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Delta Linden Single Handle Pull-Out Faucet Review

The fact that a minimalist style of faucets can be attractive too is undoubtedly true to agree with.

Or do you disagree with the fact?

If you disagree, we’re sure that the Delta Linden Pull-Out Faucet will change your mind.

Still don’t believe us?

Well, let’s review this faucet in detail to know the truth!

Delta Linden Single Handle Pull-Out Faucet
Our rating:4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5)


The Delta Linden 4353-AR-DST is a single handle kitchen faucet with pull-out sprayer. Its minimalist style is inspired greatly by the look of a linden tree. For a few, the style might be so minimal as to be totally unacceptable. Among all, the stainless steel finish best suits this particular faucet. Once more, this is simply an issue of individual taste.

However, this water-efficient, single-handle pull-out kitchen faucet looks both contemporary and classy in appearance. It flaunts an exceptionally ideal installation and comes with various appealing features that you won’t find in any other faucet in the same comparison.

Delta Linden Single Handle Pull-Out Faucet Review


While choosing a faucet to match with your kitchen design and the needs, it can be very difficult to finalize one product. Sometimes it’s a matter of needs, and on the other occasions, it depends on the desires.

If you’re a person that loves nature and will to add a faucet that mimics it, we have a solution for you. From the spectacular features offered to the nature-enlivened plan, the 4353-AR-DST is a solid contender for anybody hoping to redesign their kitchen.

In fact, the 4353-AR-DST is a solid contender for anyone that wants to keep the kitchen light yet minimally stylish.


  • Length: 10.5 inches (left to right)
  • Width: 9.89 inches (front to back)
  • Spout reach: 9.89 inches
  • Spout height: 5.88 inches
  • Flow rate: 1.5 gallons per minute
  • Overall height: 11.38 inches
  • Weight: 5.68 pounds
  • Installation type: Deck
  • Number of holes: 1


Delta is known for producing products with several innovative features. Here are all the noteworthy features of this faucet:

  • Finishes

This faucet is more or less great in every finish it offers. The finishes include Cold Stainless, Chrome, Venetian Bronze. The sort of innovation that Delta has utilized creating this design is simply astonishing.

Whatever shade you choose, it comes with its own unique look. To find one that suits your kitchen the best, contrast well with your kitchen’s design.

  • Functioning Capability

The whole process of expelling mineral build-up is easy with the help of the touch-clean splash holes. Delta 4353-AR-DST Kitchen Faucet has delicate elastic splash holes which makes it exceptionally simple to evacuate calcium and lime development within.

Not to forget;

The faucet is equipped with the Diamond Seal Technology. As a result, it offers the perfect execution that you may need. In addition, its toughness is great, and it will keep going for quite a while.

Adding to the benefits;

The whole process gets easier with the help of the touch feature. A simple touch will help you get rid of all the mineral building-up inside the faucet. It is, therefore, guaranteed that this particular thing will never trouble you.

  • Spray Feature

The spray wand enables you to switch between shower-mode and stream-mode easily. This is one of the most appealing reasons why this design is known to be unique and highly prominent.

There’s more:

The InnoFlex PEX supply lines will keep water inside the faucet during the process. As a result, the metal contaminants are unable to influence the water. At the same time, for maximum water access, the spout comes with the option of a 120-degree swivel.

  • Flow Rate And Pressure

These two are not ideally the same thing; however, they are connected and interdependent. The Delta Linden comes with a flow-rate of 1.5 GPM with a 60 PSI.

Aiding you in this more,

There are times when you will prefer to work under a lower stream rate. For example, it could be when you need to keep the water from splashing all around while washing concaved items. Moreover, the diamond-rooted valve works in a manner to enable you to keep up the exact control.

  • Touch20

Delta Linden’s touch-sensitive innovation is something that you’ll either love or greatly dislike. It is extraordinary to have the capacity to turn on the water just by tapping the handle or spout when you have soapy hands.

A few people appreciate its peculiarity for a brief period yet conclude that it’s not worth the inconvenience that might arise sooner or later.

The bad part?

There are a few downsides to the touch innovation. It utilizes power, so you need to keep it provided with six AA batteries. The regularity you need to follow to change the batteries depends on what brand of batteries you use, and the amount of utilization of the faucet in a day. In fact, it may even depend on the temperature of your kitchen or the weather conditions if the faucet is near a window.

Pros And Cons


  • The faucet has an attractive body that makes it reasonable for both old and newly designed kitchen interiors.
  • The spout of this faucet has a handy design that makes it simple to deal with.
  • The button for exchanging between the water flow rates is put simply under the spout. This makes it easy to reach all the time.
  • Its low-arc configuration fits under cabinets quite easily.
  • It won’t deter your view through the window.
  • Fits in both 1 and 3-gap sinks (discretionary shield included).
  • Great plan with varying finishes.
  • Reasonable pricing makes it easily affordable for customers.
  • The installation process is easy, no tedious help or tool knowledge required.
  • The swiveling of this faucet makes the working process very easy.


  • This design is thought to have a different sort of hose measurement than the expected one. This, most likely, won’t be an issue for the vast majority, yet it may be for a few.
  • The pull-out handle gets loose after some time and obstructs the working process.
  • The flow rate is 1.5 gpm that is thought to be less. Ideally, it should range between 1.8 to 2 gpm.
  • The design lacks magnetic docking.
  • Spout swivels for about 120 degrees. It isn’t a con for many, but the competitive products offer a 360-degree swivel as well.


Delta 4353-AR-DST Pull-Out Kitchen Faucet is very simple and hassle-free to install. Also, spillage issues are really rare, which can be havoc if they arise. So, you can depend on this faucet till any technical error makes you disapprove of it.

However, Delta definitely delivers great items and remarkable guarantee as well.  This faucet falls in the same category of nicely managed features, reliance, and customer care. You will get a limited lifetime guarantee. This is the kind of brand you should trust; they work maximally, so as to give their closest to perfect.


The Delta Linden 4353-AR-DST Kitchen Faucet is another masterpiece by Delta Faucets. They are known for selling high caliber, upscale, and useful home apparatuses, and this unit is no exemption.

For any customer that loves nature and has an interior based on it, the 4353-AR-DST could conceivably be a dream faucet.

It’s one of a chosen few models that permit you fine command over your water stream rate and provide you maximal optimization throughout the process. From the tough framework, strikingly-long sprayer hose, simple installing technique, and diamond-rooted valves, to the extraordinary finishes – you will love picking this one as your next faucet!

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