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Top 6 Best Vehicle Lifts For Home Garages 2021 Reviews & Buying Guide

Are you a DIYer when it comes to your car repairs? If so, you are no stranger to crawling or sliding under the car, struggling to keep your torch in a steady position so you can see what you are doing. It’s not an easy feat, and it does not have to remain so.

Have you ever considered getting a vehicle lift for your garage? They sure do change the way you have been working on your car. They come in a variety of sizes and capacities to address each customer’s needs. To facilitate you, we have devised a list of best vehicle lifts for home garages.

Read on to find out about the car lifts we think are the best, and you may find one that is the solution to your cramped car repair problem.

Top 6 Best Vehicle Lifts For Home Garages 2021 Reviews & Buying Guide

Top 6 Best Vehicle Lifts For Home Garages In 2021 Reviews

1 APlusLift HW-10KBP 10,000LB Two Post Floor Plate

This is the most popular and high rated vehicle lift. Why so? It has a weight capacity of 10000 lbs., which makes it suitable for any vehicle. It can easily lift tall vehicles. Moreover, it features a two-post lifting design with a strong double “S” column crafted with Q345 steel.

The best part?

It has an upgraded floor plate design that contributes to its long life.

That’s not all.

It has a CE-certified structure, which makes it the safest vehicle lift. It works on a hydraulic system powered by a 220V engine. When lifted fully, it reaches a height of 83 inches. Therefore, it’s quite comfortable for even tall people to work underneath.

The overall width of 113 inches qualifies it to fit in a medium to huge spaced garages. It also has one-year warranty coverage for parts.

This vehicle is certainly a great choice for its performance and all overvalue. So, you should definitely consider it as a strong candidate for yourself.

APlusLift HW-10KBP 10,000LB Two Post Floor Plate
Our rating:4.7 out of 5 stars (4.7 / 5)


  • Features a strong and durable built.
  • It is quite easy to install.
  • The double “S” column renders it plenty of power.
  • Capable of lifting a variety of vehicles.
  • Has a CE-certified lift structure.
  • Ascend and descend are very smooth.


  • It is very heavy.
  • Not suitable for small garages.
  • Quite bulky to move around.
  • Its descending speed is slow.

2 Triumph NSS-8 8000LB 4 Post Car Lift

This is a product from a well-known manufacturer of car lifts. It is their top-rated 4 post lift.

Want to know why?

It features a sturdy 4 post design with several safety mechanisms in place for reliable operation. But more on this later. It has a weight capacity of 8000 lbs., and a lifting height of 84 inches. Thus, it’s very handy for easier access beneath the car.

Moreover, it comes with removable approach ramps, which make it easy to drive the vehicle in position before lifting.

It utilizes a 110V motor which, once installed, smoothly raises or lowers the entire system.

What’s more?

It has a built-in Castor kit that grants it mobility. You can easily move it around on flat surfaces. Bring it to the center when you are working and put it away in a corner once your work is done. It is also provided with 3 drip trays to catch any liquids that drop from the lifted car.

Wondering about the safety features?

The lift is equipped with safety lines on all 4 posts that run to the top of the maximum height. If there is any sort of accidental malfunction, these lines catch the car mid-fall and lock it in a secure position. The tracks are also installed with stops at both ends, so there is no risk of the car sliding off either ramp.

In addition, this car lift is perfectly capable of keeping the vehicle lifted for long periods of time. Therefore, it’s a great option if you are interested in creating multiple car storage in your garage, provided your garage height allows it.

All in all, it’s a great vehicle lift if you are looking to buy one with 4 posts.

Triumph NSS-8 8000LB 4 Post Car Lift
Our rating:4.4 out of 5 stars (4.4 / 5)


  • Sturdy 4 post design.
  • 8000 lbs. weight capacity.
  • Can be used as multiple car storage.
  • Quiet and noiseless operation.
  • Can be moved from one place to another.
  • Has a drive-through for placing the car in position for lifting.


  • It is hard to assemble.
  • Motor requires vetting by an electrician.
  • Consumes a lot of space.
  • The instructions manual is lacking.

3 Dannmar Portable Mid-Rise Scissor Lift

This is a great Mid-Rise vehicle lift from Dannmar Equipment. As the name suggests, it features a portable design that makes it suitable for residential usage.

What makes it so? The capability of lifting 6000 lbs. weight. It rises to an impressive height of 36 inches. You can use the lift blocks, which come with it to gain an extra 3 inches of height.

It is a versatile product with its adjustable arm assembly and a multi-position safety lock with 5 different locking positions. You can easily lock it at a position that is comfortable for you. This enables you to service your car in an easy and effective manner.

