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Top 7 Best Winter Wiper Blades To Buy In 2022 Reviews

The windshield is the most important factor that prevents the wind from blowing directly inside the car. Without a windshield, driving is quite dangerous. Even convertibles have their own windshield to protect the vision. However, these are see-through shields, they need the care to ensure clear vision.

Wiper blades help keep the vision nice and clear in the rain and dusty weather. Using the best winter wiper blades makes this process safer and reliable in winters.

Winter Wiper blades are entirely different from the summer ones. They have many features that need attention so they ensure clarity in the season. They generally need installation when you install the chain in the tires. The most common and dangerous mistake people make is not taking winter wiper blades seriously.

Check out our article to know more about the best winter wiper blades.

Top 7 Best Winter Wiper Blades To Buy In 2022 Reviews

Best Winter Wiper Blades Comparison Table

26 inches
FX Dual Rubber
4.6 out of 5 stars (4.6 / 5)
13 – 28 inches
Armor shield
4.5 out of 5 stars (4.5 / 5)
18 – 28 inches
Water repellent rubber
4.5 out of 5 stars (4.5 / 5)
12 – 28 inches
4.2 out of 5 stars (4.2 / 5)
11 – 24 inches
DuraKlear Exclusive Rubber
4.3 out of 5 stars (4.3 / 5)
Metal body
4.3 out of 5 stars (4.3 / 5)
16 – 28 inches
5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)

Top 7 Best Winter Wiper Blades In 2022 Reviews

1 Bosch Icon Wiper Blade

Bosch is the most reliable international brand when it comes to technology. There are many different sizes so if you know the size and model of your car, you can pick the right one. It comes in a single style design to clear the whole windshield in one go.

Let us see more about this wiper blade…

The best thing about this winter wiper blade is, it is appropriate for all seasons. Even though it has qualities to be a winter wiper blade, it still has the ability to perform well in summers. The rubber on this is an FX dual rubber that is a unique feature by this brand. It helps fight heat and ozone radiations that ruin the material. The durability of the rubber overall makes the life 40% vaster than others.

This is just the beginning…

Another unique feature of this brand is bean technology. This patent-pending technology does not affect by the snow or frosting on the windshield. It works well in any season without sticking to the shield.

There is more…

The springs on this have an enclosed design. They help give ample pressure throughout the windshield. These springs also keep the blades flexible. Since they are enclosed, they are generally weather-resistant.

This is not all!

There is more to this wiper blade…!

The body has a precision fit, which helps adapt to the angle of the windshield.  Moreover, the installation process is user-friendly. You do not need professional help to install them.

And finally…

A wind spoiler helps in giving an easy kick-start to the wipers. It also helps keep the wiper in place so it does not move upwards when in use.

Bosch Icon Wiper Blade
Our rating:4.6 out of 5 stars (4.6 / 5)


  • Adaptable precise body.
  • Enclosed hooks for safety against the weather.
  • FX dual rubber to survive temperature.
  • Spring design for equal force on the screen.
  • Comes in different sizes for different models.


  • Not waterproof.
  • Inappropriate for straight windshields.

2 Trico 35 -170 Winter Wiper

The Trico 35-17- winter wiper is a popular choice among the customers. It comes in so many different lengths that it fits almost all vehicles. This is a single style wiper and works separately.

So what features does this have?

The Trico winter wiper is a strong body design. The single-piece style helps keep it strong and does not fiddle with the mechanism too much. The body is also flexible that allows users to fit the windshield regardless of the angle. This feature is important since this wiper does not work in pairs. It needs to have better touch with the whole windshield.

What about the other elements?

The blades are important parts of these winter wipers. The armor shield blades help these standout. They keep them together even when fighting against heavy elements of the weather. Moreover, it helps become functional and reliable throughout heavy storms.

The wiper has a coating of Teflon. It gives pans a nonstick touch to make it smooth and helps keep it quiet. The spoiler works with the body to remove the snow and ice that the wiper clears out.

This is not it…

The connection and installation are very easy for these wipers. A one-click installation helps you do it independently. These wipers come with about five different adapters. No matter what model your car is, there is at least one fit in the box for you.

Do you want to know the cherry on top?

The cherry on top is the case that this wiper comes in. The plastic case helps you keep it safe when it is not in use. Storage helps increase life.

Trico 35 -170 Winter Wiper
Our rating:4.5 out of 5 stars (4.5 / 5)


  • Teflon coating for silent and smooth wiping.
  • Armor shield blades to increase strength.
  • Several different sizes to fit any windshield.
  • Five different adapter sizes.
  • One-piece flexible body.


  • No spring hinges.
  • No enclosed hinges.

