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Vitamix 5200 Blender Review

Are you looking for a blender? You must be looking for easy ways to blend and get your work done fast. You must be looking for an affordable yet quality product to help you with your cooking experience.

If so, then don’t worry much.

We are going to share with you an easy and affordable product for resolving your problem. Vitamin 5200 Blender is a perfect blender for your countertop. You can enjoy blending ingredients whatever you want.

Also, you can make yummy smoothies and juices for yourself in the mornings.

If you wish to know more about this product, then read out the article. We are sure you will get to know more interesting features of this product.

Vitamix 5200 Blender
Our rating:4.7 out of 5 stars (4.7 / 5)


Whenever you plan to buy any product, checking its features is the first thing you do.  The same goes for the buying of a blender. When you plan to buy a good blender for yourself, you must check all the features.

Some of the features of this product are very important. It can directly impact your buying decision. So we will highlight the main features of this wonderful blender for you in the article.

You will love to add this product to your range. It is not a cheap product, and it can drain your bank account easily. So, let us have a look at these features below.

Vitamix 5200 Blender Review


Vitamix 5200 has a motor designed and developed for it in Sweden. The motor has the horsepower of two peaks. It enables the blades to spin faster at a speed of even more than 37,000 revolutions every minute.

The motor of this blender is the only part manufactured and designed in Sweden. However, the assembling and manufacturing of Vitamix 5200 are done in Ohio (Cleveland in the United States).

So watch out if you got the manufacturing of this product from another country, it will be fake.

Despite the powerful motor of the blender, it doesn’t work at its maximum potential if there is no special thermal protection system. Therefore, it is effective in the prevention of overloading and burning out of the motor.

Also, it has a built-in cooling fan. Thus, it makes sure to cool down the motors at high speeds.

The enormous power of the motor is paired with the combination of the design of the containers and extremely sharp blades. No need to worry much, you can simply blend anything you want. You will feel confident with its good results.


Vitamix 5200 has excelled in astonishing its customers with its wonderful containers. The sound dampening is enhanced with the Eastman Tritan BPA-free containers of copolyester. Besides, the rubber pads in square help in the correct cushioning of the container.

Thus, during the process of blending, it helps in the reduction of any sort of vibration.

Lastly, there is an ergonomic handle with a soft grip in every container. This ensures easy pouring with pleasure.

The lids have the patent of Vitamix. Moreover, the lid plugs are removable twist-off, which ensures for easy adding of the ingredients while you blend.

Don’t worry, there will be no spillage!

The Control System

There are manual switches as well as speed dials in the control system of Vitamix 5200. However, the blender doesn’t have any touchpad or preprogrammed settings like the various high-performance blenders in the market.

The company used soft touch and durable rubber for its manual switches. Thus, working with it becomes effective and very convenient. It comprises of control speed and on and off button.

You can even control the various speeds of this blender with its center dial.

You can start blending at a low speed. As soon it starts running and blending, you can slowly speed up. You can turn to the high speed until you get your desired consistency.

Get whatever consistency you want to get with the rotation of dial at any point during blending. As you know, it does not have an automatic turn off, make sure you monitor and watch out the whole process.

Pros And Cons


  • Instant Meal

Have you ever thought of a whole meal in a minute? You cannot ignore the versatility and flexibility of this blender, Vitamix 5200. Furthermore, you can enjoy a plethora of food items, even soups.

Don’t forget now it is easier to make cocktails, smoothies, and frozen treats in no time. Is your sweet tooth craving for sugary stuff?

Toss your favorite berries and fruits, add in some water and crushed ice, if you want. Blend for a few minutes.

Voila! Your tasty sorbet enriched with antioxidants will be ready!

  • Easily Break Down Every Particle

It is very difficult for cheap blenders to process skin and seeds. Your whole smoothie can be of the worst quality. However, this blender, Vitamix 5200, has the power of blending everything, literally.

It ensures chunk-free, smooth, and best quality smoothie within a minute. No matter how hard and tough are the stem, skins, nuts, vegetables, and seeds, it can process all.

Just blend some kale, pumpkin seeds, carrot, and spinach for 30-60 seconds according to your required consistency.

  • Easy Cleaning

It is worthy to note that you can easily clean this machine. Thus, busy moms, you can be happy to use it that is short of time to wash their hands even. But remember, that you cannot use the dishwasher for cleaning this blender.

For cleaning this machine, add water and few drops of dishwashing liquid detergent. Flick on the machine for 30 seconds, at least. Keep on cleaning the machine for 1 minute if it is very dirty.

  • Online Vitamix Recipes

Vitamix provides thousands of recipes online to its users. No matter whatever social media platform you are using, you will find the recipe of Vitamix everywhere. You can look for more recipes by doing Google research.

Vitamix 5200 turned out to be very popular among all the famous chefs around the world. It is the bestselling blender in the U.S. and internationally. People share their recipes on Pinterest, too, so you will face no difficulty looking for a tempting recipe.

It can surely be a part of your daily routine in the kitchen.

  • Easy Operation

It is truly a user-friendly blender. Also, it has no difficulty to understand policy or loads of buttons to operate. Moreover, it is really simple to use.

You need to prepare food minimally. However, within no time, you can easily prepare a whole meal. You only need to choose the right speed from 1-10 for any particular recipe.

  • Excellent Warranty And Great Customer Support

Vitamix blenders have 70% of the manufacturing in the United States.  Thus, the company provides its users with robust, powerful, and durable blenders. Moreover, the company satisfies its users with a warranty of 7 years.

It can exceed ten years too. However, the company further excelled by developing its customer support service.

You don’t need to worry anymore for your broken blender, just have its replacement or repair them without any charge.


Besides many benefits of the blender, there are few cons to the machine too. Below are some of them beside its cost, listed for your ease:

  • Fixed Blades

It does not appear to be a con at first sight. However, continuous usage will let you realize. It is not easy to clean because you cannot remove the blades as food particles can remain stuck under it.

Yet the company provides special spatulas to scoop out everything from the sharp blades.

  • Size

Many of its users complain about the size of this blender. Thus, it becomes hard to place on the countertops. You will prefer buying its smaller models if you have a small kitchen.

  • Noise

You cannot deny the loud noise of Vitamix 5200 blender due to its powerful motor. Know the real story behind it? All of the high performing blender models are noisy, irrespective of their prices.

Planning to have a quieter machine, and then look for other models of Vitamix. Do not simply ignore the power and strength of the motor of this model.

  • Speed Control

You must learn the correct usage of speed dial, so the motor does not burn out quickly. Processing the blender at low or high speeds for a long duration will destroy its motor. You can learn to vary the speeds by reading the instructions or watching the DVD.

  • The Tamper Tool

Tamper tool is a must during blending for retaining or getting the required consistency of your smoothie. However, it is not convenient.

Moreover, is your work carelessly you may end up breaking the blade or tamper tool of your blender.


Vitamix 5200 blender is an expensive option, but its warranty and good customer care service ensure excellency. It has high performance, and you can prepare your meal within a few minutes. So mark this product in your buying list.

But watch out if you don’t want a noisy addition in your home appliances.

Vitamix 5200 Blender
Our rating:4.7 out of 5 stars (4.7 / 5)

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