You think that’s all? Definitely not.

It operates on a 120V motor that comes with a cart. You can use it as a tow handle to move from one place to another. Moreover, it has a collapsed height of just 5 inches, making it easy to put away and store after usage. Thus, it’s one portable product, don’t you agree?

Moreover, its portability and space-saving make it one great product for you if you have a small garage that cannot accommodate a fixed unit. Overall, this Scissor style lift is easy to assemble when needed and stored away in a corner once the job is done.

Dannmar Portable Mid-Rise Scissor Lift
Our rating:4.4 out of 5 stars (4.4 / 5)


  • Weight capacity of 6000 lbs.
  • It features a collapsible design.
  • A versatile product that can lock at 5 different positions.
  • Does not take up much space.
  • Easy to store when not in use.
  • Cost-effective in terms of price.


  • Motor lacks variable voltage.
  • Steel wheels can mar flooring.
  • It is difficult to push.
  • It is quite heavy.

4 Auto Lift Car-Park-8 4 Post Parking Storage Car Lift 8,000 lb

This is a great vehicle lifting product from a lesser-known brand. It is a 4 post vehicle lift. But there’s a catch; it is an excellent choice for residential garages as it also works as parking storage for 2 vehicles.

What else makes it so special?

It offers an impressive maximum lifting height of 74.75 inches. Made from high quality steel, it is a durable product. The included approach ramps are also made from steel. Moreover, the poly caster kit gives it mobility. A jack tray and 3 sets of drip trays are also provided with it.

Its upper lift has a weight capacity of 8000 lbs. So it is capable of lifting anything from a regular car to an SUV. It can do so for extended time periods making it great storage for your car.

Want to know about the safety features?

It has a built-in safety locking mechanism that locks the lift. In the event of a power outage, there is no risk of the car falling. It also features a redundant ladder locking system. It engages the lock bar if the cable fails. In addition, this system has 10 locking positions with a lock release handle located near the power unit.

For a not so well-known model, it is a great option that you should consider getting for yourself. Not only does it assist in car repairs, but it also stores multiple cars at a time.

Auto Lift Car-Park-8 4 Post Parking Storage Car Lift 8,000 lb
Our rating:4.5 out of 5 stars (4.5 / 5)


  • It is not space consuming.
  • It has a weight lifting capacity of 8000 lbs.
  • Can hold up to 2 vehicles at any given time.
  • Solid steel frame makes it durable and long-lasting.
  • Can store a tall car under it.
  • Auto-engage safety mechanism locks the car in lifted position in case of a power failure.


  • It is very heavy.
  • Casters are not very efficient.
  • Assembling requires more than one person.
  • Instructions need more explanation.

5 BendPak QuickJack BL-5000SLX Portable Lift

This is a popular portable vehicle lift. Why so? It is portable in every sense. So much so that people who don’t have a home garage can use it outdoors. It has a compact design that enables easy storage when not in use.

Moreover, it features a small low profile design that is easy to carry around. It can easily adjust in the trunk of your car. Fun fact, it was initially designed to use on tracks. But the convenience and ease of usage provided popularity.

It has a weight capacity of 5000 lbs. But it can lift beyond that. How so? Its shape makes it a heavy-duty lift that can lift heavier vehicles. All you have to do is place the Jack’s under the vehicle. Once done, press the raise button. In less than a minute, your car will be raised at about two feet off the ground. Easy right?

In addition, its jack points are non-slip and are designed to fit any vehicle universally. It has a reinforced steel body and upper frame. This makes this unit suitable for heavy-duty lifting in a workshop too.

Furthermore, it comes with BendPak’s quality assurance. Why does this matter? It is a sign of high-quality and is extremely valued in the car lifting world.

Overall, it is best for changing tires, working on suspension, or tuning. It is priced quite low for such a portable device. It is the easiest setup and operate. With all the latest and desirable features, you should consider it seriously.

BendPak QuickJack BL-5000SLX Portable Lift
Our rating:4.4 out of 5 stars (4.4 / 5)


  • Easy to set up as well as operate.
  • Reinforced steel structure renders to durability and long life.
  • Available in variable voltage models.
  • Compact with a collapsed height of 3 inches.
  • Can fit in the trunk of most cars.
  • Can be used both indoors and outdoors.


  • Instruction manual is not updated.
  • Lifting height is not much.
  • Weight capacity is not suitable for heavy cars.
  • Does not provide easy access underneath the car.