3 Rain – X Wiper Blade

Rain – X is another single type of Wiper blade that works wonders in winters.  The company is popular uses glass water repellents. This is an addition to their products. With all the customer popularity, it is a reliable design.

It comes in several different sizes, which makes it suitable for almost windshields of all vehicles. If you know the size of your windshield, it is easy for you to choose. Remember to choose a bigger size because it works in single blades.

Let us see what this wiper blade brings us…

The water repellent wipers clear and repel water off the windshield. This feature coats the windshield when the wipers are in use. Every time you activate them, the repellent activates automatically.

How do you attach this?

One of the unique factors of these wiper blades is their attachments. The patent-pending universal adapter helps make the installation very easy and quick.

What about the body of these wipers?

The body of these wipers helps increase functionality. It uses the beam blade technology. This technology uses contouring to fit into the windshield. It has a curve for the relevant windshield to add the right pressure. The pressure helps in ensuring smooth and streak-free wipes.

What else do we find here?

Another amazing feature we find in this blade is synthetic and squeegees rubber. This type of material survives in extreme temperatures without breaking down. The rubber squeegee type also enhances the silent feature of the blades.

The wind-lift feature helps give a kick-start to them. The aerodynamic body helps cut through the air easily. It also helps decrease the chances of tension.

Rain – X Wiper Blade
Our rating:4.5 out of 5 stars (4.5 / 5)


  • Synthetic rubber squeegee material for smooth clean.
  • Water repellent and clear feature.
  • Easy universal attachment installation.
  • Aerodynamic body to give it a kick-start.
  • Noise-free and quiet cleaning.
  • Contoured body for an easy fit.


  • Does not have very strong blades.
  • No covered hinges for secure attachment.

4 Meto Windshield Wiper Blades

The Meto windshield wiper blades are set of two. These winter wiper blades are a great seasonal change to your car. They help rely on your windshield when it is out cold and your visibility affects your safety.

There are several different sizes of these wiper blades. However, they come in two different sizes in each pair. The different sizes help the wipers work at an angle that they do not cross each other.

What other features will you find?

The Meto Windshield wipers come in several different blade options. Let us begin with the silicone wipers. Instead of classic rubber, these wipers use silicone blades. This material makes the wipers more durable and long-lasting. Silicone also helps in water beading on the windscreen. It helps the water slide off the screen in harsh weather to enhance clarity and better vision.

What is more to this?

Another great feature is the surface has a Tefont coating. This coating is like a Teflon coating but has advanced features. It helps remove the snow from the blades without a problem. They are not harsh to the glass and leave the glass scratchless.

What about the body of these wipers?

The body of these wipers has an aerodynamic design. This design helps get a jump-start by cutting through the air. It does not let the wind give tension and ruin the wipers. It also helps the wipers work at great speeds and reduces wind noise.

Do you want to know the best part?

The best part is the steel sheet inside these wiper blades. This sheet helps in many things including contouring. It helps reduce overall noise as well.

Meto Windshield Wiper Blades
Our rating:4.2 out of 5 stars (4.2 / 5)


  • The steel sheet helps to contour and reduce noise.
  • The aerodynamic body helps run at great speeds.
  • Works in pairs of two different piece sizes.
  • Silicone blades enhance water beading.
  • The font coating helps remain smooth and scratch-free.


  • Does not work for curves in screens.
  • Is not repellent to water.

5 Anco Winter Wiper Blades

The Anco Winter Wiper Blades is another one of the best winter wiper blades out there. These blades work in singles. They come in several different sizes, which makes it easy to fit in almost any vehicle.

They come in their case, which helps keep them safe when they are not in use. These winter blades are ergonomic and have many different features to make it stand out.

Let us look at what these blades offer.

The blades are the first thing to make winter driving conditions better and more reliable. The rubber on these is exclusive. The unique DuraKlear rubber compound helps achieve better results. The rubber does not leave behind streaks on your screen. The rubber helps in ensuring flexibility in cool temperatures.

There is more to these wiper blades…

The overall body has a rubber coating. This rubber coating ensures the body remains flexible. Moreover, when the wipers are in action, the rubber coating gives them strength and protection from tension on the body. Even though the body is not in one piece, this does not stop these wipers from being strong.

There is something about the installation too…

The installation is a special KiwkConnect system. This is a unique system by these wiper blades to help attach them once with precision. The next time you want to replace them, it becomes easier. A simple attachment system helps work its way to the installation.

Anco Winter Wiper Blades
Our rating:4.3 out of 5 stars (4.3 / 5)


  • The rubber coating on the body for strength.
  • Different sizes to fit into almost any windscreen.
  • No streaks on the screen.
  • DuraKlear rubber compound is especially for winters.


