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Top 5 Best Traeger Grill To Consider 2022 Reviews

With summer right around the corner, most of us must have already planned the many barbecue parties that await us. Having a grill out under the warm summer sun surrounded by your loved ones and having a great time is something none of us would really mind.

However, to ensure the best of times, it is important we also have the best equipment. Here is where Traeger Grills comes in, providing you with the utmost quality and finding itself a permanent place in your home.

About Traeger Grills

Top 5 Best Traeger Grill To Consider 2022 Reviews

Traeger Grills is known as one of the most popular companies that manufacture grills. They began about 30 years ago in Oregon, USA. Since then, they have revolutionized the overall experience of outdoor cooking.

They have emerged as one of the number one selling brands all over the world when it comes to wood pellet grills.

Traeger Grills specialize in wood-fired grills and strive to bring continuous innovation and advances in their products to meet the expectations of all their clientele. Traeger Grills believes that the flavor brought about in food with a wood pellet grill is simply unmatched to other types of grills such as gas, charcoal, etc.

Moreover, Traeger Grills guarantee taste and consistency, allowing you to champion the roast chicken with confidence, the same way each time. Not only this, but Traeger Grills also allows a variety of other uses.

You use these fantastic pieces of equipment not only to grill but also to bake, smoke, and so much more. Thus, you can make some juicy burgers or some simple smoked mac and cheese or even turn up with a homemade apple pie!

At the end of the day, it all comes down to the taste anyway. With the easy to use and modern Traeger grills, you will spend less time tending to the grill and have more quality times with your friends and family.

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Best Traeger Grill Comparison Table

ProductsGrilling AreaAuto-start IgnitionRating
Grilling Area
586 sq. in.
Auto-start Ignition
4.4 out of 5 stars (4.4 / 5)
Grilling Area
418 sq. in.
Auto-start Ignition
5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)
Grilling Area
300 sq. in.
Auto-start Ignition
4.2 out of 5 stars (4.2 / 5)
Grilling Area
380 sq. in.
Auto-start Ignition
4.5 out of 5 stars (4.5 / 5)
Grilling Area
885 sq. in./div>
Auto-start Ignition
4.2 out of 5 stars (4.2 / 5)

Top 5 Best Traeger Grill In 2022 Reviews

The best Traeger Grill Reviews are mentioned down below with all the necessary detail to help you find the perfect fit.

1 Traeger Grills TFS60LZC Select Elite Pellet Grill

This grill features an astonishing 586 sq. in. grilling area that allows you to cook up a feast for a huge number of people. This availability of ample space helps you get all the cooking done in one go, from the main course to the sidelines to even the dessert!

At one time, the Select Elite Grill can fit up to 20 burger patties, 5 whole chickens, 28 hot dogs as well as 6 racks of mouth-watering smoked ribs.

It also carries a dual-door storage space where you can store your pellets, so they are ready for use whenever you need them. This way, not only is your grill gear close, but it also stays dry.

Moreover, the digital controller on the Elite Griller makes it further easy to use. You can easily set temperature within +/- 20 degrees, going as high as 450 degrees. The LED display makes taking readings easier.

Furthermore, the 3-piece porcelain grilling grate also makes for a non-stick cooking process, saving you any unwanted hassle. These grilling grates are also easy to clean so that you don’t have to worry about it after a session of saucy ribs.

Speaking of the outer body of the product, it is made of a strong, sturdy material that will surely last you for long. It also has stainless steel side shelves that can undergo serious grilling without much wear and tear. In addition, these shelves aid in storing utensils during cooking or even allow the grilled steak to rest a while before being served.

The fact that they are also easy to clean makes them a highly wanted feature among Traeger Grills. The grill also features a wheel with locking casters that make it portable but also fixable when parked.

Traeger Grills TFS60LZC Select Elite Pellet Grill
Our rating:4.4 out of 5 stars (4.4 / 5)


  • Large grilling area.
  • Easy to use digital controller.
  • Enclosed storage space.
  • Stainless steel shelves as well as wheels with locks.


  • Difficult to assemble
  • Wheels get stuck

2 Traeger Grills TFB42LZBC Lil Tex Elite 22 Wood Pellet Grill

The ‘Lil Tex’ Grill is only little by its name. In function, however, it has a roomy 418 sq. in. grilling space that can fit about 16 burgers, 4 whole chickens, 24 hot dogs, and even 5 racks of delicious ribs in one time. Therefore, you can feed a large party without having to spend the entire day at the grill.

This Traeger Grill has a strong steel construction that is built to go together with you for many grilling years. The powder coat finish only adds to the beauty of this grill. This model, too, comes with a digital controller that allows easy changing of temperatures with the dial. Meanwhile, the LED allows for a clear temperature reading.

Moreover, the porcelain steel-gratings are here to stay with each Traeger Grill product, for they provide a satisfying cooking experience without getting too greasy for cleanup later. An added feature to this grill is definitely is the electronic automatic on/off ignition. At a push of a button, your grill is up and running.

However, like all Traeger Grills, it is too powered by 100% wood pellets to bring you an extra oomph of flavor in your food.

Traeger Grills TFB42LZBC Lil Tex Elite 22 Wood Pellet Grill
Our rating:5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)


  • Carries room for enough cooking.
  • Has an auto on/off start button.
  • A strong, sturdy construction.


  • Moisture penetrates through into the grill.
  • This model is most likely to malfunction and cause fire hazards.