6 BendPak Dual-Width 2-Post Asymmetric Car Lift

This vehicle lift has been a major source of attention in recent years. It is getting raving reviews from DIYers and professionals alike. Wondering why? It has 10000 lbs. weight capacity that can handle even the burliest of vehicles easily. It is extremely durable and almost maintenance-free. More on this below.

It is perfectly capable of raising your car, both symmetrically and asymmetrically. Design-wise, it is a two-in-one model. Moreover, with an ample amount of space, it allows you easy access to the interior too.

It has a maximum lifting height of 69 inches. It takes just 45 seconds to rise fully. In addition, it has extended columns and an adjustable top beam. Thus, you can adjust it for wide or narrow installation depending upon your vehicle or space availability.

Furthermore, it features a simple yet sophisticated design. It is a Low-Pro model. This means it has low profile arms that can easily lift lowered cars. It can also accommodate vehicles that have lift points at extreme outer edges.

It has an A36 steel base plate, which makes it very durable. Also, it features a self‐lubricating dura‐glide UHMW polyethylene bearing system. As a result, it is a low maintenance product. It also reduces the overall ownership cost.

Overall, it is a durable, reliable, safe, and easy to use vehicle lift that comes at a remarkable price. Considering all these wonderful features, it surely serves its value.

BendPak Dual-Width 2-Post Asymmetric Car Lift
Our rating:4.1 out of 5 stars (4.1 / 5)


  • A two-in-one model that can loft both symmetrically and asymmetrically.
  • Low profile arms can lift lowered vehicles.
  • Can be adjusted for wide or narrow installation.
  • It has a self-lubricating beating system.
  • Features a simple and sophisticated design.


  • It is a costly option.
  • The unit is difficult it assemble.
  • It is very heavy.

Best Vehicle Lifts For Home Garages Buying Guide

Now that you have decided to install a vehicle lift to assist you with car repairs, you should know that you cannot head to the market blindly. With a vast range of products, you must have some prior knowledge about the different types of products available out there. Also, it is best to know your unique personal demands that the car lift you decide to buy for yourself must fulfill.

Here are some aspects that need proper consideration to help you set specific criteria on which to judge your potential buy.


The first and foremost aspect of a vehicle lift you must consider is its price. One must always stick to his budget before buying anything. Car lifts are available in different price categories. These range from pocket-friendly to high-end expensive.

But the one that is best for you is the one that not only suits your needs but also fits your budget. When deciding on a particular product, see that it is in your range so that you do not end up broke.

vehicle lifts for home garages


Your second important priority in a vehicle lift is how safe it is.

A good vehicle lift is safe to load and operate because if it fails at providing that, you risk serious damage to your car and yourself. Some things to look for include a built-in locking mechanism that locks it in position once it rises.

A lock bar is a great safety tool, too, as it ensures smooth descend. Also, check that the unit is certified by safety regulations and has a proper instruction manual enclosed. Doing so will ensure you have a risk-free experience every time you use it.

Garage Dimensions

Knowing the dimensions of your garage is also important for buying a vehicle lift. They are available in varying heights and widths. You should get one that comfortably sits within your garage.

You may find a great unit. However, if it fails to install inside your garage or makes it very cramped and hard to move around, then it’s not for you. Consider options that are suitable to install within the dimensions of your garage and buy one that suits your needs best.


It is also good to consider installation options when you buy a vehicle lift. If you are a DIYer, you can invest in a unit that is fairly easy to install so that you can do it yourself. If you are on the perfectionist side, you can have professionals install it to your level of satisfaction.


The best vehicle lift is one that is easy to operate. It should not be too much of a trouble for even an absolute beginner. When buying yourself a car lift, go for an option that is the easiest to operate. Ideally, go for one that involves pressing a button to make it ascend or descend.


Pay proper heed to the material the lift is crafted from. It is the deciding factor that determines how reliable, durable, and long-lasting the product is.

The ideal material is steel, as it is the sturdiest, non-corrosive, and resistant construction material. Consider getting a steel-made vehicle lift as it will benefit you in both short and long term usage.

Weight Capacity

Weight capacity is also a very important aspect you must consider. Always refer to the rating listed by the manufacturer and buy a product that has far more capacity than your car. Why so? You may have a lighter car right now, but when you upgrade to a heavier one, your car lift can lift it as well.


Vehicle lifts are certainly a game-changer in car repair. They provide you adequate space to move around and arrange proper lighting so you can work on your car more easily and effectively.

If you are still hesitating to invest in one, consider all the trouble you go through when making the smallest adjustments in your vehicle. If that’s enough to convince you, we have provided a comprehensive list of the best vehicle lifts for home garages.

Carefully consider the features, pros, and cons of each product and select one that suits your needs. Your future self will surely thank you for it.

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