  • The hinges do not have any support.
  • These are not for curvy windshields.

6 Motorcraft Premium Wiper Blade

Motorcraft is a popular brand for many products. This wiper blade shows their quality and their deliverance on the blades. It comes in many different sizes to make it convenient to fit in different types of cars. It also has many features to make it stand out.

Let us look at the features.

This blade works solely. Their size is a little longer to ensure that this wiper covers the whole windshield without inconvenience. The blades are metal which makes them stand out. The material is resistant to corrosion to ensure these blades can work for a long time.

What is more to this?

Since the body is mostly metal, this wiper is quite durable. It corrodes in water or snow as well. All these features combine to make it more durable than many others on the market do.

The body also helps perform in rough and extreme temperatures. These wipers are great for extremely hot summers and cool winters too. They help in removing snow from the screen as well.

What are add-ons?

These wipers are quiet and do not make air noises or running noises which makes them convenient. Their shape makes them very versatile as well. You can either work with the single one or get two of these to work on both sides of this.

Another great add-on is the wear indication. These fade away and change their color when it is time to replace them. This feature helps monitor the wipers.

Motorcraft Premium Wiper Blade
Our rating:4.3 out of 5 stars (4.3 / 5)


  • There is a wear indication to help monitor this wiper.
  • Can work as a pair too because of versatile shape.
  • Metal blades to help in the durability.
  • Noise-free to make them more convenient.
  • Corrosion-free to work under all kinds of weather.


  • Are not for curved windscreens.
  • No protection of hinges against the cold.

7 Michelin Windshield Wiper Blade

The Michelin windshield wiper blade is another example of the best winter wiper blades you will find. Customers love these wiper blades because of the soft yet important attention to detail in these blades. It comes in several different sizes to make it convenient for almost all kinds of vehicles.

A unique feature of these is having a versatile shape. You can work them in pairs as well to cover more surface area. However, in some cases, one of them is longer than the other. Keep in mind all these factors before making these works as a pair.

What are some of the important features of this?

There is a lot of attention to detail in these. One of them is the attention on the hinges. The hinges on these are “smart hinges.” These joints allow the wiper to make its force on the windshield in the entirety.

The force remains stable throughout the screen so no area remains untouched. This feature also helps it to work on curved screens.  The smart hinge has a cover as well. This feature helps in protecting the hinges from snow, dust, and all other contaminations.

Wait, there is more…!

Another great aspect is the separate suspension at the end of these wipers. These suspensions help adapt to the shape of the wipers to make them more gripping on all kinds of screens. Hence, these become more reliable for clarity.

What about the attachment?

The first time attaching the adapter might call out for some help. However, every time after that, you can simply click attach the new ones on. Also changing come after about 300,000 wiping cycles as per tests.

With the unique and functional design, these wiper blades give you a noise-free and scratch-free wiping.

Michelin Windshield Wiper Blade
Our rating:5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)


  • End suspension helps to acquire the grip.
  • Smart hinges exert precise force over the screen.
  • Joints have a covering to protect from contamination.
  • These are quiet and streak-free.
  • Work up to 300,000 cycles as per tests.


  • Do not give water beading.

Best Winter Wiper Blades Buying Guide

Winter Wiper blades are very important for your car in winter. These wipers help clear your windshield from frosting, snow, and other factors. However, to rely on these, you need to ensure you get the right ones with the help of this guide.

  • Size

The first and foremost thing to see is the size. These come in many different sizes. To select the right size you have to measure your windshield. Moreover, you need to select if you want to get a pair or a single piece. Single pieces are generally bigger because only one has to work throughout the screen.

winter wiper blades

  • Hinges

You may not think they are very important, but your wipers rely on them. Winter wipers have more stress on them. Hence, they need stronger hinges. Make sure to get something with covering on them. Strong material will help keep them last longer and you can depend on them in rough weather.

  • Rubber

The rubber of the wiper is the only point of contact between the wiper and the windshield. Hence, the rubber is another very important and careful selection you need to make. Reinforced rubber helps increase the life of the blades.

Ideally, the rubber should be heat and corrosion-resistant. Remember! better rubber leads to more pricey wipers. However, the rubber will also increase the overall durability.

  • Curve

Not all windshields are straight. Some of them have a natural curve. You cannot use a straight wiper on the curved screens. Make sure you know about the angle of your windshield. Some wipers have the ability to bend and adapt. However, if your wiper is not that versatile, pick the one that suits your windshield.

  • Waterproof

Generally, wipers are waterproof. Nevertheless, the wiper blade is not waterproof. When you make your choice, select the waterproof ones. Having waterproof blades helps in keeping the blades and rubber together. If they are not waterproof, they might just detach easily.

