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Polaris F9550 Robotic Pool Cleaner Review

Welcome to you all. In this review, we are going to be taking a closer look at one of the top sellers in the world of robotic pool cleaners. We will give you an insight into how it works, as well as more importantly, help to answer the question, how well does it work? We will be taking a look at how to operate the machine with a summary of the Pros and most importantly, the Cons.

Nobody wants to swim in a dirty pool. Algae, as well as, wind and garden debris will soon enter your pool, and if you don’t clean it regularly, it is very easy for it to get dirty and out of hand.

Human pool cleaners are most certainly a thing of the past. Today there are many different options of machine-driven cleaners you can choose from to do the job for you. So let’s look at one in this Polaris F9550 Robotic Pool Cleaner Review.

Polaris F9550 Robotic Pool Cleaner
Our rating:3.9 out of 5 stars (3.9 / 5)

Polaris Inc.

Polaris is a company within the Zodiac Fluidra Group. We know this sounds like a 70’s funk band, but they are in fact renowned worldwide for the manufacture of quality, best in class, automatic pool cleaners. This has been their aim and focus for over 40 years, and the company has established itself as a world leader for pool cleaning products.

The premium engineering, reliability, and rugged construction of their equipment is built to last and are proven to clean where others cannot.

Polaris F9550 Robotic Pool Cleaner Review

Polaris F9550 Robotic Pool Cleaner

So, without further ado, let us introduce you to the Polaris F95550 robotic pool cleaner, which is the center of attention for this article. This is a cleaner that has managed to combine everything needed in a robotic cleaner, into one complete package.

It is an inspirational and progressive 4 wheel drive machine. The aquadynamic design has a commanding style that combines inventive engineering with programmable intelligence. It can be changed and adjusted based on the latest in artificial and mapping technology. Programming can even be done up to seven days in advance, which is a brilliant feature to have, we feel.

The F95550 will clean up everything on your pool surfaces as well as the bits in the water. It is good at climbing pool walls with a waterline cleaning mode. When the filter is full, it will let you know, and it is an easy to empty process.

Activmotion Sensor

The main attraction you may feel towards having a robotic cleaner is the freedom it will allow you. Once you have submerged it and let it loose in the pool the robot will go it alone, completely controlling the cleaning action itself.

The F9550 offers the latest advancements in self-programmed cleaning and self-control with the use of an unmatchable ActivMotion sensor. This is able to input to the cleaner when and where to clean within your pool. It can also control the speed of cleaning. You will even find it able to work in larger free-from pools.

Wide Mouth Intake

A nice feature that really speeds up the cleaning process is the wide mouth intake. Oscillating brushes rapidly scrub away on the pool surfaces to shift any stubborn stains and dirt. Proprietary vortex vacuum technology then allows all debris to be sucked down the extra-wide intake.

This will also cope easily with any larger bits and pieces floating about, while continually maintaining maximum suction. The force of the rear water propulsion system allows this agile cleaner to scout around under the stairs and into corners. While the wide mouth sucks more muck up faster.

Limited Downtime For Debris Disposal

Once most cleaners are full, they will just shut down without informing you. However, the F9550 comes with a filled filter indicator. This will alert you that it is, indeed full and in need of emptying. A great time saver. You see the light is flashing; you remove the easy-empty filter, shake the debris out, and then it is ready to go again.

The lid and large capacity filter canister is, as said, easy to remove, but also it eliminates the need for messy bags that can be a right pain to clean out yourself before re-installing.

Waterline Cleaning Mode

One other cool feature of the F9550 is the waterline scrub mode. Other robotic pool cleaners seem to have a hard time doing a good job on this area of a pool. Some cleaners are not able to climb the walls well enough. While others hit the waterline and the presence of oxygen tells it to return under the water.

Not so with the F9550. It comes with a special mode that tells the machine to stay and scrub the waterline. This is a venerable part of any pool in terms of cleaning as it is where the water’s surface collects and accumulates all the floating debris that then stains the sides.

Easy Lift System

One exercise you have to do manually with any pool cleaner is the raising of the machine. They can be cumbersome, heavy, and waterlogged once they have finished the pool clean. An F9550 weighs 21 lbs. This can be an awkward job, and you really do not want to damage yourself or the unit while doing so.

A nifty trick up its sleeve that Polaris has installed to the F9550 is a self-drive and drain feature. It will drive itself to the surface before then draining any water inside. This makes it much easier and a lot lighter than having to pull it up from the depths, fully laden. A grab handle is fixed to the top for a nice, simple lift out.

On purchase, you are supplied with a handy caddy. Therefore, transporting it around, to and from your pool is a breeze.

Review Summary

Another point to note about the Polaris F9550 is that includes a seven-day programmable timer. So you can set it to work at any time you wish during a week-long period. This is very ‘user-friendly.’ There is also a pre-programmable cleaning pattern and a motion sensing, handheld remote control.

All surfaces are suitable to be cleaned without fear of permanent scrapes or marks to your pool. The cleaner is outfitted with high grip, four-wheel-drive Aqua-Trax tires.

The power cord is sixty feet in length, which means if your pool is of a larger size or quite far from your power source, you still have a lot of distance it can reach. Talking of power, no booster pump is required. This cleaner uses wall power as a means of locomotion and cleaning.

Pros And Cons


  • One week programmable timer.
  • Easy operation.
  • Easy removal from the pool.
  • Good waterline cleaning.
  • Can set its own course.
  • Can be left alone to clean.


  • Expensive.
  • Not so good on the steps.
  • Possibility of the cord getting tangled.
  • Designed for cleaning in-ground pools only.


There we go then. A detailed look at one of the most popular models of automatic robotic pool cleaners currently available. The Polaris F9550 is a sure-fire way of getting your pool clean and healthy for use anytime.

Most pool owners who buy robotic style pool cleaners are not really looking for all the whistles and bells. They buy one because they want to have something they can put their trust in, to simply clean the pool, with the least amount of effort and hassle.

Well, we will end by saying, you could do a lot worse than buying a Polaris F9550 to clean your pool but, you can not do a lot better! This could well be the one for you? Highly recommended.

Cheers guys.

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