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Polaris 360 vs 380 Review

Do you love the Polaris 280 but want a pool cleaner that is more up to date? Polaris is famous for creating innovative and highly effective pool cleaning equipment. And the company has designed a wide range of products that are known for being especially reliable and durable.

Both the Polaris 360 and 380 are based on the original Polaris 280 model with a few essential additions. On the face of things, both of these models appear to be fairly similar. So, let’s take a closer look at the Polaris 360 vs 380 to see which model is worth investing in.

Polaris 380
Our rating:4.1 out of 5 stars (4.1 / 5)

Polaris 360
Our rating:4.1 out of 5 stars (4.1 / 5)

Polaris 360 Overview

The main difference between the Polaris 360 when compared to the original model is that it doesn’t need a booster pump. Instead, this mighty model utilizes the circulation pump of your pool. There are also less moving parts that can wear out, which results in lower maintenance costs.

This special unit is very easy to attach and will clean the whole pool in a few hours. The innovative cleaning tech is powered by three jets that provide enough pressure to spray down the pool floor. It is able to clean all pool coatings, including fiberglass, vinyl, and concrete.

Polaris 360 vs 380 Review

The Polaris 360 also comes complete with a large leaf bag that has been designed to eliminate stress on the pool filter. It is also able to suck up extremely large pieces of debris with no problem. The powerful jets help the cleaner to climb stairs, walk up walls, and move over the pool bottom.

The special cleaner also helps to circulate water as it makes its way around the pool. There will be no concern over this model getting stuck in corners or on debris thanks to the backup valve. This valve turns on and off at set intervals to provide the cleaner with an extra boost if needed.

The 31-foot hose that is supplied with this model should be sufficient to cover all areas of the pool. With two cool colors to choose from, owners of this model are also treated to plenty of style.

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Polaris 380 Overview

If you want impressive pool cleaning performance in a hurry, this model is an excellent option. The Polaris 380 promises to clean even large swimming pools in as little as three hours. The powerful cleaning power is able to clean all areas of the pool, including the walls and pool stairs.

Essentially, all of the desirable features that are found in the Polaris 360 are also present in the 380. This model is driven by a belt system, boasts robust wheels, and comes with three powerful jets. The Polaris 380 boasts of a greater ability to navigate through the water and clean all the corners of the pool.

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Polaris 360 vs 380 Performance

However, it has to be said that in terms of performance there is very little between the 360 and 380. Both of these high ranking Polaris models have been fitted with the same technology. Although individual results may vary, you are sure to be satisfied with the performance of either.

Polaris 360 vs. 380 Durability

Because both models are built on the same 280 frame, they are basically the same in terms of durability. Both models are fitted with a belt instead of a shaft, which enhances the overall durability. No matter which of these models you choose, you can be sure that it will function well for a long time to come.

Polaris 360 vs 380 Design

Both of these models feature the same basic design and are sure to appeal to style lovers. The only real difference is the colors that they are available in. While both models are available in white, the 360 offers the addition of black, while the 380 is also available in blue.

The addition of three turbo jets instead of two delivers significantly better cleaning power compared to the original model. And users are sure to be impressed by the speed and quality of the cleaning power they receive. Both the Polaris 360 and 380 models boasts innovative features that help to deliver impressive performance and speed.

Polaris 360 vs. 380 Maintenance

Both the 360 and 380 are designed to be very easy to maintain. However, the Polaris 360 features a few less moving parts than the 380. This helps to give the 360 a slight edge in terms of maintenance.

Pros And Cons

Polaris 360 Pros

  •       Does not require a booster.
  •       Powered by triple jets.
  •       Works in in-ground pools of all sizes and shapes.
  •       Sweeps, scrubs, and vacuums the pool walls and floor.
  •       Does not require an electric port.
  •       Comes with an anti-tangle design.

Polaris 360 Cons

  •       The replacement parts are rather pricey.
  •       May cause the pool’s circulation pump to wear out more quickly.
  •       It collects finer dirt through the pool filter.

Polaris 380 Pros

  •       Slightly easier to maintain.
  •       Delivers impressive cleaning power.
  •       Gets the job done very quickly.
  •       Boasts a belted drive mechanism.
  •       Very easy to assemble.
  •       Comes with a large capacity filter bag.

Polaris 380 Cons

  •       Need to purchase a booster pump.
  •       Comes with a rather high price tag.


So when considering all these points, when comparing the Polaris 360 vs 380, which model is truly the best? It should be noted that the price of the two models is significant, with the Polaris 380 costing a lot more. So is the higher price tag really worth it?

When checking out the Polaris 360 vs 380, it seems that both models do a great job of cleaning the pool. If you go for the Polaris 360, you are sure to be satisfied with the overall performance that you receive. Although the Polaris 380 has a slight edge in terms of performance, there is really very little difference between the two models, especially considering the much higher cost of the 380.

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