Additional Features

Besides the basic features, you can always get value for money with some additional features. For the best winter wiper blades, you can get a bunch of additional features.

  • Silent Wipers

If you are not very much into the noise, silent wipers are your to-go add-on.

best winter wiper blades review

  • Aerodynamic Design

Helps the movement of the wipers without getting strain from the air pressure.

  • No Bracket Blades

Blades without brackets have a spring on them. The spring helps distribute the pressure in the curve of the windshield.

Benefits Of Winter Wiper Blades

One of the most common mistakes people make is not changing their wipers in time for winters. Summer wiper blades are different from winter blades because of many reasons. These are mostly too with the functionality and their ability to perform in the cold. You may think regular wipers are good for winters, but this is just a myth. Winter wiper blades are quite different and there are many advantages to them.

  • They Are Stronger

Winter Wiper blades are stronger than the summer blades. Their strength helps them fight heavy snow and frost on the windshields.

winter wiper blade

  • They Are Nonstick

Winter wiper blades have a nonstick rubber that does not freeze. It is resistant to rough weather.  

  • Reliable

Many different factors contribute to the reliability of the Winter Wiper Blades. The hinges are under protection and do not freeze. The wipers do not bend with time.

Overall, they are just more durable and longer-lasting. Another major benefit of using winter wiper blades is they do not ice up in cold. They stay defrosted and strong to work all the time. Moreover, these blades have materials that do not crack or break because of the cold.

  • Drive Safe

While some regular wipers may last long and even work well in winters, they still cannot fight the power of weather. Hence, winter wipers are more important in achieving a clean and visible windshield. They remove frost, snow, and everything else from the windshield to ensure a safe drive.

Types Of Winter Wiper Blades

There are not per say many different types of Winter Wiper Blades. However, there are a couple of different features that make it stand out for diverse purposes.

One of the main difference that stands out is in terms of single or pair. The single ones are generally larger and work to cover the whole windshield. The double help give more surface area to the windshield. It clears the passenger side by working together. They are more common because in some areas it is illegal to have only one.

winter wiper blades guide

Another type that matters most is the curved or the straight ones. These are according to the types of the windshield. You can choose the type that adapts to the shape, which is the most convenient. However, if you opt for the exact angle then you will have to take some time to find the one that suits you. The right angle helps give the best coverage and makes the user more efficient.

Another type is the spring hinge type. This type has a spring hinge which helps exert the right amount of pressure on every angle. These are the best for curved windshields. They do not leave any area untouched and keep them clear and clean.

Top Brands

Winter wiper blades are more common these days. People slowly realize the importance and brands take full advantage of this factor. Some brands work hardest to give something that is near to perfect. Let us look at these brands.

winter wiper blades review

  • Michelin

Michelin is a lifestyle brand. This international company’s products are to make life easier anywhere in the world. Their winter wiper blades are one of the best ones out there.

You can see how they focus on attention to the tiniest details. While the prices go up high with this brand, it is still reliable to the customers.

best winter wiper blades review guide

  • Bosch

Bosch is another very reliable brand for the best winter wiper blades. This brand is also international and is very common around the globe.

This brand is a lifestyle technology brand. They claim to add technology to everyday situations to make life easier.

  • Rain – X

best winter wiper blades reviews

Rain – X is a unique brand for the best Winter Wiper blades. However, they provide the best of them. This brand is generally very about water-repelling elements.

This is the reason why their wipers have their quality as well.

Winter Wiper Blades Pricing

The pricing is the tricky part. Automobile parts and accessories always find a conflict in the prices. These are either too black or too white, not grey at all. The winter wiper blades have the same calculation.

In the generic sense, the winter wiper blades are not very expensive. However, they increase their price with the quality of rubber in them. The rubber is the main point of contact between the wiper and the glass. This is why companies focus most of the rubber on these blades. As the quality of the rubber goes higher, the prices follow it.

Even with great quality rubber and all the other features, wipers do not have to go above $50. Anything above that and you need to reconsider your choice.


There are so may different kinds of winter wipers. All of them seem the best winter wiper blades because of the diverse features they possess. After reading our in-depth analysis, you probably have a better idea to make your pick.

For us, the best one is the Michelin Windshield Wiper Blade. It brings some attention to detail to make things better and durable. They come in singles. However, the versatile shape helps them work as a pair. This is a unique feature that you will not find in many others. Moreover, the hinges have protection from everything that may come in their way.

Another reason why we find them amazing is their adaptability. The adaptable nature of these wiper blades makes them the best winter wiper blade for almost all kinds of cars and screen types.

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