trip.

Let’s find out why portable toilets are the most favored type of toilets. A review of the top models in the market is coming up.

Top 10 Best Portable Camping Toilets To Buy In 2021 Reviews

Top 10 Best Portable Camping Toilets In 2021 Reviews

1 Sanitation Equipment Camping Toilet

This is a convenient toilet with a substitute piston pump. It possesses a double direction washing facility as well. The bowl has depth and provides comfy seating amenity. The use of extra deep bowl allows you to sit on top of it comfortable for a long time.

Did you know you can read the tank waste notches on it with ease? Now you don’t have to worry about the freshwater level because this tank comes with a water level indicator.

Also, you can clean its removable storage portion. The holding tank has an outlet. As for the weight it amounts to 11.6 pounds. This portable toilet can withstand a 300-pound person. That’s a lot of weight!

Another useful feature is the removable vent tank that allows it to store the waste and makes the discharge process easier.

The guarantee is such that it will withstand the pressure and wear and tear. You may also take it apart and put it back together again as you may want to with ease.


  • You’ll get greater bowl surface coverage with its 2-directional rinse
  • You can set up it as a private latrine at the campsite while RVing
  • Easy to use and clean storage compartment
  • Works well over the long haul
  • It can easily last for 3 years


  • The handle may break with excess usage
  • A rubber seal may start to deteriorate after a couple of years
Sanitation Equipment Camping Toilet
Our rating:4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5)

2 Cleanwaste Toilet System

Meant for single persons! They can install it and disassemble it in a jiffy. The inner dimensions are quite spacious. You will find it a better option than buying the components in all their variety. It is comfier than a porta-potty.

Is that all? No, we haven’t even started! There is one more feature that makes it an attractive bargain. What is that? It is its replica nature and featherweight poundage.

A cool product, you may take it anywhere you desire. What sort of places can you carry it with you? Well, the desert is one of them and so is the Burning Man Festival.

Thus it serves for all places and occasions. It is built to serve the owner. The tent-like system unfolds and is suitable for anyone no matter what his height or weight.

The waste bags are aplenty and will provide easy disposal of the waste matter. There is even a certain desiccation powder available with it that dries out the waste matter.

Could there be anything better? Read on to find out.

Many find it to be a pretty swell arrangement. They especially see the tent as an extra security feature. You can sit snug as a bug in a rug in the tent. You can perform the act of nature with full privacy. That is the advantage of this tent.


  • You can assemble it and take it apart at a moment’s notice
  • Good for rock concerts where there will be no more waiting in line for the desperate few
  • A better option than public restrooms
  • A much wiser choice than going to defecate in the bushes


  • Abrupt and careless customer service representatives
  • Composed of trashy plastic materials
Cleanwaste Toilet System
Our rating:4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5)

3 Porta Potti Toilet System

It is an all-purpose portable toilet that has an ultramodern structure and function. It has won awards for its performance. Plus, it is suitable for all occasions. Has a streamlined design.

Also is up-to-date and lends a look that is pleasing to the eyes. Has an electronic flushing system. What makes this toilet great? It’s user-friendly and you can clean it with ease. The design is ergonomic to boot.

There are a toilet paper hook and level sign device that come with it. The unit does not let any foul odors or contents leak to the outer world. The sealed gadget will function well on the road. Take it with you with the knowledge that it will serve you with style and convenience.

What about the size and poundage? We were just about to get to that!

As for the weight, it amounts to 10 pounds. People feel good using this portable toilet. Trust the instruction manual that comes with it. Follow it to the letter. Want to know why? It is for your sake alone. You will find nothing inconvenient once you follow the instructions to the letter.

The portable toilet arrives with a pouch of waste digestion stuff. Use it as per need. Also, deodorant is a part of this and will ensure that no odor escapes the unit.


