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Zodiac Baracuda G3 W03000 Review

Welcome to our review that this time is going to focus on a side suction cleaner for your home swimming pool. We are of course talking about the Zodiac Baracuda G3 W03000, which is manufactured and supplied by one of the most renowned and competent companies in the USA today, Zodiac Pool Systems Inc. 

This is an American company that devotes its time to one aim –  producing for you the best in pool care, supplying a whole range of pool cleaners and spa products. They offer both manual and automatic machines that ‘suck the muck’ right out of your pool. 

So let’s get going with this Zodiac Baracuda G3 W03000 Review…

Zodiac Baracuda G3 W03000
Our rating:4.1 out of 5 stars (4.1 / 5)

Let’s face it. No one wants to go for a dip in a dirty pool. Time and care must be spent if you want clear and fresh water that is inviting you to strip off and jump right in. All pools, though outdoor ones particularly, can so easily become manky and uninviting, if routine cleaning is neglected or not done to standard.

Not only are you fighting the underwater contaminants such as algae. Which will grow on pool sides eventually giving a slimy feel and green tinge to your pool. But there are also external natural elements too. The wind will blow leaves and dust into the pool creating floating debris in the water. While the sun will encourage algae and bacteria to flourish, thus producing a misty haze. 

That is not really creating a very nice picture, is it? 

When you think of a garden swimming pool, you like to picture, sunny days, BBQs, lilos, and kids splashing about. But most of all, fresh, warm, clear, and inviting water to run and jump into.

That is a much more inviting picture of what having a swimming pool should be all about, don’t you think?

Yes, indeed. But a pretty pool does not stay that way without some kind of effort on your behalf. Owning a pool brings with it the pressures of keeping it clean for those sunny afternoon pool parties. But it does not have to be kept to this standard manually. With a small investment in a pool cleaning machine, your pool will always be ready for a dip. 

Zodiac Baracuda G3 W03000 Review

Baracuda G3 For Short…

Now, this is where we will introduce you to the pool cleaner we have chosen for this review. From Zodiac Pool Systems Inc we are going to look a bit more closely at the Zodiac Baracuda G3W03000 Automatic Side Pool Cleaner. Wow, that is quite a mouthful. So we will name it the G3 for short.

It is a versatile suction cleaner that delivers superior performance and is compatible with low-speed pumps for maximum efficiency. Quick and easy to set up, this compact cleaner will effectively clean pool floors, sides, and steps while sucking away the debris it has stirred up.

Next to no effort on your part…

This has been designed with keeping that cleaning effort from you to a minimum while keeping your pool at a maximum of cleanliness.

Firstly, it is a suction style cleaner that is very versatile and gives a great cleaning performance. The Baracuda G3 is the latest and most popular best automatic pool cleaner offered by Zodiac right now. 

Please note before continuing with us – this model has been designed for use with in-ground pools only. So, if you have an above-ground pool, then we are afraid to say, this pool cleaner will not be suitable for your style of pool.

How Do You Set Up A Suction Side Pool Cleaner?

This design of cleaner was the first that came onto the market when automatic cleaners were introduced, back in the 1970s. This has since then proved to be a simple and successful design. Although there have been advances and improvements over the years, modern-day equivalents are basically still working to the same original principal.

You attach the cleaner to your pool plumbing with a hose. Lower the model into the water, and it will then navigate itself across the bottom and up the walls to the waterline all the way around. It is vacuuming debris and pool dirt which is then sent straight through the hose into your pool cleaning filter system.

For skimming the pool water surface, you can attach a separate port that has been made especially for this process.


It is compatible for use with any single, two speed or variable speed pumps. And will clean as efficiently as possible while relying on the least amount of water flow. The Baracuda G3 suction cleaners have a specially designed flow keeper valve which will automatically regulate the flow of water, keeping it as calm as possible.

The idea of this is not to disturb and stir up the water so much that scrubbed particles and debris are missed by the vacuum. Peak cleaning performance is monitored and maintained, even with lower horsepower pumps. The flow keeper can also be used for skimming the surface of your pool.


There are fitted controls for pool surface skimming with an intelligent switch design. It has two speed and variable speed single pump settings to increase cleaning efficiency with less water flow.

So, How Does It Find Its Way Around My Pool?

Easy, the clever design of the G3 eliminates the need for wheels, flappers, or gears by using ‘one moving part’ technology.

Navigation is made easy by the use of the wheel deflector working together along with the 36 finned disc. The wheel deflector helps for maneuvering it around tight corners. While the fin disc is cleverly designed to increase the adhesion to the pool surface.

These two together stop the G3 from getting hung up on any underwater obstacles such as light fittings, drain covers, and other pool fixtures. The fin disc maximizes surface area and provides a wide cleaning path. It will adhere to any surface and will clean concrete, vinyl, and tiles.

Quiet as a church mouse, well a wet one at least…

This is a beautifully quiet machine when in operation. It is something that can be used in silence. You receive a scuff-resistant long-life hose, so there can be no worries of it marking your pool sides or floor. 

As mentioned, there are no gears, wheels or flappers, just one moving part in the workings of this model – the diaphragm, a durable long-life unit. It has in place a patented quick-release cassette providing easy access to the diaphragm for simple routine maintenance.

Installation And Operation

This can be done in two quick and simple steps. First, you must attach the disc, wheel deflector, and the hose. After that, connect it to whichever cleaning process you want, the skimmer or dedicated suction line.

If you are want to use the skimming clean mode, then please note we advise manually removing larger debris first. Large leaves, bugs, twigs that you can see on the surface should be netted out first. If not you do risk clogging up the suction hose.


Well, there we have it, an insight into one of the most popular models of suction side pool cleaners available on the market today. A well-proven design that has been used and relied upon by pool owners dating back to the 70s. Today it has been re-developed for the 21st century so you can rely upon the machine to be up to the job in a modern age.

The Baracuda G3 is a very easy to use cleaner with some excellent features.

It is a powerful unit that can adapt to work with all size pumps, including slower and less powerful ones. And it features the flow keeper valve that will automatically regulate water flow for the best cleaning performance. A wheel deflector means there are no worries about maneuvering around pool obstacles.

The only real thing to watch out for is, in either suction side mode or skimmer mode, that you make sure that you manually pick out any larger objects to be sure it won’t suck something up that can cause a blockage.

So, in all, a pretty good suction side pool cleaner, and definitely one you should be considering.

Just cast back to the beginning of this review…

Which picture of a pool do you want to envisage?

The murky, green, slimy pool covered in floating garden debris. 


The nice, blue, lagoon-like water that is just drawing you in on that hot summer day.

I know which sounds best to me. But hey, I’m too lazy to do it the hard way. If you’re thinking the same way as me, then a Baracuda G3 may well be the way to go…

Cheers, that is it for this one. Keep on dipping!

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