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Polaris 360 Vac-Sweep Review

Hello to you all. And welcome to a review of a top-selling swimming pool cleaner offered by the excellent manufacturer, Polaris. They are a worldwide renowned US company who have been offering quality, best-in-class automatic pool cleaners for more than 40 years.

There is nothing worse than going for that much look forward to dip in your pool, only to find it is not feeling as fresh and pure in there, as you would like. The surfaces are slimy to the touch, maybe even discolored. You can feel small sharp stones underfoot, and the water itself has become murky.

Or, the wind has blown up, so you now have leaves and other floating debris on the surface, making it so uninviting as to make you decide to go and do something else instead.

Polaris 360 Vac-Sweep
Our rating:4.1 out of 5 stars (4.1 / 5)

Have you ever experienced any of these scenarios?

If so, you will know how disappointing it can be, even more so if you have kids wanting a dip or friends coming over for an afternoon BBQ and poolside fun.

To avoid any of the unpleasant and disappointing situations above. And with the least amount of effort on your behalf, but with the best results for a clean, fresh, clear water pool – you need a pool cleaner – or if you already have one – a better one!.

One such model that is well up for the job is the one we are taking a look at today in this Polaris 360 Vac-Sweep Review.

So, let us introduce you to this superb pool cleaner…

Some of the most popular automatic cleaners are what is known as ‘pressure-side pool cleaners.’ They simply attach to your pressure line and will then clean your entire pool automatically in just a matter of hours. And Polaris is a company offering such machines, of which the 360 model is one.

Let’s now look directly at what the Polaris 360 has to offer you.

Well, the biggest advantage to the 360 model is that you do not require extras such as an external booster pump. Smaller models appear to be something of a bargain until you realize that you need to be purchasing extra components separately. This dramatically raises expenses. With the 360 it is an all-inclusive deal.

Well then, how do I operate it, you ask?

This vac-sweep machine is very simple and user-friendly to use. You just attach it to your pressure line, submerge it into your pool, switch it on, and it is away.

How does it work?

The 360s’ cleaning technology has been developed using cleaning jets that shoot pressured jets of spray down onto your pool’s surfaces. There is an all-wheel-drive system in place that is belt driven and powered by the triple jet nozzles. This reduces maintenance due to less moving parts than shaft operated cleaners.

In turn, it increases the cleaning speed and gives a better ability to climb. It will sweep, scrub and vacuum the walls, steps, and bottom using the triple jets. These spray powerfully enough to remove any scum or sediment, but not so harsh as to distress your pool surfaces. The pressure cleaner skims along gently enough for use on smoother pool surfaces including fiberglass and vinyl.

The all-wheel system is fully competent, but we see that the wheels lack treaded tires. This would be a most useful addition, we feel, to get just that bit extra grip.

Polaris 360 Vac-Sweep Review

Extra-large capacity…

It comes equipped with a unique extra large leaf bag that will collect debris before it reaches the pump basket and filter. This reduces stress to the internal filter system and aids it in being able to suck up larger unwanted items such as leaves, pebbles, and twigs.

The bag size helps reduce strain, wear, and tear to the pump. In addition, you get a dual venturi jet vacuum that creates a very powerful intake. The vacuum inlet measures 2¼ inches round.

A top tip…

Some buyers have stated that the bag can be rather cumbersome to empty when still wet. A top tip is to buy an extra bag or two. By doing this, you can remove a full but wet bag and leave it somewhere to dry out. While having an extra bag means you can replace it in the machine straight away and let it continue with the cleaning.

While cleaning and running up and down your pool, it will also help to maximize water circulation. The internal jets enable the cleaner to power up the walls, across any surface and navigate the stairs.

Won’t get stuck…

If by any chance the 360 gets stuck in a corner or on the drain, an in-line back-up valve will engage and automatically free itself allowing to continue on cleaning. Giving you interrupt and worry-free conditions.

Also, included with the purchase is 31 feet of hose. This should be satisfactory to suit most pool owners ‘stretch’. If, however, it is not of adequate length, backup hoses are available to add extra reach to your pool. The machine itself will operate in depths of up to 9 feet of water without putting the motor and jets under any additional strain.

Only for in-ground pools…

It needs to be made clear to you all that this is an in-ground pool cleaner only. It is not suitable for above-ground pools. You will need a pressure-side suction cleaner for those. Or you could try one of the best pool suction cleaners or the best above ground pool vacuums.

  • Maintenance

Certain maintenance duties need to be performed to keep your 360 in tip-top condition.

  • Filter Bag

The cleaner runs on one side performing in circles. Obviously, you need to check your filter bag. If allowed to get full, it can weigh the machine down. This will slow its running, possibly causing the wheels to spin which in turn will put more force on the jet motors. So, be careful not to allow this to happen by, simply regularly checking your bag and empty it regularly.

  • Head Foat leaks

polaris 360 vac sweep bag


There is a head float in place that needs to stay watertight. If water has entered this, then it must be replaced. To check, you need to remove and give it a shake. If you can hear water, then it has leaked. Just be aware of this and check it from time to time. It is an easy procedure, but if you have any uncertainty, then just check with your owner manual.


  • Drive Belts

As previously mentioned, the 360 uses a belt-driven system which reduces wear to the motor. If, however you find it necessary to replace the drive belt, this is a lot simpler and less costly than replacing a shaft drive as used on other cleaner systems.

  • Obstructions

When in use, make sure the feed hose is floating evenly on the pool surface. Don’t allow it to be weighed down by anything. Remove any inflatables or floating water toys you have in the pool before a clean, and you should be fine.

The Polaris 360 is their most advanced pressure-side automatic pool cleaner and will operate without a separate booster pump. This is a cleaner that will do an ample job of cleaning any in-ground home pool.

Polaris brand cleaners are one of the top manufacturers of pool cleaners around the world. They are an American company that has enjoyed over forty years of leading the way in the development and production of the highest quality pool equipment. New robotics from them display high-quality engineering with rugged construction and reliability.

Pool owners have come to expect the best from Polaris. And the company has continued to deliver!

The 360 is offered in two colors, either in black or white.

Polaris 360 Vac-Sweep Review Conclusion

The Polaris 360 combines three jet nozzles along with a belt-driven mechanism incorporated on a classic style frame. A 360 will give you a fast and thorough clean to all the surfaces of your pool with equal gusto. All waste is deposited into the large bag for easy removal and emptying.

It will not strain the motor while sucking away down there in the depths of your pool and has been designed to require no extra booster pump. This is one of the strong selling features of the 360, as this is an expensive item to buy separately. It will operate on its own systems’ ambient pressure just fine.

If you are in the market for an in-ground vac-sweep automatic pool cleaning machine, then the Polaris could well be the one for you. The Polaris 360 vac-sweep model will keep your pool in a clean and fresh condition. It is a great performer that works quickly and needs no ‘keeping an eye’ on it.

If the kids want to have a splash around, it is pool party time with your buddies, you want to do your daily 20 lengths, or whatever else you want to do in your pool, the 360 does all the work, and you will have your pool always at the ready.

Highly recommended.

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