  • Leak-proof and odorless sanitary
  • Suitable to use in RV, truck, medical and at the campsite.
  • Sleek design with comfortable seat height
  • Easy to install and use
  • The flush pump system may be manual or electric as per need
  • Pregnant ladies may use it with ease


  • Flushing may be an issue for some
Porta Potti Toilet System
Our rating:4.3 out of 5 stars (4.3 / 5)

4 Camco Standard Portable Travel Toilet

The tank that holds waste is detachable. A sealed side lock system holds waste materials and their odors inside. The flush has bellow arrangements. It’s made of solid stuff.

That’s not all. . . It has a huge tank with 5.3 gallons capacity which is detachable.

The water needed for this toilet is very little. A bit of bleach will wipe out any extra odors that may remain after usage. What else? It is a great idea for those out in the open country without access to a toilet system with plumbing.

A liquid deodorant goes well with it. Anything else beyond that! Yes, several things in fact. Cleaning is a cinch. Whether it is urination or defecation! This toilet is the thing you have been looking for.

Vegetable oil is best used on the seal to block any leakages. It is especially useful for small children. This is because they are not very adept at doing the act of nature.


  • It has both detachable holding tank and flush tank.
  • Easy to use
  • No leaks or odors
  • Sturdy construction


  • Must use rubber gloves during waste disposal
Camco Standard Portable Travel Toilet
Our rating:4.2 out of 5 stars (4.2 / 5)

5 Cleanwaste Go Anywhere Portable Toilet

Within minutes you will be able to set it up. The tri-fold legs will assemble with ease. Is quite compact and has a handle to allow for easy carrying.

It is very sturdy, but how much?

Actually, it can withstand up to a whopping 500 pounds of pressure. Anything else! You got that right! It has an even balance on varied surfaces. The detachable cover can act as a supporting system.

It is quite comfortable. Also, the hygienic standards are high indeed. The waste storage area won’t yield under pressure. Your body won’t touch the waste and so it is super clean. Can be set up and taken apart.

Other uses! You may empty it in the twinkle of an eye. Possessing a smart design, it is a delight to sit on. Also, it comes with kitty litter bags and decomposition powder. No odors or leaks will take place. That is a promise.

It can be stashed away in a car or station wagon so you are good to go. For those on the move, it can handle up to 250 pounds of pressure. It may even be set up indoors such is the nature of the product.

A hygienic product especially for those needs to make several rounds in a single night! Many people are happy with this toilet. They would recommend it at the drop of a hat.


  • The bags that come with it are a great bargain
  • Comfortable seating arrangement
  • Featherweight unit that you can take anywhere you prefer
  • Does not let any foul smells leak from inside it


  • You can’t lean on it while using it
  • May prove to be top heavy
Cleanwaste Go Anywhere Portable Toilet
Our rating:4.2 out of 5 stars (4.2 / 5)

6 Reliance Products Luggable Loo

This product works well with the double bag. A practical and viable gadget, it has a lot in store for you. What may that be? Well, for starters, the weight is 3 pounds. And it has storage that goes up to 5 gallons which is a lot.

The design is minimalist in nature. It consists of a bin with a clip-on seat cover with a lid. Whether it is shooting, angling or any other wilderness pursuit, it is an excellent choice.

Are there other uses for this portable toilet? Yes. It suits any of your disaster relief needs. Whenever you need this toilet, no matter what the situation, it will come in handy. The lid is very safe. It will flip shut without any leakage of any kind. It can support even 300 pounds of pressure.

Also, odors do not escape the bucket beneath it. It is a strong and tensile portable toilet. Furthermore, the bags that come along with it fit with ease.

It is meant for camping purposes as well as emergency situations. Kitty litter works fine with it. Also, you may cover the waste products with peat moss if you wish to.


  • A pleasant camping companion
  • Much better than a tripod portable toilet
  • Large garbage bags go fine with it
  • Suitable for truckers who have to go for extended trips on the open road


  • A few grown-ups may find it a bit unsuitable
  • May prove a little chaotic in the beginning
  • Some prefer the backwoods instead of this alternative
Reliance Products Luggable Loo
Our rating:4.6 out of 5 stars (4.6 / 5)

7 Dometic Portable Toilet

The Dometic portable toilet is a great design without complexities. It is the perfect option to take to your next camping trip. The simple design is rich in features and allows users to be assured of their choice in portable toilets.

