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Zodiac MX8 Suction-Side Pool Cleaner Review

Hi there, and welcome to our review of one of the best suction side pool cleaners you’ll currently find on the market – the Zodiac MX8 Suction-Side Pool Cleaner

It is an offering from Zodiac, the well established and highly renowned pool cleaning machine manufacturer from the United States. Who are world leaders in the manufacture of numerous pool and spa products. Zodiac has over 30 years of experience in this field, applying their rich heritage to develop some of the most technologically advanced and energy-efficient automatic pool cleaners you will find anywhere.

Let us first paint you a picture…

Nobody likes a dirty pool with slime on the underwater surfaces. If you’re looking forward to a nice dip in your pool, and have all the kids in tow, happy with the thought of some jolly good splashing pool fun. Nothing could then be worse than realizing that you have a murky, misty possibly even smelly pool.

Your heart will sink. The kids will be disappointed, and you are left in a tricky situation.

Zodiac MX8 Suction-Side Pool
Our rating:4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5)

You have been a bit slack on your pool cleaning duties, maybe because of lack of time? Or maybe because you don’t have the right equipment? We all know how it goes. You keep meaning to do this chore, but before you know it, your pool is becoming a stagnant scene from a monster movie.

It does not take long for a pool to be contaminated if not kept on top of. So why not invest in a suction side pool cleaning machine?

With that in mind, let us move on to the subject of this particular article, the…

Zodiac MX8 Suction-side Pool Cleaner

This is the perfect solution for you to avoid ever finding yourself in the cringy scenario described above. 

Side Note – The Zodiac MX8 has been designed for in-ground pools only. So, just to make it clear before continuing with our review, if you have an above-ground pool, this cleaner is not for you.

OK, so why is this such a great buy then?

Well, a suction side cleaner, in layman’s terms, means the cleaner attaches to the suction side of your plumbing. This term is referring to the pipes and fittings that bring the water out of the pool so they can then be filtered. The pressure from your existing pump system will power the cleaner, creating an underwater vacuum.

So the water in your pool is rotated. Being sucked up, filtered, and then returned to the pool.

The Zodiac MX8 Suction-side Pool Cleaner relies on cyclonic vacuum technology to ensure the capture of maximum debris whilst maintaining maximum cleaning power. This is an ultra-efficient, low flow cleaner. It is a right speedy little machine, cleaning fast and aggressively, increasing vacuum power to stir up and suck away as much muck as possible, to then be filtered.

Quick as a flash…

In its class, the MX8 has the largest debris inlet for the best pool coverage to vacuum it all up. A 39-inch twist-lock hose will reduce any vacuum loss with a silicone seal. With quick-connect you can have the cleaner up and running in no time at all. For suction side method, it will connect directly to the dedicated 1.5 inch round vacuum line.

And if you want to skim clean the water surface, it can be connected directly to the machine. This makes it one of the best automatic pool skimmers available.

Zodiac MX8 Suction-Side Pool Cleaner Review

Remove the big stuff…

One great advantage over its competitors is that the Zodiac MX8 Suction-side Pool Cleaner is capable of sucking up larger pool trash as well as the finer particles.

All cleaners are designed to remove the fine sand and microscopic pool matter like bacteria and algae. But not so when it comes to the larger floating items that can find their way into the water. The wind is the prime offender for carrying debris to your pool, such as leaves, twigs, and dust.

Wide and powerful…

Well, the MX8 can and will competently deal with the extraction of these as well as stones or pebbles that have found their way onto the pool floor. Dual cyclonic suction helps enable the MX8 to move faster, and it will deliver unsurpassed vacuum power with 30% less flow. The cleaning path is the widest you will find on any suction side cleaner.

To find its way around the pool and to ensure it cleans over every square inch of surface it has a max-drive advanced dual navigation system, in place. This will rotate 360 degrees automatically at every turn, for the best pool coverage, with no hang-ups.

The ‘X-trax’ allows for exceptional maneuverability with specially designed rugged tracks. So you also get extreme wall climbing abilities to clean the pool from the floor to the waterline thoroughly. Do not worry if you have a larger or odd-shaped pool; this will cover any kind of design. The tracks will navigate up any steps, as well as find its own way around any drains or pool ladders.

The MX8 is very energy-efficient…

Zodiac takes pride in designing low energy use machines. The innovative flex power turbine will ensure that even if you have a low flow pump installed, this will not compromise the power. The cleaner will not burden the pool system and can operate in all in-ground pools, requiring as little as 20 GPM of flow. This makes it the best choice for two speed, solar and variable speed pumps alike. 

As to pool surfaces. Concrete, tile, fiberglass, and vinyl can all be cleaned easily by the Zodiac MX8 Suction-side Pool Cleaner. The flow regulator valve will consistently limit the high flow of water that runs through the cleaner. This, in turn, controls wheel rotation timing to treat whatever pool surface you have, with enough pressure – but not so much- for that really good clean with maximum efficiency. 

Zodiac MX8 Suction-side Pool Cleaner Conclusion

So, what do we think as on overall conclusion?

Let’s start by saying, you can not fault the reputation and dedication of the manufacturer, Zodiac. The time and effort they put into improving and advancing all three kinds of pool cleaner is very impressive. And you will find high quality and excellent features in all the best robotic pool cleaners, pressure side, manual and suction side styles of cleaners that they offer.

The Zodiac MX8 is a suction side pool cleaner. This cleaning method is very popular with private pool owners, and the MX8 is one of the best suction pool cleaners available and is seriously worth considering. 

But remember, as mentioned in the introduction, this is an in-ground style machine and is not suitable for above-ground pools.

Easy setup…

Setting it up really is a piece of cake. The twist-lock quick connecter from the machine to the hose is just about all the work you need to do: that and the lowering of it into your pool. Just to make a note, do be gentle when submerging it. That may sound like an obvious statement, but it does need to be handled with care, do not just ‘chuck’ it in.  After that, just turn on your pump and away it will go.

Investing in a pool cleaner, such as the Zodiac MX8 Suction-side Pool Cleaner really is a wise move. Helping you battle the never-ending saga of keeping your pool water and surfaces from becoming a filthy, uninviting swamp. Your call of duty will be eliminated. Thus, leaving you satisfied in the knowledge that your pool is being dealt with. While you can be getting on with, well, whatever?

So, with the help of an MX8, you can rest assured that you will always have that inviting, refreshingly clean and healthy pool. Which is ready for an impromptu dip, whenever you or your family take the fancy. And embarrassing moments because of a dirty pool will be a thing of the past. So you’ll be guaranteed a fun time when friends turn up unexpectedly, with all the kids in tow for a splish and a splash.

There we have it for this review then folks. Until the next installment from us, see ya.

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