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Cuisinart Supreme Grind Burr Grinder Review

Are you fed up with your blade grinder and afraid that it might catch fire because of all the friction taking place every day?

Well, we have some good news for all the coffee connoisseurs out there. Now, you can enjoy a delicious cup of perfectly brewed coffee with the DBM-8 Supreme Grind Automatic Burr from Cuisinart. This electrically powered burr mill grinder is perfect for taking your coffee grinding game to the next level.

For more than forty years, Cuisinart has been a well-known culinary icon that has been producing some of the top quality coffee grinders, and this model is no different. Let’s find out more about the BDM-8 so that you can see why this burr mill is creating quite a stir.

Cuisinart Supreme Grind Burr Grinder
Our rating:4.1 out of 5 stars (4.1 / 5)

Pros And Cons


This model has numerous advantages, some of which are as follows:

  • Uniform grinding without the use of blades.
  • Large storage capacity of 32 cups of ground coffee.
  • Safe and affordable.
  • Simple to clean and assemble.
  • Comes with a cleaning brush and scoop.
  • Easy-to-read instruction manual.
  • Extra-coarse to extra-fine settings.
  • 18-grind selection.
  • Automated shut-off saves the beans from over-grinding.
  • Stainless steel construction.
  • Limited 18-month warranty.


  • As with all good things, this burr grinder also has the following disadvantages:
  • Is quite loud.
  • Is not the unit for delicate blends.

Cuisinart Supreme Grind Burr Grinder


Most people believe that a low price is an indication of poor quality. However, this is not so in the case of DBM-8, as is clear from the following features:


This coffee grinder is highly appealing and very well put-together. Its edges are neat and straight. It has a shiny black finish that goes well in any kitchen décor. Designed from stainless steel, this compact kitchen gadget will comfortably fit in the corner of your kitchen. Moreover, it is very simple to operate, which first-time users find very convenient.

In addition, the DBM-8 comes with an in-built safety feature. This ensures that this grinder will not work unless the grounds bin and the bean hopper are properly in place. It is also equipped with a set of highly capable ceramic block burrs.

This coffee grinder has a removable plastic bean hopper with a large capacity of eight ounces. As a result, this sizable plastic grounds bin can hold up to 32 cups worth of ground coffee. However, it is best to grind and store only the amount of coffee you will need, as storing large amounts can detract from the flavor profile of the bean.

Despite having an all-plastic body, the aluminum finish and black accents on this grinder’s exterior give it a high-end look. Moreover, it weighs only 4.7lbs, thus making it easier to store this gadget in a cabinet.

Easy To Clean

It is vital to periodically clean a burr grinder in order to ensure its optimal performance. The BDM-8 is designed with a removable hopper that makes cleaning it very simple. The top burr comes out with the hopper as both of them are attached together. Thus, you can easily clean the coffee residue from the bottom burr.


This Cuisinart Supreme Grind Burr has a pretty good build quality. This ensures that you will be able to enjoy many cups of coffee made perfectly in this grinder. Moreover, it comes with an 18-month warranty, thus providing users with complete peace of mind. In case anything goes wrong with this unit within the warranty period, you can avail of the services of Cuisinart’s remarkable customer service.

Easy To Operate

This coffee grinder from Cuisinart is basically a beginner’s grinder and is very easy to use. You just need to plug it in, put the beans in the hopper, and ensure that the grounds bin is placed correctly. Next, twist the hopper to select the grind setting, press the number of cups you wish to grind for and press the ‘start’ button. See, piece of cake.

This high-performing grinder can grind 12 cups of coffee in just forty seconds and 18 cups in only 55 seconds. Furthermore, its grind quality is superior to that of blade grinders.

Value For Money

The DBM-8 is an affordable unit that provides excellent value for money. Although it is best not to expect an ultra-fine grind for an espresso; however, it is a sound investment for a routine user of pour-overs, drip coffee machines, and French Press brew.

Incredible Taste Every Time

Typically a burr grinder offers much more consistently ground coffee as compared to a blade grinder. Thus, you can be sure that each particle of coffee is almost the same size irrespective of coarseness. As a result, you get a cup of coffee without any acidity or bitterness.

In addition, blade grinders typically experience an overheating effect after use. Grinding beans constantly on just three settings means considerable wear and tear on the blades. This results in loss of grinding accuracy, which culminates in the loss of quality in your brew.

As a result, you may have to grind the beans longer. This exposure to an electrical heat source can not only decrease the flavor of your coffee but may also cause a circuit breaker to trip or fry the grinder. With this Cuisinart grinder, you can have a great-tasting cup of coffee every time.

Perfect For Various Users

  • The DBM-8 ensures the flavor and richness of the beans that make it perfect for t
    he following people:
  • Ideal for those who love a uniform French Press, Drip coffee, or a pour-over
  • Perfect for both ladies and gents who want to up their coffee making game by polishing their grinding skills
  • Great for people who prefer a kitchen gadget that ensures a rich coffee cup without any fuss or mess cleaning


This Cuisinart coffee grinder is a budget-friendly, entry-level unit that is fitted with a burr mill rather than blades. It is an excellent product that makes grinding your beans fresh, very easy. This product is capable and stylish and easily one of the best products in this range. With the DBM-8, coffee aficionados can enjoy a fantastic cup of coffee with minimal fuss.

In terms of longevity and user-friendliness, this product performs very well as compared to other grinders in its category. We also recommend it because if its relatively small price tag. Its multiple grind settings are also a plus point as they ensure a nice consistency of ground coffee.

For anyone who is a novice to the world of coffee grinding but loves an excellent brew, this is the perfect purchase.

Cuisinart Supreme Grind Burr Grinder
Our rating:4.1 out of 5 stars (4.1 / 5)

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