There are several different colors available for picky people. You can even set the theme of your camping with your favorite color.

The capacity of this portable toilet is about 5.0 gallons. This feature allows many people to use it at once and reduces the disposing time and effort all the time. The material of this toilet is ABS. This material makes it durable and environmentally safe.

You can use it for several years before you must through it out. Hence, it is quite a great investment if you go camping often.

The smooth body is the perfect way to keep this toilet clean on the outside and the inside. It always has the potential to remain sanitary. There is a button to open the lid of this toilet. This feature allows you to have minimum contact with the toilet and keep you clean as well.

The seat has an adult size and it is very comfortable. There is also a flushing system so that the toilet remains clean during your trip. The water pressure is also very high to keep it clean.


  • The adult size seat is very comfortable to use
  • The toilet has an inbuilt flushing system which makes it easy to use
  • 5 gallons of waste space allows a big number of people to use this before you have to clean it
  • It is easy to clean and maintain with the scratch resistant body and easy to clean design
  • There is a button to open the lid which helps in minimizing the contact with the toilet

  • The toilet does not collapse to become very small so the mobility may be affected
  • The toilet is not at all light in weight and is very difficult to carry
Dometic Portable Toilet
Our rating:3.7 out of 5 stars (3.7 / 5)

8 Serenelife Portable Toilet

This toilet has been designed for all forms of traveling including camping, hiking, and RVs. It can be easily carried wherever you may be going and doesn’t require any connections to be set up. The strength of the materials gives it a very sturdy built. It makes it suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

The 5.3-gallon waste tank can store a fairly large amount of waste. Not only that. Every feature on this toilet has been built to facilitate you. So, this waste tank is within easy access so that it can be easily disposed of.

The toilet also comes with a double seal that prevents any leaks and also protects you and your surroundings from any bad odors.

It is corrosion resistant and incredibly easy to clean. This makes it one of the best choices if you want a portable toilet.

The toilet seat comes with a lid. Why does this matter? This makes sure that you can close off the toilet once you are done.

Another advantage is that when you are traveling; the water from inside the bowl doesn’t slosh around and spill during transport. This helps to keep things neat and clean.

It even has a flush option that limits your exposure to the waste and the odor dramatically. It comes with a tank that can store 3.2 gallons of clean water that is for flushing purposes only. This means that you can flush your toilet more than 50 times on a whole tank of water.

It has a button style pump flusher that flushes and rinses the toilet bowl. What’s more, is that this is a fresh-water reserve and that this feature doesn’t require any external connections.


  • Very strong and durable
  • Comes with a large capacity waste tank
  • It comes with a 5.3-gallon waste tank
  • Has a lid that prevents spills
  • The waste tank is leak proof


  • The flush-pull is of slightly lower quality
Serenelife Portable Toilet
Our rating:4.3 out of 5 stars (4.3 / 5)

9 Stansport 273-100 Portable Camp Toilet

The Stansport 273-100 portable camp toilet has been designed to provide you with the best experience when you travel outdoors. It is very comfortable with its full-sized seat that allows you to enjoy comfortably on your outdoor trip.

It has been built using high-quality plastic that ensures that the seat is very comfortable and very easy to clean. You this means that you don’t have to worry about catching a nasty infection when doing your business out in the open.

That’s not all. . . This toilet can easily handle up to 350lbs in weight due to its heavy-duty construction and is incredibly easy to transport. It comes with side handles that make it very easy to carry around. Since it has been designed for transportation purposes, its size allows it to easily fit in most vehicles.

It comes with a lid; the lid too is made of heavy construction and doesn’t fall open during transport. This helps to keep it sanitary since it prevents any spills during transport.

The overall sturdy construction means that you don’t have to worry about replacing for quite a few years after you’ve bought it. It stings and will serve its purpose for many years.