3 Traeger Grills10526 Bronson 20 Pellet Grill

Planning to cater for a smaller party? Have fairly small storage space to invest in too big of a grill? The Traeger Grills Bronson 20 is the one you need!

This is the perfect small grill that you need as a companion to solve both these problems! It features a decent grilling area of about 300 sq. inches that holds enough food to feed a group of hungry individuals.

This grill, like all other Traeger Grills, is of high quality, but it has a few extra features to its design that make it more helpful. The sawhorse design of this grill adds extra stability to the item, allowing you to park it wherever you like.

Moreover, it comes with all-terrain wheels, which means you can move this grill across sand or gravel or even rock, wherever you want with ease without a problem. Not only does this allow the user easy mobility of the grill but also puts away any worries of the wheels breaking for they are super strong and built to last.

You can also put aside any worries about fire starters or charcoal chimney as the electronic auto on/off switch saves the day. You can simply turn the grill on and off with a push of a button.

This model, too, is equipped with the digital controller, giving you the advantage of controlling the temperature of the grill in 20-degree increments going as high as 450 degrees. The LED read-out further simplifies use.

Traeger Grills10526 Bronson 20 Pellet Grill
Our rating:4.2 out of 5 stars (4.2 / 5)


  • Features a sawhorse design for stability.
  • Electronic automatic on/off ignition.
  • Digital elite controller with an LED display.


  • The grill tends to cut out of power mid cooking.
  • Burns excess fuel in the firepot.

4 Traeger Grills Renegade Elite Wood Pellet Grill

The Renegade Wood Pellet Grill is perfect for a family that likes to cook together. This grill features a grilling space of about 380 sq. in., which is just enough for at-home cooks. This grilling space is the perfect size to accommodate a hearty meal for your entire family.

Like with any other Traeger Grill products, this item, too, is extremely easy to use. It is equipped with an elite digital controller that allows you to maintain temperature as you cook. You can raise it up or lower it down with 20-degree increments, going as high as 450 degrees.

Moreover, the electronic automatic on/off ignition system makes life much easier as it saves you the hassle of firing up coal or lighting up propane with a match.

The porcelain grill grates also serve a major role in making it easier for people to use the product. They are non-stick, which means your food will not burn on the grating, and you don’t have to stand right by the grill to keep that from happening.

Secondly, with their porcelain construction, they are also easy to clean and take much less time than other similar products.

The Renegade Traeger Grill further also carries a Tool Caddy Rack. With these, you can keep all your cooking utensils, tools, rubs, and sauces close to your workstation so that they are handy just when you need them.

Furthermore, a Wire Front Prep Rack further improves the overall experience of the product. You can use this heavy-duty rack to load and unload your cooking masterpieces, preparing and testing all the same.

Traeger Grills Renegade Elite Wood Pellet Grill
Our rating:4.5 out of 5 stars (4.5 / 5)


  • It comes with a tool caddy rack to keep all tools closeby.
  • The porcelain grating is non-stick and easy to clean.
  • Easy to use digital controller is also present.


  • It requires a lot of maintenance before every cooking session.
  • The paint job soon blisters and starts coming off.

5 Traeger Grills TFB89BLFC Series Ironwood 885 Pellet Grill

This wood pellet grill serves a massive crowd, thus making sure everybody is satisfied and fulfilled at the end of an incredible outdoor cookout session.

Traeger Grills makes sure to cater to all of its customers. It is for those in need of a smaller grill for a sweet family gathering as well as those who want to celebrate and rejoice with friends, family, and neighbors alike! This grill has a huge grilling capacity of an impressive 885 sq. in.

This is amongst the new line of grills introduced by Traeger Grills and is equipped with much more advanced features.

Firstly, it has a D2 controller that consists of a drivetrain and brushless motor to power the grill using DC current. This helps maintain temperatures even when weather conditions are unfavorable such as below freezing points.

Another added advantage to this model is the Traeger WiFire Technology. We live in times where WiFi is just as important as the oxygen we breathe. Almost everything runs on the internet, and it has become a basic necessity for us.

Similarly, the WiFire Technology allows you to control your grill from anywhere however you want. Using the Traeger App on your smartphone, you can monitor the temperature, set timers, or even receive alerts.

You can also use this to make use of the Grill Guide, another feature by Traeger, that carries a custom recipe book for its users.

Traeger Grills TFB89BLFC Series Ironwood 885 Pellet Grill
Our rating:4.2 out of 5 stars (4.2 / 5)


  • A large cooking area of 885 sq. in.
  • Equipped with Traeger WiFire Technology and Grill Guide.
  • The D2 controller is great for maintaining heat in very cold regions.


  • Expensive as compared to similar items.
  • Setting up the WiFire is difficult.


It is no secret that Traeger Grill is a brand of quality. They ensure that they have a product for every consumer.

All of the Traeger Grills mentioned in this review have one feature in common, which is the 6-in-1 versatility. Therefore, you can use all of these items not only for grilling but also for baking, smoking, braising, roasting, or BBQing. Thus, they are a multi-purpose item.

According to this Traeger Grill Review, the clear winner is the Traeger Grills TFB42LZBC Lil Tex Elite 22 Wood Pellet Grill. This is because of the many features it carries, such as the Elite digital controller as well as the auto on/off ignition system.

Not only this, but it also has a large grilling capacity that enables users to cook everything in one go. Just like any other Traeger Grill, it also has a sturdy built that will last you long, providing you with delicious wood-fired taste to your meals.

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