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Black + Decker BDH2000PL MAX Pivot Review

Hello, to all and welcome to our Black + Decker BDH2000PL MAX Pivot Review.

This time we are going to take a closer look at a great new home appliance on offer from top manufacturer Black and Decker. The product in question is the handheld, portable, battery-operated, vacuum cleaner known as the BDH2000PL MAX Pivot.

For many years, decades even, stand up vacuum cleaners attached to the mains were the norm. But, with the ever increasing use and quality of portable battery power, vacuum cleaners have gone through a bit of a revolution to their design in recent years.

Black and Decker are, as usual, on top of the game, and the MAX Pivot vacuum cleaner takes vacuuming to a whole new level.

So, let’s see what it has to offer you…

Black + Decker BDH2000PL MAX Pivot
Our rating:3.9 out of 5 stars (3.9 / 5)

Lithium Battery

First off, this is a battery-operated vacuum cleaner, but that doesn’t mean it holds back on suction strength. It has 35 air watts of power, whereas the average air watts that other competitors machines have is 28. The all-purpose 20 volt lithium-ion battery, in turn with the high-performance motor, provides incredibly strong suction.

Therefore, you can certainly rely on the MAX Pivot to pull the dirt and embedded muck out of most household surfaces.

However, the battery itself is lightweight, so not achingly heavy in the hand during use.

Black + Decker BDH2000PL MAX Pivot Review

No limitations… 

Running time is at around 15 minutes. By no means long enough to go over a larger area, however, it is without the restriction of an electric cable. So you are free to roam without limitations.

Unlike other model types, the use of lithium-ion in the battery prevents fading and a gradual loss of power. Instead, it will keep continuous power until it runs out. When you do need to put some life back into the battery, it has a self-standing charger base to place it in, which will recharge it nice and quickly.

Please note…

The first time you use this cleaner, it must have a 24 hour charge. After that, 2 hours will bring it up to the maximum charge each time.

Pivot Feature

A top design feature of the MAX Pivot that is a huge advantage to vacuum chores is the pivoting nozzle. The adjustable nose allows you to move the cleaner nozzle and reach all those hard to get areas that regular machines will not stretch to.

The MAX Pivot gives you easy access to vacuum under cupboards, between couch cushions, the tops of doors, and all those other tricky to get at areas.

Filter System

This Pivot Vac features a 3-stage filtration system that has a pleated filter design. This offers superior filtration to expel clean air through the exhaust.

There is a cyclonic action fitted into the motor. This is designed to spin debris and dust away from the filter. By doing so, you can ensure a stronger suction for longer vacuuming time.

Black and Decker have also included a feature that they have named the ‘filter flicker.’ This prevents debris from becoming embedded into the filter and hampering suction power.

Crevice Tool And Brush

These are two accessories that are built into the nozzle of the MAX Pivot. The wide mouth design will scoop up large debris, and you can simply flip up the brush in order to clean upholstery or you can extend the crevice to access tight spaces.

The brush can help to dislodge embedded dirt and stir up debris, to then be sucked away. This is a soft but firm brush that encircles the wide mouth. It is ideal to use on dusty surfaces, as well as velour upholstery and high pile carpets.

The crevice tool is for exactly that – crevices, nooks, and crannies. An ideal feature to get down and deep behind your couch or around floor edges, for example.

Ease Of Use…

Both of these accessories are easy to use. The brush feature pulls out to open the mouth wider, allowing for larger particles to be sucked up. The crevice feature extends and tightens the mouth, to concentrate its sucking power more directly at a smaller area.

One application we are sorry to see Black and Decker have chosen to leave out of the MAX Pivot is a pet hairbrush. The brush tool will not easily or efficiently pick up pet hair. With so many people having a pet, we do feel this has been a bit of an oversight on the companies behalf.

Easy To Clean

Black and Decker have increased the dirt bowl capacity on the MAX Pivot cleaner by a whopping 42 percent. This is made from a tough, clear plastic, so you are always aware of how much it is filling up. To empty it out, there is a side door that lets you tap out the contents as this bowl is bagless.

If you need to give it a more thorough clean, which needs to be done from time to time, you can remove the entire bowl and filter. Then give them both a good wash with running water in the sink.

But, do make sure everything is completely dry before you put it back to use again.

Other Options

If you like Black and Decker but want more options when buying a cleaner, please check out our Black Decker CHV1410L Review.

Pros And Cons


  • Powerful battery
  • Strong suction power
  • Lightweight
  • Adjustable nozzle


  • No pet hair tool
  • Not a bare floor cleaner


So, there we have our into the MAX Pivot vacuum cleaner. If you are in the market for a battery operated cleaner appliance, then we feel that this is one that is worth considering.

But, do not expect this to do your whole house or apartment in one go – it will not. If you have lots of bare floors in your pad, then this may not suitable either. It is, however, a great solution for a quick suck up and general tidy about the place. The suction is very impressive and will get the job done.

Thanks for sticking with us, and we hope our Black and Decker BDH2000PL MAX Pivot review has been of help.

Cheers, all.

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