The camp toilet can be lined with a waste bag that can be removed with ease when filled up. This also helps to keep your tiny washroom clean. This allows you to enjoy the comforts of your home while you’re out in the open.


  • Hold up to 350lbs in weight
  • The design includes a wastebasket
  • It comes with side handles that make it easy to carry around
  • Comes with a full sized seat


  • Needs to be emptied after every use
  • Has no tank for waste storage
  • The bowl is very small and may prove to be inconvenient.
Stansport 273-100 Portable Camp Toilet
Our rating:4.3 out of 5 stars (4.3 / 5)

10 Reliance Products Portable Toilet

The reliance products portable toilet is one of the best examples of self-contained portable toilets. The reason why they are called self-contained is that they do not have a flushing system. The toilet is like a bucket and it uses a bag to fill when in use.

You can choose from different sizes. Why it is important? This feature allows users to get the one that suits them according to their height or weight.

The waste packets are eco-friendly which makes them even better to bury. Waste bags also have different options. Select the standard ones or the double ply ones for heavy duty usage.

This toilet is light in weight which makes it easy to carry easily. It does not collapse but is a pretty good option for traveling. The seat is a simple round circumference. However, it is contoured to ensure that there is comfort in the seat.

One of the best things is that there is also a toilet paper holder that comes with this toilet. The toilet also has a splash cover to make sure your experience is home-like. The best thing about this toilet is that it makes sure that you are the cleanest even in the woods.


  • The toilet is light in weight and easy to carry anywhere.
  • It is usable on roadsides
  • It comes with eco-friendly waste bags that makes them friendly to use.
  • Waste bags come in different plies as well
  • The toilet has add-ons in the shape of a toilet paper holder and a splash guard
  • The seat is safe and contoured for the best experience

  • It does not have a seat size option
  • This toilet does not have a flushing system
Reliance Products Portable Toilet
Our rating:4.1 out of 5 stars (4.1 / 5)

Portable Camping Toilet Buying Guide

Getting the right camping toilet is a challenge because of the different aspects connected to it. This buying guide has everything you need to know before getting the right toilet for your camping trip.

Type Of Portable Toilet

The first and most important feature to consider is the type of portable toilet. There are several different types of portable toilets. Each one is better than the other in its own way. Take a look at the following types to see which one will suit your need.

  • Bucket Style

The first one in our list is the bucket style portable camping toilet. This style is the simplest and the cheapest. It is literally just a bucket which has a lid. It is good for short groups and small trips to camping. This style is also suitable for people that adjust anywhere easily.

  • Collapsible Camping Toilets

Collapsible camping toilets are also pretty cheap and one of the best kinds. They are easy to carry anywhere you like and are shaped like real toilets. This kind of toilet has a bag for waste and it is pretty easy to use. However, you need to make sure that you get the right material otherwise it may be a bummer.

  • High Volume Toilets

The most expensive out of these three is the high-volume style. These are great for bigger groups of campers. They are not the most convenient ones for traveling, but people use them because they are needed. These toilets usually have a flushing service and a proper design. However, they might always not be collapsible and easy to carry.

Features To Look For When Buying The Best Portable Camping Toilet

  • Portability

Once you are done finding the one that will suit your needs the best, it is time to take note on features. The first thing to consider is the portability of the toilet. Since you’ll be carrying it, it is important for you to make sure it is portable.

Consider how much compact the toilet gets. If you have to carry something as big and heavy as a regular toilet, you might as well carry your own bathroom. The compactness will also help you save a lot of space in the vehicle and when it is not in use. Storage is an important part since most people camp occasionally if not often.

With the portability factor attached is the weight factor. If your toilet is compact but not light in weight, then it is no use. Chances are that your parking spot will be quite far away from your camping spot. Carrying it will be a hassle and you need to make sure that this portable station is easy to carry.

To add on, if you choose a collapsible option, and then having its own carrying bag will also be good for sanitary purposes.

  • Number Of People

Even though you will be selecting the type of toilet according to your preference, it is still important to look at the number of people. The number of people using the toilet is the most important feature. It helps in deciding the size of the bucket and the size of the toilet. You will also need to look at the specifications according to the number of people using it.

