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Coleman Lay-Z Spa Review

Hi there you all. And welcome this time to a detailed review on one of the best selling budget inflatable hot tubs available.

We will be taking a closer look at a very popular hot tub offered from the brand Coleman. Generally, when you think of the Coleman name, coolers and tents normally spring to mind. Were you aware, however, that this popular outdoor brand also has a line in outdoor hot tubs?

Maybe not but, hot tubs fit perfectly with the other outdoor recreational products that Coleman manufacture.

The Coleman SaluSpa is one of the most renowned portable hot tubs that the company currently offers. And in this article, we will be finding out if this inflatable hot tub deserves the credit it receives. But more importantly to you, is it deserving of your hard earned cash and a place in your yard, garden or deck?

Coleman Lay-Z Spa
Our rating:3.8 out of 5 stars (3.8 / 5)

If you are a first time buyer in the world of inflatable hot tubs the SaluSpa is a great choice. We say this with two main points in mind – it is cheap but, Coleman is a well known and renowned outdoor brand.

1 Special Features

To start is the size – it can accommodate in comfort up to six adults. Then, there is a built-in heating system which is fully controlled by you. And a full filtration system keeps the water clean. The best and most prominent feature has to be the massage jet blowers.

So, let us now take a closer look at these main points…

2 Heating System

This SaluSpa has a rapid heating system, abling it to heat up to 3 degrees Fahrenheit per hour. The maximum heating capacity is 104 degrees Fahrenheit. To reach this temperature will largely depend upon the initial temperature of the water as well as ambient temperature.

If you have plans to jump in for a soak during wintertime then you really need to be filling up and heating the water probably around 72 hours beforehand. An easy way to shortcut this process is to fill directly with warm water if you can. Once you have it raised to your comfortable temperature the well-insulated design of the tub will keep that warmth in, for a good length of time.

There is an auto hibernate feature fitted. If you happen to forget to shut down the system once you have left the tub, this will kick in and minimize your electricity use. And during summer months the bubble jets can be run without heating up the water.

Coleman supply an insulated tub cover that we recommend you should put in place to help speed up the heating of the water. It is a good idea to keep this cover permanently on anyway, except when you are using the hot tub. This way your water will be kept clean form wind and garden debris when not in use.

3 Filtration System

The filters in place will keep the waters of your spa perfectly clean from chemical residues, hair and other floating particles. They are working continuously, regardless of if you have the jets turned on or are heating up the water.

The SaluSpa comes with two standard filter cartridges. These are easily cleaned in the dishwasher or just give them a simple hose down. Since the filters are always at work, we would suggest to clean them once a week and if your spa is in regular use, then replace them every month.

Coleman Lay-Z Spa Review

Replacement of the filters is a simple process. You will find them at the bottom on the side of the tub. Just unscrew the cover which holds them, then unscrew and remove the filters.

To help with the cleanliness this hot tub also comes with a chemical floater to help maintain correct levels of pH within the water. You are able to fit one-inch chlorine or bromine tablets in the floater. These tablets are not, however, supplied in the purchase package and you will need to buy these separately.

4 Massage System

The jets in place to create the bubbles may not be as powerful as on some more expensive hot tubs. By no means let that put you off though. They work very well. The bubbles are so relaxing that they really soothe and relax you, removing all the stress of the day.

The bubbles themselves are created by the drawing of air from the outside so the ambient temperature does play a major factor. But as previously stated the heating system can work continuously if desired, so even if it is in the dead of winter, water temperature should not be affected that much.

You have in place 120 bubble jets all around the perimeter at the bottom. There is no adjustment to these and they perform at just the manufacturer’s settings.

5 Dimensions

Once your portable SaluSpa has been inflated it stands at 28 inches/2.3 feet tall. And the diameter is 6.5 feet. This makes it a great size for 3-4 people. The six people Coleman claims it can accommodate, we feel is rather hopeful. There really is not enough legroom to fit that many adults comfortably – unless you are all very close friends! Six kids would be fine, however.

The filled weight of this spa is very heavy, 2,700 lbs or 1,200 kgs. This needs to be considered carefully if you have any intention of placing it on raised decking or a balcony of some kind.

Kind of obvious but, we do need to point this out. Make sure it is in the place you wish to use it before filling it up. You will be feeling rather foolish trying to move a three-quarter filled hot tub!

6 Setting Up

There is a pump supplied for inflation and a gauge to control pressure. Once inflated, but empty of water, you can still move the spa to your intended location before filling.

The pump is designed to make sure you cannot over-inflate the hot tub. It is rather loud but is better than manually pumping, therefore, you will have to learn to live with it. It can take up to an hour for full inflation. This is the same pump that is used to control the bubbles, but the noise is reduced, as it is then, not working at its full limit.

coleman lay z spa setup

To activate the bubbles there is a soft touch panel with an LED display. The buttons are toggles that you press for on or off.

If you have an uneven backyard or surface, you may be concerned it may affect the bottom of your tub once you are seated. Well, do not be alarmed. There is an air padded ground cloth to solve any unevenness. You will feel like you are seated on a cushion.

7 Maintenance

To keep your SaluSpa in good order, there really is not too much you need to do.

If though, you find mold has started to appear on the sides then some diluted bleach with water sprayed on and then wiped away will remove any such substance.

Otherwise, the only other thing to do is clean and change the filters.

8 Coleman Lay-Z Spa Review Pros and Cons

  • Relaxing bubble jets.
  • Heating of the water is continuous.
  • This hot tub is strong and has durable materials.
  • Inflatable ground mat.
  • Easy to clean the surfaces.
  • Only available in one color – green.
  • Jet power is average.
  • Only one-speed bubble jets.

Coleman Lay-Z Spa Review Conclusion

The SaluSpa hot tub will give you some awesome experiences. The combination of a bubble massage in nicely heated water is an amazing way of relaxing. If you have one of these at home then you can always look forward to some pampered downtime after the daily stresses are over.

So, is this for you to soak it up alone, have a chill out with some close friends or some family fun time? If you do not have the space or money for a home pool, but do want the option of a soak then a Coleman SaluSpa portable hot tub could be just what you have been looking for.

Thanks for reading through with us. We really hope we have helped you out with this review.

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