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De’Longhi EC155 Review

Are you looking for a cappuccino maker? You must be tired of visiting a coffee shop to have a smooth and rich espresso or cappuccino. You might be asking yourself for an easy and affordable solution. If so, then stop confusing yourself.

We are going to tell you an affordable and easy to use solution for this problem. De’Longhi EC155 is a perfect product for your countertop. You can make delicious espressos and cappuccinos every morning.

If you are willing to know more about this product, then go through the article. We hope you will find many interesting facts and features about this product.

De’Longhi EC155
Our rating:3.9 out of 5 stars (3.9 / 5)


It is not about a coffee machine only. If you are going to buy any product, the first most important thing you need to consider is the features of that product. The same goes for a cappuccino maker.

Some features are quite important to look at before you buy this unit. We are going to highlight a few of the prominent features of this amazing cappuccino maker. Let’s have a look at them.

  • Quality Of The Machine

Unlike other espresso machines, this cappuccino machine is quite affordable. Due to the plastic bodies, the maker is pocket-friendly. However, the steam wand and drip tray are made with stainless steel.

  • Brewing Quality

The first most important feature that deserves your attention is the brewing capability of the coffee maker. Do you know the best part of this product?

Firstly, this cappuccino maker contains a boiler of stainless steel. In simple words, you will need hot water for a great espresso.

This product is an ideal choice for you. Secondly, a thermostat (integrated) continuously monitors the boiler. Most importantly, a separate thermostat will monitor the milk’s temperature while frothing.

Moreover, you can make two types of coffees by using De’Longhi EC155. First is brewing a cappuccino, and the other one is the straight espresso.

De’Longhi EC155

What’s More About This Perfect Product?

As we all know, a cappuccino machine that is unable to produce microfoam or milk frothing is not worthy. But you don’t need to worry. Firstly, this maker has a built-in frother (swivel jet).

Secondly, the frother connects to this cappuccino maker. Moreover, it is present beside the portafilter. Thirdly, and most importantly, the special design, along with an angle, is useful for steaming the milk.

Thus, it is also a perfect choice for frothing.

  • Tends To Make Your Life Easy (Make-Life-Easy)

The espresso machine has a no-fuss and convenient design. Operating the brew cycle of this machine is quite easy. That’s not all.

The mechanism of self-priming helps to produce a smooth and strong start-up. Moreover, you don’t need to prime the machine manually. In other words, the whole procedure is automatic, hands-off, and convenient.

Just turn on the espresso maker, start brewing, and once you get the preferable amount of espresso, turn off the maker. Also, this machine also supports E.S.E cappuccino (coffee) pods.

  • Cleaning Of The Cappuccino Maker

Do you know brewing is not enough for an espresso maker?

If you know the importance of hygiene, then cleaning is also necessary for you. In simple words, cleaning this cappuccino maker is not a big deal at all. The brewer of this maker also contains a light for cleaning (cleaning light).

This cleaning light will give an indication of when the machine will require descaling. However, the descaling process is not automatic. The machine will only give an indication.

Therefore, you have to clean it manually. It contains a drip tray along with a reservoir. Both parts are also dishwasher-safe. Moreover, the dual-function filter helps in easily cleaning the portafilter.

Pros And Cons


After features, you have to look at whether the product will be beneficial for you or not. Therefore, we are going to tell you some of the pros of this cappuccino maker. Why does this product matter to us?

The answer to this question is present below. Let’s have a look at some of the pros now.

  • Make Your Favorite Taste

The professional pressure of 15-bar makes sure that the unit provides you with maximum quality each time. Secondly, the adjustable controls in this unit will allow the user to modify the settings according to his taste.

  • No Need To Wait Between The Cups

This advanced and latest machine tends to maintain the best (optimum) temperature. Moreover, it will allow you to brew a cappuccino cup one after another.

  • Space-Saving And Sleek Design

The best part of this machine is its sleek, narrow footprint and compact design. Thus, you can fit every model on your kitchen top. Moreover, it won’t occupy a lot of space on the countertop.

  • Water Tank

The water tank of this maker is quite convenient. In simple words, you can reattach, remove, and refill the water tank without any difficulty. The level of water is very visible; thus, you can eliminate the tank.

  • Easy Cleaning

As we have already told you, the cappuccino maker contains a drip tray and a water tank (removable). In other words, cleaning and maintaining the maker is quite easy. You can take out the tank and clean it.

Secondly, the parts of this cappuccino maker are dishwasher safe.

  • Two Espresso Shots Or One-Shot?

The unit includes a three-in-one holder (filter). So, it contains one holder for two espresso shots, one holder for a single espresso shot, and another holder for an espresso pod (easy-serve). Therefore, you can once again make a shot according to your preference.

  • Price

You know what?

You can get all of these features and pros at an affordable price. This high-quality cappuccino maker is pocket-friendly. We are sure that it won’t cause a burden on your pockets.


Like all other things, this product also has some cons. We are going to tell you all the possible cons you can face. Thus, try to make a clear and wise decision.

  • Lacks temperature control and power control. Therefore, you can face problems while pulling yummy espresso shots consistently.
  • You can also face issues or troubles while extracting your flavor from lightly roasted or medium roasted beans.
  • People are complaining about the packaging – delivery issues.
  • Moreover, if you are lazy, then this machine is not the right choice for you. In simple words, the user has to monitor the brewing process continuously. A single second of less concentration can lead to a lot of mess.
  • Customers are also complaining that they have to wait for almost 15 minutes before they brew their espresso.

How To Use De’Longhi EC155?

A question might arise in your mind: how can you actually use this maker?

Don’t worry. We will explain the method easily and briefly.

  • First, unbox the cappuccino maker, collect and assemble the parts.
  • Secondly, fill the water tanker – do not push or cross the max level.
  • Nicely place the lid – close it.
  • You will see multiple selections that are off.
  • Move the knob one-stage towards the right. Now, the water will start heating. Moreover, you can use it to make an espresso, cappuccino, tea, or any other purpose.
  • If you move the knob towards the steam sign, it means the user can use the steamer wand or the frothing wand.
  • Now, you are at the brew part. The OK light will turn on. At this moment, you are all ready to start making an espresso.
  • Take a filter (one-shot or two-shot), fill it with your favorite coffee beans (grounded). Take a tapper and tap the coffee so that it is flat.
  • Afterward, you can fit the filter in the holder. After fitting it, connect the holder with the cappuccino unit and turn it outwards. Keep in mind that you are not applying too much pressure on the unit.
  • Later on, take a coffee mug and place it beneath the unit (holder). Turn on the espresso machine.
  • Turn it off when the espresso is ready. Now move the knob towards the steam portion (left side).
  • Take milk in a container or mug. Use the frothing wand to produce froth. You will see a knob at the top of the cappuccino maker. Turn it on and off counter-clockwise simultaneously.
  • Lastly, take out the espresso cup. Add some froth to the espresso cup according to your taste and requirements.
  • Here you go. Drink and enjoy your espresso.


In conclusion, we would like to say that this sleek and amazing cappuccino maker is a really good choice for your homes. Firstly, if you love to drink a latte, espresso, or odd cappuccinos, then this product will best fit your choice.

Moreover, it is an affordable machine. The features and design are quite impressive. Most importantly, the cleaning process, using process, and maintaining the espresso maker is not that difficult. You can do it yourself without any professional help.

Therefore, we recommend you to have a look at this out-standing product before buying any other espresso maker.

De’Longhi EC155
Our rating:3.9 out of 5 stars (3.9 / 5)

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