  • Quality

Another very important factor is the quality of the toilet. Of course, quality matters in all aspects of shopping. However, the reason why you need to check in this matter is for strength. You do not want your toilet to break down because of the weight of the user. Hence, make sure you get high-quality plastic or other material which is durable.

To prevent yourself from accidents like this, it is also important for you to make sure that the design is simple and minimal. Anything extra may cause the toilet to wobble and create a mess.

  • Method Of Waste

One more very important thing to look out for is the method of disposal of the waste. This is a very important factor and you cannot miss this feature in any way. The method of disposal is going to be selected according to your convenience.

The options are usually between a disposable bag and a bucket. We’ll discuss both here.

  • Disposable bag: A disposable bag allows users to line the toilet with a bag and then throw it away when they are done with their business. Now, this may not be the most efficient solution if the bags are not biodegradable. If they are, then you can bury them easily.
  • Bucket: Having a bucket is probably quite inconvenient. With a bucket system, you will have to dispose of the waste in some place. You can also bury it without a bag or something. Either method you choose, it will be slightly disgusting.
  • Size/Comfort

Last but not least, the factor that you need to consider is for personalizing the system. The size needs to be determined with the amount of the people and their physique of fitting on the seat or not. Another very important feature is to make sure that the seat is comfortable. On an uncomfortable toilet, people may find it better to go to the bush.

  • Add-Ons

Just like for any good product, there are always add-ons. For portable toilets, add-ons include different features. These may be lights to locate the toilet. They may also include a flushing system that cleans the toilet to keep it sanitary and eliminate smells.

Some portable toilets have an option of temporary space as well. If you do not want to empty the toilet every time you use it, you will find this option suitable. The toilets have a briefcase kind of structure on their bottom and they collect waste temporarily. This time may be as short as for a day. However, they are a great way to make it less nuisance for you.

Portable Camping Toilet Pros & Cons

It is very important to wonder why you need to take a toilet on your camping trip. The following pointer will help you understand why you should get a portable toilet.

  • The first and foremost advantage is that it is suitable for long trips. If you do not have an RV and you are traveling long miles, it is just not okay to do your business on the side of the road. Portable camping toilets are easy to open anywhere and once you are done, you can dispose of the waste.

  • The thing is you do not want to just do your business anywhere and ruin the woods. Having a toilet makes it easy to dispose of waste in an orderly fashion. Also, it is a need!
  • Another very important advantage that there is to portable camping toilets is that they are clean. Yes, believe it or not! Portable toilets are cleaner than public outhouses. They smell and are usually very unsanitary. Also, at camping grounds, they are usually very far and not good for emergencies!
  • Of course, with toilets the important thing is privacy. Some portable toilets come with their own private system in one way or the other. If you are not sure where you might get a room, get those ones. The style usually involves a tent-like structure with shower curtains. There isn’t a huge choice in the privacy options but it is there.
  • One of the worst things about portable camping toilets is that they are simply a nuisance. You must dig to ensure that you dispose of the waste properly. The constant process is quite annoying.

  • Another deal breaker is that they are simply gross. You have room to do your business, but you also must take care of it later which is horrible.
  • Another disadvantage to the portable toilets is that they lack in privacy. You will really have to look around to make sure that you have a private space. Outhouses have walls which are a great option easily.


Conclusively, you can see companies really have started to make the best portable camping toilets that are rich in features. However, keep in mind that portable toilets have their own cons.

So those were some of the portable camping toilets that are found online or in the market. If you want to buy one of these, compare it with the others on the list. This is not a difficult task since we have provided quite some information for your perusal. Go through the points about each portable toilet. Select one after weighing the pros against the cons.

If you’re still confused then go with our top pick i.e. Sanitation Equipment Camping Toilet. This portable toilet can withstand a 300-pound person and it lasts more than 3 years without a doubt and withstand the pressure and wear and tear.

Happy Camping!

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