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Ecovacs Deebot N79S Review

Hello guys and gals. Welcome to our review, where this time, we will be taking a closer look at and give our opinions on a super, new robotic vacuum cleaner that is currently available. The choice of our cleaner today is offered by the well renowned, global technology company, Ecovacs Robotics.

Ecovacs are a twenty-year-old company originally based in China but now has expanded, with offices in Europe, Japan, and the United States. In just such a short time, this company has become a major contender in the world of robotic devices for home cleaning.

One of their top-selling and most innovative new models is the subject of this Ecovacs Deebot N79S Review. So, let us go through it and see if it could be the perfect cleaner for you…

Ecovacs Deebot N79S
Our rating:3.9 out of 5 stars (3.9 / 5)

Remote Control

The Deebot N79S doesn’t come with all the features of more expensive models; however, it is fantastic value for the money. And rather than relying on camera navigation or high capacity batteries for operation, it uses remote control.

How does it do that, you may ask?

Well, The N79S is able to be controlled by a remote control that you receive with it on purchase. The other option is to install a Smart-app to your phone or tablet, that can then be used to instruct the cleaner.

The remote control is where you have the most functions, and the programming is to be done from. To use, you need to select one of the four cleaning modes. You have a choice of room, spot, auto, and edge functions.

Furthermore, you can actually create a cleaning schedule with the N79S. We do like this feature because it allows you to program a cleaning routine that you can set for your own convenience. Say, as an example, you know you will be arriving home with a special guest the following evening. You can set the N79S to give your room a nice vacuum at a time before then. Brilliant!

Ecovacs Deebot N79S Review

All at the click of a button…

Using the remote, you can pause, resume pause, reset and send it back to the charging station with just one press of the button. As for the free phone App, this is also a great way to send cleaning instructions to your device. Especially if you are already out but want to arrive home and have the cleaning completed, then this is the way, for sure.

Once installed, you first need to sync it to the robot. When completed, you are linked to the N79S by wireless WiFi. This App will mimic the remote control onto your touch screen device, giving you the controls wherever you may be.


A large size 2600mAh lithium-ion battery is installed to this Deebot robot cleaner. On a normal run around your home, we say you can expect to have an average of 70-80 minutes of cleaning time.

However, smooth hardwood flooring does give you an even longer run time because it will be using less of the battery draining features. But if you have brush carpeting or multiple surfaces in your home, the device will run out of steam quicker.

One of the downsides to the N79S is that it has a small collection bin. The filters do not have a large surface area, so the more muck and debris it clears from your floor, the quicker it will reduce power to the battery.

Get cleaning…

So, some good advice would be to use this cleaner more often than not. That way, your floors will not collect so much dirt that you find yourself forever emptying the collection bin. Also, always start the device with an empty bin to prevent you from having to pause the cycle for an empty when only half the job is done.

The robot is able to sense when battery power is becoming low. A good feature is that it will then return to the charging dock automatically, for a recharge. You can expect to wait about three hours before it will be ready to go again. Once it has a full charge; however, it will not resume cleaning again, as many robotic cleaners do. For that, you will have to start over the cleaning cycle again.

Three Stage Filtration

The N79S makes use of a triple-layer filter design, which is HEPA certified. This system is able to capture particles as small as three microns in size.

A screen filter first collects larger matter, dust balls, and grit. This is an easy wipe clean filter that will keep air flowing through the rest of the machine.

Next up…

…is a sponge to collect the smaller bits of debris that the screen filter did not catch. The sponge is in place to collect most of the non-allergen particles that get sucked up. You really must keep this clean, so inspect it frequently. Give it a wash and a squeeze in the sink but, make sure it is fully dry before you put it back in its place.

The final filter will collect all other particles, the really fine stuff. You must also make sure this is cleaned regularly by giving it some pats outside. However, do not put this one under the tap to clean. The fine particles will just clog up and make the filter useless. Deebot recommends that you change this fine dust filter after every few months of regular use anyway.

The Cleaning Modes

If you have set to the ‘automatic’ mode, then the N79S will just run randomly across the floors of your home. It has a series of sensors that allow it to navigate around and under obstacles. Once complete or when the battery is running low, it will return to the dock.

When set to ‘room’ mode, this robot will detect the boundaries and confine itself to a single room.

Around the edges…

The ‘edge’ cleaning setting will send the N79S off to the nearest wall, where it will then just run along the edges. Side brushes are activated for this function, which are a little deeper set than the ones under the base. It will get into the corners and pull out the trapped debris that builds up in these prone areas.

But, due to the deeper set brushes, the speed will run slower, and battery usage will increase on edge mode.

‘Spot’ mode makes the cleaner concentrate on one specific area. It will spiral around in ever-larger circles. This will give a much deeper and concentrated clean up to your floors. It will, of course, again, use up battery power quicker.


The N79S uses infra-red sensors to navigate automatically around your home. These sensors will inform the robot of any stairs or ledges that are more than one inch. The robot will then stop and change direction to avoid falling off, and then carry on its merry way.


Around the diameter of the robot is a bumper with sensors that alert it to any nearby obstacle, so it is – most of the time – able to steer itself around, thus avoiding any bumps.

One point we will say, is that if the robot enters a dark or shaded area of your floor, the infra-red sensors may interpret this to be a ledge. If the case, it will then steer back and go off on another course.

Ecovacs Deebot N79S Review Pros And Cons


  • Easy to use mobile App.
  • Automatic navigation.
  • HEPA filtration system.
  • Future start setting.


  • Small collection bin.
  • Dark areas can confuse the sensors.
  • Not suitable for deep pile carpeting.

Ecovacs Deebot N79S Review Conclusion

Well, there we have our review of a highly rated robotic vacuum cleaner, which is currently available at a very competitive price.

The N79S gives better than average results than other comparable cleaners in its range. And, in our opinion, if you purchase this model, then we are confident that if your home has hard flooring/low pile carpeting, or both, then you will be very satisfied with the results you get. If however, you need something for deeper piles, please check out our reviews of the best vacuums high pile carpets.

This is an easy to operate device that will save you the bother of having to do vacuuming household chores. So basically, there is nothing not to like about it!

So that’s the end of our Ecovacs Deebot N79S review, and we do hope it has been of help in working out if this is the perfect robotic cleaner for your home.

Cheers to you all and Happy Cleaning! (even if the robot does it all from now on…)


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